California is Now the Least Educated State in America

California is now the stupidest state in America. Quess why! If you quessed Mexicans and Central Americans your right. These out of control breeder people has populated California/Mexifornia into the state with the worlds most uneducated, dumbest people. Making California the worlds most densely populated state of oversexed stupids. Mexifornia is the BIGGEST Welfare state in America. Mexifornia also is and has been since the Latino became GOD in America the stolen vehicle capital in the world next to Latino nations. And Americans are expected to change their laws so more and more of this insanity will continue. The federal government should have known if their going to be uneducated where they came from their going to be uneducated here in America. As more and more of these oversexed animal baby popping people continue to do any and everything they can to get into the United States they are going to make America the stupidest country on earth. As it already is Americans will be forced to pay for this stupiding of America.

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