My Review of the MSNBC Town Hall Program : Immigration

These photos shows some of the precious Latino‘s showing their appreciation to the American people and to America for being aloud to invade the United States. These fingers and fingers like these fingers are flipped to the Americans that pay out of their asses from these finger people to stay and live comfortably in the United States. Are these people proud they can’t prosper in their own country or are they proud to be sticking it to the American people. After all i have seen over a few short years its no wonder they are what they are. Do these respectful people look DEMONIZED or do they just look like demons, look at the face of the woman behind the beautiful middle finger, don’t that face look creepy. Which face behind which finger you might ask, take your pick. Since these people have overactive sex organs, i’m wondering where this teenage girls fingers have been?  Fast fingers quicksdraw! Hold on thar, Bobalouie!   Maybe this middle finger business is the Latino way of greeting Americans? Latino’s accuse Americans (white Americans) of demonizing their wonderful people? Reality Check – Latinos, black Americans and American collaborators have demonized the state of Arizona and white Americans that get in the way of the Latino takeover. As the American collaborators like the MSNBC reporters get patted on the head and they say “did i do good master” with a huge smile as they speak to their Latino gods. I watched this show and it came out just as i thought it would. In short this show is about poor picked on Latino’s and bad racist white Americans. This event is supposably to discuss problems with immigration. The people living in the real world know there is nothing wrong with immigration itself. Most of the world still abides by U.S. immigration laws. The real problem is over the past 50 years Mexico let their breeder people breed uncontrollably until the Mexican people that pays didn’t want to pay for their brokeass people anymore. Now all of Mexico’s oversexed breeders, an unjustifiable number of them wants to flood into the U.S. uncontrollably and run amuck throughout the United States and Canada because they want things without any restraints like its their great Latino people thats calling the shots. Maria Teresa Kumar of Voto Latino says the U.S. is the only country where people self select themselves to come from other countries. I say yes they do, especially when they want things they can’t get from their own government, their own people, and their own country, its not that they love America. This show aired on Nov 15 2010 and starts with white Americans from Fremont Nebraska talking about waking up one day to find their city had turned into Spanish speaking Mexico. An astonished citizen says their as far from the southern border as American cities get and Fremont citizens talk about government officials turning their backs on this invasion insanity. The Latino response to this is, “change is scary” we are a nation of immigrants. To say change is scary doesn’t make what these people are doing right. These people didn’t get away with this invasion because of a right. They got away with this invasion because the American government let them get away with it. Is this what they would say if Mexico had been invaded? Maria Teresa Kumar or was it Rosario Dawson talked about folks meaning Latino’s being recruited to come to America for jobs. When you see photos and video recordings of Latinos climbing over, breaking through or digging under the southern border fence, do these people look like they have been recruited? Or do they look more like convicts breaking out of prison to disappear in the population. Its clear these Latino’s spend every waking moment from the time of birth till they die of old age dreaming about getting into America to get the white mans goodies. I know all of the Latino’s on this program had their thoughts mostly on “comprehensive immigration reform” some how breeders seem to think this “reform” will solve all of their problems. I had never heard of immigration reform until “The Great Breeder” wasn’t getting what they want from the U.S. fast enough. So,” immigration laws has be suitable for precious Latino’s, not the whole world. Latino’s say we need immigration reform because the laws don’t work anymore? They mean laws don’t work for the Latino takeover. The Latino’s on this show as Latino’s have everywhere complain that whitie is calling them the immigration problem. Would that be because they forced their way into this country by the ten’s of millions or would it be because they like to turn their bottom lip and call whitie a RACIST! This is an educational link about the Chinese coming to America, reading this you can see you can’t compare the Chinese migration to the Latino invasion – Lawrence O’Donnell says the Chinese had a large number of immigrants coming to America. No, people of this world has never had the enormous number of people coming to America or any other country as the number of Latino’s forcing their way into the U.S. and making demands on top of that. Immigrants from other countries never ever marched in American streets making demands and waving their countries flag into the faces of the American people. The Chinese immigrated to the U.S. the right way to do exiting jobs, thats jobs that didn’t go overseas or to Mexico. The so-called Latino work force did not come to America for existing jobs, this talk about Latino’s sneaking (creeping) into America for jobs is nothing more than an attempt to righteous the Latino invasion of America. In fact more than half of the Latino population in America is on public assistance (welfare) and this number is rising. One day last summer i had spent an hour at the Compton Mexifornia Public Assistance Welfare Office. I saw about 200 blacks, 200 Latino’s, 6 white people and 0 Orientals. The whites were mostly white women with black men. Lawrence O’Donnell says Mike Cutler’s idea of law enforcement is worse than Arizona trying to save their state. Latino countries have martial law and police states like communist countries. But this is “The Great Breeder” so whatever they do is justifiable.  