This Is For The People Thats Determined To Believe Barack Obama Is Black “Only” They Know Who They Are! I Have Proof He Is Half White!

This woman worships the black man. I have seen white women do that. But this black man worship is different. This woman is worshipping the black in the Whitehouse not just the man. The black power. But the jokes on her she has also worshipped his white side because it comes along with the black. You can’t get one without the other. So, HA!  Just like so many more that want to see his rise to the presidency as their peoples time to control. To be important. This man Jesse Jackson cried on election day believing he would never live to see this day. The day a black man would become president. The next day it occurred to him that he also cried for his white side. You can see it on his face in this photo. OOPS! Barack Obama may look black when you see him by his-self but when you see him with black family members he looks a lot lighter almost white. And here he is with the white side of his family members. Here is Barack with his mother, sister and grandfather. With them he almost looks black. And here he is with his grandmother. Here is the woman that gave birth to him again. And his mother and grandparents again. And an earlier photo. Barack Obama and his Mom!Barack Obama he’s one of us! Here is Barack Obama’s X preacher doing the pharaoh boogie. And here he is doing the Mexican hat dance all over a “white” hat. He danced on this hat while it was still on this guys head. In this photo he’s talking about the white boogie man living in his bedroom closet. Now he’s saying with hand gestures go away whitie go away! Here he’s saying i don’t trust the white as far as i can see my hand. Can he see his hand? Here is Al Sharpton telling a crowd of people. You didn’t think a black man would become president. Now i’m telling you “i told you so.” Here is Louis Farrakhan saying “now that a black man is president we black muslims can crush the whitie.” Steel Pulse either did or will be doing something called “The Obama Song.” Probably for black pride! OH! I mean black and white pride, right!    Why is it really so important for black and brown people to love and live by words like – Bandit and Gangster – does it make them feel important? Make them somebody?   Dig these groove hair do’s. Is that a big spider? Can you use hair spray or bug spray with that?  Don’t forget about the “WHITE” Barack Obama people.

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Since Republicans Complained About Rapper “Common” Being Invited To The Whitehouse Again Certain People Have Themselves Convinced Its More Racism Because This Is What They Want To Believe! Now It Looks Like If Your White And You Say “Food Stamps” Your A RACIST! Right MSNBC!

To me this “rap” sounds like nothing more than nursery rhymes and i think the whole thing is stupid. Certain people make up words that wasn’t a word or words before thinking their talking hip or cool talk. Certain people wear over sided clothes that look stupid to smart people. And wearing your pants around your hips isn’t very smart either. I don’t think its any cooler than someone giving their self a name they think is cool and this name they or someone else makes up for them some how is suppose to make them somebody. If they can’t be somebody with their given name then there not going to be much more important with a make up one. Just like the south of the border people your favorite word is – RACIST! And your favorite words are Whitie The Racist Nazi. Certain people now believe if white people look or breath the wrong way their RACIST. More controversial musicians that visited Whitehouse. Since these musicians are white the magic word people couldn’t use their favorite word Racist. AAAAAAAA! To Bad! Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young visited the Whitehouse in 1977 this group denounced U.S. politics in their music. And Crosby confessed to smoking a joint in the Oval Office. Hey, wouldn’t a lot of us like to do that. Cool weed what shape is the Oval Office now! Willie Nelson visited the Whitehouse a few weeks after being arrested for marijuana possession in 1980. And did he say to the police your just arresting me because i’m white. I doubt it. Willie claimed he smoked the “big fat Austin torpedo” on the roof of the Whitehouse. I’m glad he didn’t fall off. Elvis Presley visited the Whitehouse in 1970 he clained he was on the side of the government and he wanted to arrest hippie drug users. Its a good thing he didn’t catch Willie the pot head! And beating him over the head with his guitar, bad Willie! Elvis wanted Nixon to give him a federal agent badge. In 2004 the Whitehouse had declined to meet with representatives of 183 concerned National Park Service retirees. Its to bad certain people couldn’t use their magic words – Racist Whitie – here either. AAAAAAAAAAA! That sucks. The Medal of Honor Veteran’s family of Vernon Baker was denied an exclusive Whitehouse tour because a staffer thought of the 10 year olds shorts and shirt as inappropriate. Maybe Vernon Bakers wife is the reason certain people didn’t cry RACIST or maybe its because this was a Democrat move. Maybe the next time something comes up you certain people can use your favorite words “Wihtie The Racist Nazi.” It now looks like your “Whitie The Racist” if your white of course and you say – Food Stamps – right MSNBC!

