Mexico’s Ongoing Cat and Mouse Game with U.S. Law Inforcement

We Mexicans are born and raised just to live every waking moment of our lives planning how we are going to sneak into the U.S. to break every law in America. And when Americans get in our way to stop us we call them “white racist Nazis” and attack them from the Mexican border. Change your immigration laws worthless Americans, give us “The Great Breeder” GODS gift to the world your country. Broke breeding Mexicans that are rejected and shunned by their own well to do Mexican people continue to justify their actions by claiming they want their country back meaning the entire United States. Mexicans know and we Americans know “The Great Breeder” wants what the white man has and all of what the white man has created NOT their country. The Mexicans independence from Spain in 1821 was handed over to them by the Spanish, this meaning what these Mexicans got was a hand out. These Mexicans have got what the people of Spain built in America until 1848 and in Mexico. Now the American government has given hundreds of billions maybe over a trillion in hand outs to broke Mexicans and these fool breeder people and fool Native Americans are claiming what the white man built, as if it all belongs to them. The Native American did not have a country, cities or states, all they had was primitive tribes all across the Americas. And they were all at war with each other for thousands of years.   Dec 10, 2010 – This morning on the KFI radio Bill Handle Show in Los Angeles Mexifornia a Mexican asking about suing somebody or something. This Mexicans name and why he wants to sue didn’t get to me but i bet its nothing less than sneak into America screw every American you can and be the dominate breeder waving the Mexican flag. I was told he did say where hes from is 100% Mexican meaning somewhere in Mexifornia. He must not know percentages very well. I know 100% would mean everybody in Mexifornia is Mexican. There are still Americans in Mexifornia that is NOT Latino, “The Great Breeder”. Clearly what this Mexican was doing is verbally flipping off the American people with his bragging mouth since he couldn’t use his middle finger on the radio. He’s saying our breeder people are taking over your country white man. What this “I Am Human” person has done is confirm what i have been saying since 2006. And that is, there are to many of these out of control breeder people and somehow they will either have to be spaded and neutered or destroyed. One day in 2009 i saw a Latino woman talking to a Latino man that was going to clean the pool where i live. This job was held by a white man until the big Mexican invasion. I hear this woman say loudly and all happy faced “YOUR HERE” as she nearly floated up to him like she knew him. It became clear she didn’t know him and her response to seeing him was really about getting stoked as she sees more and more of her Mexican people infesting America just as so many of her breeder people do. These invaders are so knee slapping happy that states in the U.S. are becoming Mexico they don’t stop long enough to think, if American states become 100% Mexican wouldn’t it be a lot easier for the richest people, big business and the government to kill them that way? What if as more and more of these breeding parasites flood into states like Mexifornia and all the white people are moving out the whole state becomes the biggest concentration camp (death camp) in the world? Remember “white racist Nazis” Mexicans. It looks to me like real Americans are being forced out of states like Mexifornia by losing everything, job, home, life, that soon ends up in the hands of Mexicans. The big plan is to make Mexifornia 100% Mexican. I don’t see why Mexifornia won’t be any better than Mexico! I bet everybody sees this. On the 2009 “Do the DNA Results Matter” episode of the Steve Wilkos show. Paternity is discussed. Mr. Wilkos slams a white man for not bettering his self, his live, his bank account, before having a child. In the second half of this show a latino man with 6 or 7 children discusses paternity of his supposed children. Not one word of why don’t Latino men better their statis in their lives before having alllllllll of the children they have. Why,” why is this, is it different for them. Are Latino men somehow to good. Is it maybe brown skin people Hispanic, Latino, Native American are the “how great thou art” people, the holy grail people? Maybe their all the brown jesus christ?

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