Lawrence O’Donnell says where they are used to be Mexico to amuse all the Latino’s on this program. I hope they give him brownie points for that. I want all the fool people to cut the crap with trying to righteous “The Great Breeder” invasion with stupid nonsense like parts of the United States being Mexico. All this Latino bulls*#t is NOT about land or what country what used to be. This overrun of an out of control breeder people is about nothing less than getting the white mans goodies. He should have said “The Assassins” a gang in Logan Heights San Diego just as any other Latino gang or just any Latino believes San Diego still is Mexico has is the entire United States. No Americans should fear immigrants just like Mexicans shouldn’t fear their own people, or is that “different” to. What he didn’t say was it was Mexico for 24 years and before that it was a territory of Spain. San Diego has been a city of the United States since 1848 in 2010 that would be 162 years and all Spanish names of cities and streets are from Spanish Spain, NOT Latino Mexico. Mike Cutler a retired INS agent is one of few who speaks the truth on this program as Lawrence O’Donnell, Maria Teresa Kumar, Rosario Dawson, Dolores Huerta, and Jose Diaz Balart have fictional half truths or just plain fiction. Mike Cutler says the 11 or 12 million illegals we have been hearing about (for 11 or 12 years) in reality is more like 30 million, i think the true number is more like 40 million and this is the number of illegals Latino’s want “comprehensive immigration reform for. To pass comprehensive immigration reform would allow all of breeder land south of the border to flood into the U.S. and they all can say they all had been in the U.S. for 20 years. Mike Cutler also said something about in the early 80’s 1000 illegals were claimed to be in the U.S., the real number was ruffly 4000. Mike brought up Mexico closing its southern border to keep Latino’s from Central American out. Naturally no Mexican wants to talk about this so they moved on quickly. Talking about Mexico closing its borders doesn’t help the Latino cause to invade and takeover America. Its like we are “Mexicans” we can keep out of our country anybody or any people we want. But you white Americans can’t keep us Mexicans out of your country because its “different”. Cinco de Mayo – Only one state of Mexico (Puebla) commemorates the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over French forces. But this is a favored celebration for Mexicans all over the United States the reason why is its a prelude of the Mexican, Latino victory over the American people in the United States. Latino’s call the southern border an imaginary line, the American side that is. The Mexican northern border is still intact of course, “thats different to”. Lawrence O’Donnell tries to justify the uncontrollable breeding habits of Latinos in America by bring up the 14th Amendment. When this amendment was written it was meant for people that didn’t drop babies profusely. Overpopulation was always considered a bad thing until Latino’s became GOD in America. America government and Latino’s believe American elections don’t work without Latino’s. Before “The Great Breeder” invasion i thought Americans did just fine voting for their own politicians? They did get elected didn’t they? Or do Americans need to take voting lessons from Mexicans? Latino’s believe America needs to do something constructive than enforce immigration laws because 95% of illegals are Latino. Butt kissing Americans and Latino’s talk a lot about guest workers, wouldn’t you hate to have guest in your home that never leave? I bet Latino’s would through them out of their home and their country because that’s “different”. I heard a Latino in the crowd say something about renting in bad conditions. Then i thought looking at living conditions in Mexico is like looking at the city dump. A white kid in the crowd brought up illegal entries saying millions cross the border yearly, minutes later Jose Diaz Balart snaps back with thats a lie.  Truth – Half a million illegals (Latino’s) cross yearly and more than 60 million Latino’s, drivers, pedestrians, cross the border each year, more than half for shopping, recreation, about one sixth related to commutes to and from work. What would happen if a white America snapped at a Mexican kid. “OH, THE HUMANITY”, WHITE RACIST, NAZI!  What i thought was a load of crap was the showing of said to be undocumented Latino students speaking perfect English, as American as apple pie and the American flag, as if only English is spoken in America. 