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Who Is Really In Charge Of The United States The American President Or The Mexican President And His Mexican Raiders Called Immigrants! And Doesn’t America/Americans Wear A “Kick Me” Sign For Mexico/Mexicans!

Mexican President Felipe Calderon says the U.S. government isn’t doing enough to “help” Mexico in its fight against drug cartels. It appears he’s also MAD about anti-drug strategy criticism through diplomatic cables that had been put out for the world to see by WikiLeaks. Saying U.S.-Mexican relations were strained. He says cooperation on this matter (like any other) with George W. Bush and with Barack Obama but institutional cooperation is notoriously insufficient. It appears to me that the great flag waving, bandana face covered Mexico never gets enough “help” doing or getting anything. No matter how much “help” Mexicans get their still complaining. I don’t see the BIG deal with so-called strained relations with Mexico, what “help” are they NOT getting, and what has Mexico or Mexicans done for America or the American people (other than an overwhelming population to pay for) that America or the American people couldn’t have gotten from many other countries. I have seen Mexican protest signs claiming Mexicans payed billions into the Social Security system. What these signs don’t say is 85% percent of all Mexicans in America is on the Welfare roles. The only accomplishments i have seen done to (not for) the American people is – (1) Cramming an overpopulation of people into the U.S. that spend much of their time making more of them to pay for. (2) Running their smartass mouths, showing their middle fingers for all the world to see as they belittle Americans demanding everything they shouldn’t be getting in the first place. (3) They takeover establishments like they have some right to. Nothing here in America is intended to be just for “The Great Baby Popper.” These people supposedly come to America for a better life. Coming from nothing as well as having nothing in Mexico instead of being the refugees they supposedly were. They become the greatest people on earth that deserves any and everything they want the very moment they get into American cities. Instead of being respectable immigrants they force their way into America like they and only they are the boss with unbelievable numbers. Numbers that have never been seen before since the begining of time. The Mexican government encouraging 10’s of millions to get into the U.S. anyway they can in a few short years just so they are no longer Mexico’s problem is NOT immigration. This is called “taking advantage.” Whats even worse is not caring what your people does in the country you have invaded just so long as your people gets away with it. And if Americans (white Americans) try to stop or slow down any of this insanity they become RACIST! I bet if Mexicans stopped Mexico from being invaded they would NOT wear the title RACIST. Why, is it different! What Mexicans have shown us all so far is its their people that are the better lifeforms on earth. Meaning Mexicans begin as worthless nothings in Mexico to their own people to becoming the GODS of the world in America, now believing it is their people that was always that special. (Thats special doing what?) If invading and demanding everything in another country is special because you ain’t shit in your own country i still don’t see it. The cooperation the Mexican president is referring to is, you Americans do what we Mexicans want you to do cooperation anything less is insufficient. So Spank Me! The Mexican president believes if the American government would just make Americans stop using and buying drugs this Mexican drug problem would just work itself out. If the American government could make 200 hundred million Americans stop buying drugs from Mexicans. The Mexican president soon after would then be saying its America’s fault that so many Mexicans are drug users. And what is the American government going to do about that. Mexico and the Mexican people expects the American southern border to remain wide open (as Mexico’s borders remain closed) so the Mexican people can run amuck thoughout the U.S. just as long they don’t go back without piles and stacks of American money. Yet the Mexican government also expects the American government to stop Mexicans from bringing firearms back across the southern border. Its suppose to work like this, you Americans are NOT aloud to stop Mexicans from doing anything in your country or have any American laws that get in the Mexicans way. But you Americans do have to stop using drugs and stop guns from getting into the hands of Mexican gangs in Mexico. Not that Mexico cares or will complain if Mexican gang members have guns in America. Its all America’s fault that all this activity is going on below the American southern border. And its America that should make it stop according to the Mexican president. And its America’s fault Mexicans are flooding into America for a better life. America and Americans better NOT do anything to stop a single Mexican from doing anything in America just as long as the Mexican doesn’t do it in Mexico says the Mexican president. The Mexican president also says American diplomats are ignorant about Mexico’s security situation and are distorting and exaggerating. The Mexican president is ignorant thinking Americans can and should be stopped from doing anything Mexicans don’t like. But yet Mexicans shouldn’t be stopped from doing anything unless their in Mexico. Personally i have seen as many others have seen Mexicans not just distorting the truth but making up outlandish lies as well as exaggerating beyond belief. Just to make themselves look like victims of Americans. The Mexican president also says whats going on or whats not going on in Mexico like security is not America’s business. Yet anything and everything that has to do with America wearing a kick me sign for Mexico and Mexicans is Mexico’s business. The U.S. homeland security secretary and the U.S. attorney general vowed to continue “helping” meaning paying for Mexico’s drug war and taking more verbal abuse from the Mexican president as Mexico’s drug war continues with Mexican citizens. The Mexican president issues travel advisory to Arizona telling his baby poppers if they go to Arizona they might have to obey Arizona laws if they do its racial profiling. But if you Americans go to Mexico and get killed you will have to show your papers first. But thats OK right. At least attorities will know who your dead body is since you will have to prove your not illegal right thats cool. Just so long as we don’t bother any Mexicans right.

