Who Gives to the Salvation Army? Mostly White People of Course! This is Truly a Job (Volunteer/Pay) Mexicans Won’t Do!

December 2010 – Its that time of year again the season of giving. The givers are people of all ages like from 6 to 100. Due to the government and the bank mafia giving hundreds of billions, this number could be over a trillion by now, in free homes and American money to “The Great Breeder” to keep them here in the U.S., Wall Street gamblers playing wheel of fortune with other peoples money, jobs going overseas as “The Great Breeder” making demands and swearing they come for jobs that’s not here. That is unless these jobs are taken away from Americans to be given to Mexicans. As America falls apart Mexicans are still coming, don’t believe the lies. The giving has dropped because Americans (white Americans) have given all but their lives and that may be expected of them yet. As America becomes Mexico and whitie has to be a “RACIST” i decided i’ll get some more of the truth out. I know what is going on at the Salvation Army kettle stands and i want the whole world to know.   Givers by Race:    Orientals – Orientals are the rarest givers to the red kettle, most just walk by. I did see one Oriental with a big cute smile drop his change in, he looked like Arnold of Happy Days. I so wanted to ask him what Ralph and Potsie was doing.   Black Americans – Black Americans are not the biggest givers either the number of black Americans giving is right with Latinos. Half of the black Americans that pass by the Bell Ringer completely ignore them.    Latinos – This is truly a job (volunteer/pay) that Mexicans won’t do. Surprisingly Americanized Latino giving is on the rise this year, this is the first good thing i had to say about these people (Latinos) so far. Latinos that see themselves as just Mexican come to America to get not to give. Americanized Latinos and most Orientals are more like white Americans. Mexicans are more like black Americans the proof is in “white racist Nazi” finger pointing as well as who most of the criminals are in America and who’s on the welfare roles. We Americans are expected to change immigration laws to favor Mexicans because they breed like fools.  I say NO!    And as usual the all time giver is “Whitie the Racist”! If it wasn’t for white people all the takers and the gime, gime, people would be getting far less.   Thank You”,  white people, or should i say “Whitie the Racist”.

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