40 or 50 million Latino’s in the U.S. don’t speak a word of English. Latino’s would have you believe the number is smaller. Butt kissing Americans and Latino’s want us to believe there is only about 48 million Latino’s in the U.S., the true number would be more like 80 to 90 million. Don’t believe the lies! Your government, Latino’s and the rest of the world thinks Americans are stupid fools. The world thinks Americans are stupid for letting out of control Mexico take advantage the way they did. About an hour or so into this program Dolores Huerta got that turned up lip baby look and started to go for that whitie the racist hates Mexicans, but she didn’t get any quick followers so the show moves on. Mike Cutler said he had to deport illegals that was his job. Maria Teresa Kumar jumps around in her seat to face Mike Cutler and asks Mike would you change the law, she says it in a way that sounds like shes saying give our people control please! He says no! Hey, Maria i wouldn’t either, snicker, snicker. How could the Latino breeder believing they are GODS gift to any country they can get what they want from, think the people of this country should change their laws to favor “The Great Breeder”. Are breederland countries going to change their laws? Maria says we in America need unskilled workers, as if she means the rest of Mexico should come flying over the southern border. I’d like to know for “what jobs”. Are there jobs Americans don’t know about. I bet if the rest of Mexico invaded more than half of them would soon be on welfare. Jose Diaz Balart brought up 11 million illegals (Latino’s naturally) and comprehensive immigration reform, this suggests comprehensive immigration reform is almost the only thing these people (Latino’s) think about. And Latino’s want Americans to believe just a small number of 10’s of millions would be getting amnesty when in reality all of brokeass breeding Mexico gets it. And no doubt so does all of Central America. Mike Cutler says (like nobody knows) America’s in crisis! And speaks about the Mexican border (at least Mexico’s aloud to have one). What more can we say about whats going on in Mexico, the southern border, and the United States. Its clear that Mexico and Central America is completely out of control and these precious breeder people now have RIGHTS to bring their bulls#*t to America. There is no more American dream for anybody now, only the end is near. No company or companies or government is going to create or could they ever create “JOBS” for an never ending overpopulation. How could anything or any resource be supplied or stay in supply as fast as these Latino babies drop out. Could Latino land care for their own? How is America going to do it. What” MAGIC! “abracadabra” look at all the goodies for all the breeder people. And HEY they got thankful fingers to! Childfund – Since the early sixties i have seen stupid whitie begging on television for breeder kids. By the seventies i had realized that this was going to be never ending, that these people were always going to be a burden on somebody. As we see they are now being pushed off onto the American people, its like Mexico says here America you pay and care for this out of control problem. And you Americans can’t do what we Latino people do, if you Americas even think of trying to save yourselves or your own people you will be called “RACIST” “NAZIS”. And you will see our fingers! A stupid white woman that was seated in the back as this program went on got up with a big smile on her face to help the Latino cause by saying the european population has dropped below 2. something! She was trying to say this is a bad thing, keeping overpopulation in check. She insinuated european’s wouldn’t have workers for jobs they don’t have anyway. Then she tried to say these european countries would envy the United States over the massive Latino workforce. Maybe european’s will envy not having 10’s of millions of this workforce on their Public Assistance (welfare) rolls. Like boo hoo hoo we don’t have an out of control breeder population to pay for, waaaaa! I hope this woman got her pat on the head as she says “did i do good” am i a part of this team. A Latino woman in the audience gets up to say how insulting belittling it was for Mike Cutler to say Americans should take care of their own people first saying Americans can’t care for another people if they don’t or can’t care for their own. It wasn’t surprising to me that a precious Latino would be angered by an American that would dare think of caring for their own people first or even care for their own people at all when we nothing Americans have alllllllll of these wonderful Latino breeders to support. Its no secret that Latinos, Mexicans believe their people come first, period! As well as in America its Mexican first, but thats different! Isn’t it!  The whole world has been watching everything that has been going on with these people. There is no way in hell countries overseas will ever let these people flood into their countries. At some point this fool Lawrence O’Donnell asks Mike Cutler this:  Question –  How many would you have to hire to throw out this illegal invasion?  Mike doesn’t answer this!   Answer – I’ll answer your question Lawrence O’Donnell you !#*hole.  