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Just Another Racist Mexican May Day Socialist Communist Party Hate The Capitalist American Whitie Rally! America Sure Is Going Down The Crapper, Thank You Mexico!

A May Day march probably in LA Mexifornia. Yes! Please, smash both Mexican borders. As the great baby popper accuses white Americans of being RACIST NAZIS. The great baby popper proudly parades their love for being SOCIALIST COMMUNIST but thats OK right, everything Mexicans do is HOLY RIGHTEOUSNESS right! Since “The American Dream Is No Longer About Success, Now About Survival” We the American people are going to be forced to do what we will have to do to survive this Mexican takeover even if it means bloodshed in American streets. Mexicans had no intention of succeeding at anything but breeding and taking over the U.S., keeping only just enough white Americans to do the succeeding at prosperity to support breederland America. Making damn sure the bills don’t go to Mexico.  Shouldn’t we have bandit (criminal) reform! I thought Mexicans and Central Americans claimed their not criminals or terrorists? Are we Americans going to stand or sit idly by and let these Mexican COMMIE baby poppers and the American democrats destroy our Capitalist way of life or are we Americans going to NOT go down without a fight. Remember the Alamo! I would rather DIE than become less than a Mexican. The above sign is more proof that Mexicans are so stupid and so full of shit. What American oppression and foolish laws are these incredibly stupid Mexican COMMIES talking about? And what do JEWS have to do with this Mexican invasion? HA! “Next What Gas Chamber”, was that suppose to make sense? I wish we Americans did open our concentration camps for these people. That would be the final solution for this Mexican takeover problem. Maybe they mean any (foolish) American law that gets in their baby poppin way. I suppose Mexicans aren’t smart enough to know NAZIS were a Nationalist Party NOT Capitalist. They really should spend their energy on getting educated instead of thinking they just automatically know things they know nothing about. Like they think they know the “True History” of America. They don’t even know the true history of Mexico. Has there been any mass murders of Mexicans or Central Americans by Americans, or is it the mass murders that are going on in America, Mexico and Central America are committed by Mexicans and Central Americans. Its clear these smartass people will say or do anything that makes them look like the victims. White Americans are NOT the cause of these baby poppers problems in Mexico, Central America or in America. Regardless of their insane beliefs. We white Americans have to pay out of our asses for these Mexican and Central America breeders and their brats to have a wonderful life in America. That makes who the real victims?No human being is ILLEGAL in Mexico right! How do you legalize LA didn’t LA belong to the United States. Or is it LA belongs to Mexico now, if this is so then Mexico is responsible for paying LA’s debt not the United States. Mexicans and Central Americans cannot take over an American city and then expect Americans to pay for them and all the babies they pop to live a joyous life. Don’t the great baby popper mean LEGALIZE all of Mexico or all of baby popperland. I think these Mexican RACIST hypocrites should cut out their own whitie hating racism, what do you Americans think? In reality its under the Mexican flag mass murders occur. Thousands of Americans have been murdered for the love of the Mexican flag as well. We can clearly see Mexicans make up their own reality to suit the needs of their own Mexican people. If white people did this we all know they would be called RACIST like its only white people that can be racist. Black Americans and now Mexicans believe the word RACIST is their magic word to use against white people.  

