Muslim Hate Is Real, They Have A Double Standard Too! – Nearly Everyday In the News All Over the World Islam Proves Itself to be a Religion of Evil

Allah is NOT!      I hear a lot about an act or words of any kind from non muslims will stir up hatred and acts of violence against muslims. Who complains about the muslim acts of violence against anybody that is not muslim. And what is done about these violent acts of hate that has been going on for thousands of years. Below – Is a treat for Muslim men and women and more good little Muslims.   But it’s OK for Muslims to “BASH” or do anything thing else they want, just like it’s OK for Mexicans.       The last two photos are of another Muslim fun time. What would Muslims and Mexicans say if Americans did this?   On 03/04/11 a new muslim newscaster on MSNBC Martin Bashir with Chris Matthews questioned the christianity of American politicans over there usual political antics. Seeing this it was clear this muslim unable to cope with the truth about his people was taking a stab at christianity. It was the same kind of a hit back Mexicans have been doing when the truth about their people gets out.   In America these muslims are called the Ku Klux Klan. In many photos you will see good little Muslims being taught how to blow his self or her self up. A good Muslim is a blown up Muslim. And photo proof of a Muslim Nazi salute. A peaceful religion Islam does not prove to be. How many other religions kill people with military weapons. How many other religions strap bombs around their waist and blow themselves up. How many other religions publicly threaten to kill people all around the world. How many other religions kill people of another religion. How many other religions threaten to destroy other religions. How many other religions take hostages. How many other religions march in streets in Islamic countries or any country burning the American flag while chanting death to America. How many other radical religions are there Ed “the whitie hater” Schultz?    The Third Jihad 2008 DVDRip    downloads    Torrent×480-ntsc-avi-t482526.html

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2 Responses to Muslim Hate Is Real, They Have A Double Standard Too! – Nearly Everyday In the News All Over the World Islam Proves Itself to be a Religion of Evil

  1. Bridget says:

    To be fair, even muslims who dont preach, act or follow this type of Islam will tell you that it is MUSLIMS who teach this, not Islam. The Islamic way is not this. but muslims are corrupted by politics, power and greed and extreme Islamists. Islam remains the same. Muslims sadly do not. Yet you seem to tar all with the same brush. Maintain balance otherwise you are as guilty as those you slander for following what they think is right.

    • White Americans know they are not the smartest people on earth. Thats NOT what the problem is. Peoples lives are now more inconvenient due to the tightening of security nearly everywhere all around the world. We people of earth know white Americans did not cause this problem. We people of earth also know the people with a race relation with the people that did will be the people screaming out RACIAL PROFILING!

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