I think millions of Americans should be hired to throw these “finger” people out. Now, there are Americans with millions of “jobs”. If a government whether it be the Mexican or American government would say to these breeder people we will pay you Mexicans if you kill and throw Americans out of their own country, just how long would it take these people (Mexicans) to get to killing and throwing. And OH yes this would become another Mexican right. Maria Teresa Kumar says to not criminalize illegals because 95% are her people. And Dolores Huerta says we should think of people (law breakers) as human beings and not punish people (her people) that come to work. If her people hasn’t been treated as human beings that would be in Latino countries. Millions of Americans would like to work to but these Latinos don’t care about that. To the Latino people American laws are “imaginary” because American laws get in their peoples way. Latino’s believe there can never be to many of their people because its “different”. Do you think they would say there could never be to many white or black Americans? Then Lawrence ODonnell brings up Ellis Island to compare the immigrants that came to America by ship to the criminals sneaking all around the southern border as to Holy Righteous this Latino invasion. You will never see video of immigrants sneaking all around ships and sneaking off these ships like “rats” at Ellis Island to disappear into the population of America like common criminals. Then Lawrence O’Donnell and an Italian professor from New York tried to say Americans have an unjustifiable fear of immigrants. These Latino gangs are so proud of themselves like they are the greatest people on earth. Of course there are hundreds of Latino gangs. Should we Americans praise and glorify immigrant criminals, maybe worship them? Could we say immigrants are just misunderstood? Why don’t we say Hitler was just misunderstood. Hitler the immigrant wasn’t born in Germany. I bet if Hitler had been Latino it would be “he was just misunderstood”. This fool professor said something about immigration being thought of as a good thing when the economy is good and a bad thing when the economy is not. I’ll make the right point! Immigration is one thing and an invasion is another. And there should be a reasonable limit of immigrants instead of the invading people deciding how many of their people there should be. There is no way to “Holy Righteous” over population, not even if their the most wonder people on earth! This professor called his self debunking something, sometimes i can’t read my own writing. Whenever it was it had to be more stupid nonsense. We can bet it was another attempted to making a wrong a right. David Shirk was asked by Lawrence O’Donnell what this country would look like in 2020 or whatever the date was. Can stupidass Lawrence O’Donnell see that the changes made so far are not for the better. Has he seen the handy spray can work all up and down every freeway in America. The beautiful painted buildings, cars, trucks, telephone poles anything this paint will stick to. Latino’s beautifying America! Just like blacks they steal everything thats not nailed down to. Jails and prisons are full of these people in every country they populate. Is that another thing to be proud of to. Maria Teresa Kumar speaks of future people leading this country out of trillions of debt. If there are future people leading America back into prosperity you can bet your ass it won’t be breeder people. Could Latino’s ever bring prosperity to their own countries? One thing everybody can agree on is there is a problem. The Latino solution is “comprehensive immigration reform” again this is putting “The Great Breeder” first! Remember the Latino that was so outraged that an American would dare say Americans should care for their people first. The Italian professor on this program says immigration is to important to leave to politicians. OH” should we Americans leave immigration to Mexicans? He goes on to say immigrants invented so many things. This is true but Latino’s invent babies, if the rest of the world stopped having babies Latino’s would invent enough for everybody. Liars are still claiming undocumented immigrants contribute to the economic system. And liars are saying they pay taxes. People on Welfare and Social Security do not pay income tax and people that make a limited income like “The Great Breeder” makes, don’t either. If this were true, if broke breeder land did pay taxes and contribute to the economy their Latino governments would be begging them to come back instead of getting mad when they do. Dolores Huerta says if we document criminals then we would know who they are. That would be if law enforcement had the criminals real names or could get them. Also documented criminals become Americans this means we Americans are then stuck with them. Nice try, like we where going to fall for that one Dolores Huerta. Jose Diaz Balart thanks Lawrence O’Donnell for the good work the people at MSNBC has been doing. Since 2008 the people at MSNBC has given completely into the Latino cause. At MSNBC its bad whitie and poor picked on Latino’s. This station MSNBC probably has the largest number of Latino’s to go on the air to say “whitie the racist nazi” As well as so many blacks that do the samething. This program is said to be about “Latino America” as well as immigration. Its like “Latino America” is all that matters and f*#k everybody else. Also what Latino’s call immigration is called invasion by everybody else. All through history there has never been immigration like this. What other people marches in a foreign country with smartass words and their middle finger extended knowing full well what they are doing is not right and their claiming to be the poor picked on victim all in the same breath? Carrying signs like “We Are Here” this can only mean we are in your country and there is nothing your going to do about it. Its not like everybody can’t see an infestation. It has been quiet comical watching these people protesting like its the 1960’s civil rights movement. This is their way of turning a wrong into a right? So the plan is the civil rights movement worked for black Americans to get what they should of had. Mexicans got nothing so they use the black American civil rights movement and the words “Racist” and “Nazis” to righteous an invasion liars call