Mexicans and Central Americans come running at hyper-speed like Speedy Gonzales over the southern American border screaming “RACIST” like this dark skin people magic word will instantly make what they are doing right. Mexican and Central American gangs are in deed criminals, they are the most ruthless bloodthirsty thoughtless murderers in the whole world. There are far more Indigenous criminal gangs and gang members than there are any other in the whole world. Half of all gangs in America are these gangs and the numbers are climbing. If Mexicans are victims, their victims of their own Indigenous people NOT victims of Americans. Throughout this 30 year invasion its the American people that have been victimized by these habitual liars. Whats even worse the parents of 10’s of millions of Mexican children are telling these kids outrageous lies and making them believe them. So these Mexican children are victims too! Mexicans are a desperate people that obviously can’t do immigration sensibly so instead they show the world the kind of people they really are. Mexicans march around with their illegal immigration rights and amnesty signs for all knowing full well Mexicans and Central Americans are 95% of all of this bullshit in the first place. The Mexicans and Central Americans intend on suppressing us Americans into submission in our own country all because they can’t get what they want in their precious Mexico or in their Central American country so they intend on taking the white mans world away from us right here in America. Mexicans say “The Battle Of Los Angeles” begins. Are we Americans really going to let them without putting up a fight.

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If “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” Is In Reality Only About The Great Baby Popper People Then Why Must The Word “Immigration” Be Involved! I Mean Why Not Call It What It Really Is, Like “Change American Laws To Suit Mexico/Mexicans Reform!” Also Why Must America Become The Stupidest And Fattest Nation On Earth Simply Because We Have To Get Stuck With The Great GIME, GIME, Baby Popper People!

