MSNBC Targets Whitie!

I got you in my sights MSNBC.   Every Latino in American, Mexico and Central American praising the Latino invasion of the United States would like to thank the people at MSNBC for putting U.S. laws aside and DEMONIZING their own people thats not wearing a “Kick Me” sign. They would like to thank the people at MSNBC for giving completely into the Latino takeover of America. And they would like to thank the people at MSNBC for bending over and taking it all in.     Worship the Latino GODS magic middle finger! MMMMMMMM magic middle finger!   Why don’t the fine people at MSNBC pay for Mr. Francisco Felix heart transplant and everybody else with an Hispanic name. Flor Felix believes Jan Brewer the governor of Arizona has no RIGHT to make cuts in anything that cuts the FREE out for her people. She believes Arizona is making a lot of money and she wonders where all this money (imaginary money) is going to? All what money Flor? Is this country magic America? The country that has money magically appearing in all 50 states. And this is why the insane flood of breederland forces their way into the U.S., because south of the border people have the “RIGHT” to get as much of this magical money as they can. The reason Americans don’t ship truck loads of this magical money to Mexico is Americans are so greedy. There is no doubt Flor Felix believes just as any other Latino believes her/their people have the RIGHT to do anything they want in the U.S. and the RIGHT to any and everything. Americans like white Americans have little or no rights especially if these Americans are getting in the way of the people that has every RIGHT. Every time Americans like white Americans say anything outlandish or ridiculous, these Americans are ridiculed for days, weeks, months or years. Every time the great Latino says anything outlandish or ridiculous all goes quiet and its all soon quickly forgotten.     Nov 2010 – In Florence South Los Angeles Mexifornia near Russell Elementary School a 59 year old crossing guard was given a what for by two “i’ll teach you for getting in my way” Latinos. It was said she was more upset that the 20 children (mostly Latino) had to see her get her ass kicked by GODS gift to the world “The Great Breeder”. As the SUV barreled down on them the crossing guard held up the stop sign and said you have to stop, the children come first (Mexican children come first). The driver Jose Hernandez 27 yells back he’s not stopping. He must have stopped unless the greatness of Vanessa Del Pilar Martiez jumped out to punch the crossing guard in the face and knocking her to the ground for getting in the way of south of the borders greatest people that ever lived. The driver then grabbed the stop sign and Martinez ripped the whistle and ID tag from the neck of the crossing guard giving her another what for, witnesses say the driver punched the crossing guard also teaching her a lesson. Some would like to call this common road rage. What had transpired here is another show of force to show America nobody better get in “The Great Breeders” way not even a state like Arizona. In the early hours on Dec 4 2010 in front of an Albertsons supermarket in Redondo Beach two of Mexico’s precious Latinos both female had stopped a vehicle at the red curb that said “no parking” in English only. The passenger got out and went inside as the driver sat there about ten minutes then the driver pulled up about 30 feet or so to the left into a parking space assigned for America’s handicapped. This Mexican vehicle had been sitting there about 15 minutes before the passenger come out of the store to get back in. They both then sat there about 5 minutes before the passenger got back out and went back in the store, then she came back out 5 minutes later. Through all of this there was no sign of a disabled parking placard, and this vehicle did not have a visible license plate of any kind. Both the driver and the passenger looked overweight and out of shape not disabled. Later on that day a Latino man about 30 had come out of the store with a bike he is riding, this bike made for much smaller people in mind. He stops along side of a moving vehicle to pass a few words with the driver as the vehicle moves closer to me it becomes clear the driver and passenger of this vehicle are to young to drive both look no older than 14.  The driver parks and both boys get out of the vehicle and as they were going into the store i asked them if they were old enough to drive and the driver says no. If these boys have an accident who pays? It should be quiet clear that south of the border Latinos believe they can do anything they want in America and Americans better not get in their way. Mexican and Central Americans biggest fear is being forced to obey U.S. laws

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