As So Many Americans Do Like the folks at MSNBC, I Will Never Do This!

Americans that don’t want to be taken advantage of now have to kiss the ass of the brown breeder because the brown breeder wants the American peoples money. Anybody with sense knows if you don’t make what you can’t afford, then another people (Americans) won’t have to pay out of their ass for it. Since Mexico has F’d up themselves and their country all of Mexico has make themselves and their children believe they own American (the whole continent) with this self righteous belief they believe they have a “RIGHT” to American money and all other American goodies and all of Americas resources.    No Mexican, i will never kiss the ass of a people that has only caused problems for their own people and the people of Canada and the United States. That would be kissing the ass of an out of control parasite. Mexicans don’t give, they breed profusely and take. What good will ever become of that! I have seen Americanized Latinos live as real Americans as they believe them selves to be.  The problem is there are a people, stupid Mexicans/Central Americans that drops brats faster than they could ever prosper, so they force them selves on others like Americans to force them to pay for their own wrong doing as if the wrong doers are the greatest people on earth and deserve everything on the planet they want. As if everything on earth is theirs to want simply because they were born.

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