Mexican radio in America as is nearly all of Mexico in Mexico and in the U.S. is forever whinning over an American immigration reform that just benefits south of the border people. Anything less like for instance if it benefited Americans in anyway Mexicans would be jumping up and down crying foul. Saying its RACIST and unconstitutional. Mexicans now believe they have a “RIGHT” to the U.S. simply because they want this and they want that. They believe they now have the “RIGHT” to be MAD because Obama didn’t change all American laws to work for the Mexican people like screw Americans its all about our people. And of course Mexico doesn’t have to reform shit. We all know immigration reform is only for a certain out of control people. Having the most, the biggest, and the most ruthless gangs in the world is nothing for Mexicans and Central Americans to be bragging about either. Its NOT really an accomplishment, its the opposite. And why is the Mexican government and now the American government doing nothing to slow down this ridiculous breeding? Overpopulation cannot be maintained if it could the Mexican government wouldn’t be telling their precious people to sneak into the U.S. anyway they can and make the Americans pay out of their ass for them. If this stupid run away baby making doesn’t stop this country will fall. But just before this happens Mexicans again will take to American streets marching up and down with their middle fingers up for all to see as they carry their “WHITIE THE RACIST NAZI” signs, saying white Americans are not doing enough for their baby popping people as usual. HA! Do you know whats not funny. DAAAAA! I want immigration reform. I want immigration reform. HE! Who is this so-called immigration reform really going to benefit. Will it really benefit America or will it simply take the huge load or mouths to feed off of Mexico? Who is really the boss in America would it be the American president or is it really the great baby popper? As well as a huge cry for immigration reform to suit Mexicans mostly. There is also a huge cry for medical assistance for everyone. Why is this? Why do we really need Medicaid reform? Would it be because America will soon be busting out at the seams with Mexicans isn’t this the real reason. We all know Mexico pays nothing for this mess that started in Mexico. So why must Americans get stuck with this bill Americans didn’t cause? Below is another American that has to give up her own life and forget about caring for her own family so she can support baby popping Mexicans.  MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! OINK! OINK! The black and white graphs indicate deaths due to CVD obesity and cardiovascular disease.   FAT AND NASTY LOOKING! Does this look or feel good. And who gets the blame for these peoples pie hole? Of course the blame should NOT go to the fast food industry simply because stupid people want a good taste in their mouth.  Smart people eat sensibly.  This out of control population of GIME, GIME, people is fair only to who? Why do Mexicans think their in a baby making competition? Are they trying for the gold metal? Mexicans WIN all the gold in the worlds first annual breeding competition. OH! What an accomplishment!

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Again Ed Schultz Announces Al Sharpton Will Be Making Another Appearance With Him On MSNBC Instantly I’m Thinking “OH GOD” Here We Go Again More “Whitie The Racist”

Today my righteous goodie goodie two chubby feet will be talking about which whitie or whities is/are being a racist today. With my talk about whitie being a RACIST buddy Al Sharpton. Those whities are just being RACIST aren’t they my whitie hating buddy.  OH’ why yes they are. Bad whitie is at it again. Watch it cracker i like to shoot things! Those whities are being RACIST to Obama’s black side of his family aren’t they my lets get whitie brother. SAY YES OR I’LL SHOOT MYSELF! YES, YES, whities just being RACIST! Now put the finger down before somebody gets hurt. You right there. No brother the white one. Your a RACIST!

Did you and your buddy Al forget to take something Ed. Hum!

I’m cool! I washed mine down with some suds Ed.

Why are you so RACIST whitie! Yea! Why are you so RACIST whitie. I’m cool!   See i shaved.  “HEIL HITLER”

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As President Obama Heads For El Paso Texas To Give Immigration Speech “The Great Breeder” Says Its To Little To Late! Again The Out Of Control Baby Poppers Are Going To Tell Us Americans How Its Going To Be Here In America! As Bankers Are Still Robbing Us All Thinking They Are Just As Untouchable As The Great Baby Popper!