immigration. Whats with signs like “We Are Human”, has anybody disputed that? If they have it wasn’t in America. Latino’s shove their s#*t up into the faces of the American people and then have the audacity to wonder why Americans dislike or even hate them. I have seen signs like “Were Brown and Were Proud” What does skin tone have to do with immigration? What would happen if white people carried signs that said “Were White and Were Proud”. Can you say “White Racist Nazis”. Are these proud Mexicans this proud in Mexico. I have never seen a people thats as full of s#*t as “The Great Breeder”. Since these people know their own people to be human they could try acting more like it. As this sneaking around cat and mouse game with Border Patrol at the southern border and the Rio Grande River continues seemingly forever, is this called immigration? It doesn’t look like immigration. To me it looks like police trying to catch jail breaking convicts. Are these people aware they got “whitie the racist” from black people thinking if it works so well for blacks it will work for us brown people to. And do Latino’s know it is their sex organs that caused all or most of their problems NOT white people. In fact if it wasn’t for white peoples prosperity Latino’s would not want to be in America. Most black prosperity is at the Public Assistance (Welfare) Office, its this spray can paint, jail, prison, braking every law in the book, playing the victim role, that blacks and Latino’s are so much alike and its this they band together to hate “whitie the racist”. As long as i can remember blacks believe whitie owes them a living because of slavery days. They don’t take into account slavery started and existed in and around Africa 10’s of thousands of years ago. Those days don’t make it “bad whitie” so they can’t use that. Its clear Latino’s believe anybody they can get it or take it from owes them a living simply because of their breeding habits. Smart people make a life for themselves first then have babies. Dumbass people drop brats like theres no tomorrow then complain about needing to support their families. Over the years “The Great Breeder” would whine about not being able to feed their kids, this is existing kids. Soon after getting into the U.S. they go on the baby dropping olympics to see who gets the gold, silver and bronze metals in the baby dropping contest.  All that was said by the Latino’s on this problem amounted to one thing and this is that Americans should stop trying to stop the Latino takeover of their country. If you have watched MSNBC you probably have seen the Latino ass kisser Lawerance O’Donnell on what may look like a commercial taking about people with their own version of the truth. This show as shown a lot of that. In these peoples eyes the Latino version is the only version. Just like so many other Americans, i am sick of hearing of this invasion being called immigration. All the talk about immigration or illegal immigration for years has been all about one people and one people only. Let say a state like Arizona declared war on immigrants from european countries. Just how many would there be 100, 1000, one thing is sure, there would NOT be 40,000, 100,000 or even 40,000,000. Its the numbers game with illegal immigration that really has black and brown people whining “whitie the racist”. I have heard so many people saying if there was no demand for drugs in the U.S. countries like Mexico wouldn’t have drug cartels. This of course is total bulls#*t, if drug dealers have no one to sell to they then start forcing their drugs on people and force them to pay. You may have heard someone say the rich are destroying the country. Greed is one thing overpopulation is another both have and will destroy nations. This talk i have been hearing about people like the Bilderberg Group the Catholic Church, government officials in many countries being behind cramming Latino land into America is starting to sound and look more realistic than ever before. With the end result being “Genocide” for 400, 500, 600 million people in the U.S alone. Right now Latino land is thinking only of Disney America and or Magic United States. The Latino invasion became unmistakably noticeable throughout 2000/2008. George W. Bush ( the decider) couldn’t decide the fate of a cat let alone a whole country so there has to be something sinister in the making with this “Great Breeder” bulls#*t. Talk of America’s overweight epidemic didn’t come to light until the “El Gordos” did.  Every Latino blog and website on the internet calls this show Beyond Borderlines, the American side that is. Latino’s, Mexicans have left the Mexican borders intact and they are so pleased with this show thinking it goes their peoples way. Doesn’t everybody in the hole world know that every time in the United States when words like immigration, illegal, beyond borderlines, amnesty, among other words are brought up the only people ever being talked about is “The Great Breeder”. Its like immigrants from other countries don’t exist! If all of Breederland couldn’t support and supply their breeder people with goodies how is the U.S. and Canada going to do it? I say this show just exposes Latino’s for who and what they really are. As the American government has their backs turned “The Great Breeder” gets away with this “The Great Breeder” gets away with that. Everything they get away with they suddenly have a “Right” to. I think “The Great Breeders” should wave their magical middle fingers in the air and fix the economy!  Video clips are on this Voto Latino website

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