Would Mexicans/Latinos Own the Whole Continent Then?

WAAAAAAA! I deserve and own everything in America and Canada because my oversexed parents and my Latino government that hates me says i do. It appears “The Great Breeder” is only gods gift to the world in countries like the United States and Canada. This happened when the American government turned their backs and let the breeding sensation south of the border run amuk throughout the entire country of America. What do you think would happen if “the man” the white man either removed nearly everything they built or destroyed it. As Mexicans/Latinos go right on saying and believing they own the whole continent right along with the Native American. Over the past 10 years 2000/2010 city and state officials of Mexifornia have been spending the white mans money to beautify California to show their obedient worship of “The Great Breeder”. Why can’t they spend their Latino GODS money? Would it be Mexicans/Latinos only have money, American money when they get it from whitie. Do the Latino GODS know nearly everything they have or want is made by white people or Orientals! Do they know their “RACIST” screaming black American counterparts would NOT exist today if they had not been brought to the Americas. For those who don’t know or don’t want to know African tribes people had been killing other African tribes people for centuries for the sake of power and control just as they still do today. Just as Native Americans and the Natives that became Mexicans/Latinos have for centuries and still do in Latino countries like Mexico today. Lets say whitie takes away everything or nearly everything whitie built or owns in states like Mexifornia overcome by the breeding sensation called Mexicans and Central Americans. Would these precious out of control baby poppers want to be in Mexifornia then. Or would they just start forcing their way in American states that have what “The Great Breeder” is really after. For thoses that pretend they don’t know what i am talking about, i am accusing Mexicans/Latinos of wanting everything the white man owns or has ever owned for there own people, you know. The white mans goodies! The white mans goodies is what Mexicans/Latinos, Native Americans are really claiming their people owns NOT the lands of the United States.  I had just seen another advertisment of childfund, this money begging commercial is advertising Latino kids only this time. In past years that became decades i have seen Latino and Africans brats on these give us your money whitie commercials. I have never seen white kids on these commercials and nobody else has either.   Note This – It doesn’t surprise me that when a brown people like the people south of the border invades a country its called “immigration” and when white people from anywhere invades its called “invasion”. You ask why is it different for dark skin people. Apparently everything has this kind of difference if your people can’t be RACIST and their soooooo special! So all the America peoples material things they believe belongs to them and their people for reasons like our people owns the whole continent. These “people” claim “we are human beings to” to get off, to get their way. If these “people” are human beings maybe they should start acting more like it instead of having animalistic reproducing behavior. As well as primitive barbaric savage behavior.

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