Excessive Childish Honking

There are a lot of people out on the road that claim to be grown. You wouldn’t know it by the way they lean on their horns supposably showing people something? Whatever that is! Maybe its i’m a big piece of *#$% on the roadways how dare you be in front of me. I have to go fast how dare you slow down to turn right. How dare you be going slow in front of me. You can’t get in front of me no matter what. Or i’m going to blow my brains out. OH wait,” BRAINS, i don’t have any. A lot of these babies show a lot of us sane people they have a finger. You know that wonderful middle finger. There have been so many times i thought if i had a gun right now that finger would be in big trouble. I had even though about taking a shot at these big shots leaning on their horns. If that did happen what happens next is these big bad brave “its about me” people instantly become the scared little i want to crawl up under the seat and cry “i didn’t do nothing wrong” the poor picked on victims.

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