I know us Americans are expected to just shut-up and be on a humanitarian kick for the greatest people on earth. But i don’t see it that way. If these precious people could control their sex organs we all wouldn’t be in this mess. I often hear how we Americans are breaking up the breeder patrols families everytime a baby popper gets deported. These people sneak into the U.S. either already pregnant or quickly planning on getting that way. Believing they can use this to stop deportations. To keep their army of baby poppers of unbelievable numbers here in the U.S. to get all they can for their people only NOT immigrants. When somebody gets deported the only people we see and hear complaining are Mexicans! How often do law enforcement stop truck loads of illegal Asian or Arab immigrants? Huh! The big presidential plan is a remake of the immigration laws. As the president points the finger at who’s in the way of passing amnesty for all of baby popper land he can start with me. As the Republicans show no interest in handing over this country to all of Mexico they can count on my vote. There is still a claim that 11 million law breakers forced their way into this country but the realistic numbers are much higher than that. Within 62 years just over 12 million immigrants come through Ellis Island legally. This cannot be compared to the Mexican invasion. The people that came through Ellis Island carried “papers” ID. They didn’t march up and down city streets making demands and telling us Americans how its going to be in this country now that their here. And they didn’t head straight for the Welfare Office. Everyday Mexicans play a cat and mouse game with border patrol determined to be the boss in the U.S. many get into American cities saying catch me if you can. Once they get into an American city they go straight to the Welfare Office to begin their life high and mighty living it up on your American dollar. Also once in an American state they believe themselves as untouchable. Breederland is MAD like they have any right to be, that Obama hasn’t handed this country over on a sliver platter to every Mexican that has ever been born. Latino activists say Obama never made good on his campaign promise of prioritizing immigration legislation early on. Meaning an American president didn’t put Mexico’s baby machines first and the American people second or dead last. To the overpopulation people their people come first period. It was “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” that got Obama the baby popper votes he got in the first place. This means these people are only voting in American politicians to work for their people. Their only concern is their people. You know what happens if white people think that way. If anything is ever passed as “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” it will never be enough to these Gime, Gime, people if it falls short of giving it all away. And thats everything! I know as fact America and the American people can go on without the great Mexican. We all did well before, without the greatness of Mexico and i know we can still do far better than we will if we keep giving it all to the great baby popper. I know American politicians can get voted into office without the great Mexican vote just as they did before the Mexican became GOD in this county. Simon Rosenberg says “The Great Breeder” is a bigger share now than they were in 2008. This is another indicator that Mexico is still flooding over that southern border even though there are NO jobs, just Welfare until thats gone. And another indicator Mexicans are still rolling babies out their breeder holes at the highest speed possible. More baby poppers have voted in 2010 than ever before believing amnesty for all of Mexico is near. As Mexicans continue getting their panties in a wad over immigration reform which is nothing less than giving them everything. This is more “proof” Mexicans immigration concerns are for the Mexican people only. So F the rest of the world. Obama is pitching his immigration argument noting that immigrants account for a substantial share of business start-ups and patent applications, among other things and activities that create jobs for everyone. The huge problem with this is mostly European and Asian immigrants start businesses. Nobody is going to convince me that these people pouring over the southern border is going to invent much more than babies so there goes the patent applications. Among other things is what we all need to be very concerned about. Also more and more mouths to feed does NOT create jobs. If Mexicans were going to create jobs for anybody they wouldn’t be here. If jobs are going to be created it will be mostly Europeans and Asians that create them NOT the great baby popper. This country will never prosper ever again if we allow bankers to continue robbing us. They must be stopped. As bankers continue stealing more and more. And “The Great Breeder” continues to inhale all available resources this country will fall into the abyss. When this happens the bankers will run and breederland will still be marching in American streets still making demands. Gime, Gime, Gime, and there will be nothing left to give. The president will like to argue that his administration has made great strides on border security. If he would like to call the arrests of 80 border patrol personal for criminal acts with more being look at. Then thats some great stride. Hiring more Mexicans as border patrol is like letting the prisoners watch the prison. The seizing of more contraband is simply because Mexicans are trying to get more junk into this country. And the nearing a completion of a border fence is short of a reality. Anything short of shooting them Mexicans are determined they won’t be stopped. Besides only Mexicans are aloud to shoot at Americans. Republicans say immigration overhaul shouldn’t happen until the southern border is secure. The White House says the southern border is as secure than its ever been. Republicans aren’t buying it. Thank god! Administration officials are pretending the southern border is secure. This means the southern border is NOT secure at all just as it never had been. The so-called “Dream Act” blocked by Republicans is no dream act for the American people. And again this act is just another move to give it all to Mexicans.       

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