Ed Schultz of The Ed Schultz Show & MSNBC Hates White People

Maybe Ed Schultz will poof! to.     Ed Schultz’s two favorite words: RACIAL PROFILING, RACIAL PROFILING! I’m Ed Schultz and i HATE white people! And i love accusing white people of racial profiling! This is what pushes my hot buttons tonight, WHITE PEOPLE!  AAUGH! WHITE PEOPLE!  Ed Schultz continues on about the evils of outsourcing employment and where are the jobs for Americans knowing full well he’s included the 90 million Mexicans and Central Americans as if they are the American people. He means outsourcing to countries like China and India shouldn’t be happening but outsourcing to countries like Mexico is jobs for Americans. So many news stations like MSNBC talk so much about American people, jobs, health care, and so on. What about the half of Mexico that’s in America? Are they included as “American people” for “holy righteousness” when talk of America needs and jobs comes up and then their called Mexican or Central American when its convenient for them? Does this mean Mexicans/Central Americans are called Americans when its convenient for them. And then called Mexican or Central American when its convenient for them. Could Americans be Mexican or Central American when its convenient? Lawrence O’Donnell mentions different versions of the truth. There is only one version of the truth and that version is the truth and not what certain people want the truth to be to suit their own people. In 2006/2008 as the flood of Mexican continued overflowing into America and as Mexico marched in American streets claiming they have RIGHTS (instant magical rights) and they come to America only for jobs, as jobs were going overseas. These marchers made demands, they claimed their not criminals (as jails and prisons in America are now full of Hispanics) Where these people came from jails and prisons are full of Hispanics. If Canadians let Hispanics take over their country, Canadian jails and prisons would be full within a few weeks or months. Japan wouldn’t dare let just one of these breeders get loose to work their breeding magic on the Japanese small island nation. No island nation can afford to let Hispanics invaded and breed on their small country. The “Dream Act”, do the American people (non Indigenous Americans) benefit from this act? How many hundreds of billions will this act cost the American people? If Indigenous people had wallets as big as their mouths they could pay for their own people. If the concentration camps appearing all over the United States is for these precious breeders and their families then its OK to call them Americans. For so many years i have been hearing about how victimized The Great Breeding Invader is by Americans that get in their country invading way. Nobody denies these people are the fastest growing minority. Nobody denies their alarming overpopulation is out of control. What liars do deny is the true number of illegal Hispanics in America. Also just three years ago 2007 these very liars would show their faces on TV and tell us just how great and wonderful Hispanics are for the U.S. economy? OH” so when are these breeders going to work their economy magic? Or was that just a lie to! And now more than half of all of these Mexican flag wavers and Central Americans are on “Public Assistance” “Food Stamps” and “Social Security”. Once every Mexican or Central American steps over the southern border they know their safe, they have sanctuary cities & states like Mexifornia. Sanctuary,” wonderful sanctuary, It must be great to be so special your great people can have sanctuary where ever your people and their families demand to be “supported”. It must be great being so proud to be Mexican knowing the breeding Mexicans have to be supported by a people from another country. A country that the breeding Mexicans now claim belongs to them. And why do they say the U.S. belongs to their people. Is it about land? NO! Is it about all the goodies Americans had? YES! These peoples way of thinking is if they can’t get their own people in Mexico to pay fast enough for the babies they drop, they will force themselves on another people from another country and demand these people hand over their country to them. Nice setup, breed profusely and force others to pay for it. They don’t have to produce identification, any American asking them for ID is a “Racist Nazi”. Is that how they bought homes in America with taxpayer money? Sign the home loan papers as Speedy Gonzales? During the years of 2006/2008 these invading breeders for self righteousness would chant the name “Villaraigosa” in American streets and gather all around him like “Olly, Olly, Oxen Free! Sometimes these breeders commit crimes like murder they run back to “sanctuary” Mexico like that’s “Olly, Olly, Oxen Free! When these Mexicans are about to get busted by the border patrol bringing drugs or more breeders into the U.S. they run or swim back to Mexico like that’s “Olly, Olly, Oxen Free! The murders come back 6 months to a year later to kill again and the Mexican drug mules & Mexican coyotes try again the next day. The insanity going on in Mexico was cause by out of control breeding, Mexicans say its America’s fault. The breeding insanity in the U.S. isn’t helping anything either. As these people were storming over the border screaming RACIST over the past 10 years to get the white mans goodies. They joined in with black Americans pointing the blame finger at whitie. Now Latinos are saying whitie is blaming them for everything that has been going on since more and more of them come to America to live payed for lives.  As more talk about jobs in the U.S. continues nobody, not even government seems to know how to create jobs for Americans and all of Mexico and Central America. “The Great Breeder” is not a solution to any problem not even votes for politicians. I don’t see how overpopulation could solve any problem. I can see how overpopulation can cause problems. How can enough of anything be supplied to an out of control breeder people? Americans can see many problems in their lives they did not see before Mexico started marching in American streets with all these RIGHTS. Hispanics big issues are:  (1) Americans getting in their way, like Arizona.  (2) And the American government isn’t handing over the United States to “The Great Breeder” fast enough (comprehensive immigration reform). Arizona as been in a fierce battle with drug gangs and human smugglers daily. Mexicans on both sides of the southern border has forever been trying to stop Arizona from trying to stop their people from flooding into Arizona and taking over the state. I know this is not my imagination, every time the suggestion of broken government, broken system, or broken immigration is brought up some how Hispanics seem to believe this “broken” gives them more RIGHTS or righteousness. We also here Muslims are picked on just as much as “The Great Breeder”, we know Muslims are no more righteous than “The Great Breeder”.  We all have heard of the violent nature of the Muslim. Now i hear the Muslims great Mohammed was a pedophile. Now we see why Muslims true violent nature comes out for the world to see when talk of images of Mohammed the child molester comes to light.   Immigration Rights or Invasion Rights for a Certain People – To say “Full Rights for Immigrants” when there is nothing but south of the border people marching down a street is the Holy Righteous way to say “Give Our Latino Invasion Force Everything We Want.” When these people say “Stop the Raids, We Want a Fair Immigration Reform for all” this means for all of the Latino Indigenous people south of the border. Don’t fool yourselves Americans these breeders are NOT concerned with the immigration status of European or Oriental people. To the great Indigenous breeder “a fair immigration reform” means give our baby dropping people everything we want. As the American people continue to lose everything. These baby machines believe they deserve everything in America they CAN’T get in their own countries.   Whats with this “WE ARE HERE” is it like X marks the spot? Is “WE ARE HERE” intelligent, does it have an intelligent meaning? Or is it some Americans didn’t notice they had been invaded by 50 million of “The Chicano Indigenous Great Breeder invasion force.” The people that has nothing where they came from yet the moment they want all the goodies from Americans they can get they suddenly own the whole continent. One thing is for sure the more these breeding incubators get away with the more they believe they have a RIGHT to. RIGHTS they DON’T have in their own countries. Are we Americans really suppose to believe these people are asking for “Reform Immigration For America.” What could Immigration Reform possibly do for the American people? Does America really need another oversexed people. Or is it they are demanding “Reform Immigration In America” for Mexico and every other Latino nation south of the border just for their people only.       More of my blogs and website.       https://americanmexorcist.wordpress.com/ http://scantlessscank.wordpress.com/2010/10/01/hello-world/ http://churchofthegreathunab-ku.weebly.com/

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