Why Not Press 3-4-5-6 Or seven For Other Languages?

Would it be people that speak other languages just are not important enough! Maybe these people get treated right in America so they have to speak English or Spanish. Maybe there is just not enough of them by number or maybe there is to many? Dark skin people believe there is to many white people, not thinking its white peoples money that becomes Welfare payments or some other kind of handout. Just how did the out of control people south of the border become so important? Would it be as they sneak over, across and under the border daily screaming “RACIST NAZIS” and trying to disappear into the population to play the victim role they get special treatment for being wrong? Face it Mexicans what your people has been doing since the 1970’s trying to rape and pillage America is wrong. If it would be wrong if “whitie” did it, then its wrong if brown oversexed baby poppers do it.  What is the real reason we Americans now have to live with “Blubba, Blubba, Blubba” in our ears everywhere everyday. Would the real reason be that everything that is said about these people is true.

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