Maria Teresa Kumar Wants Us Americans To Believe America’s Northern Border Is A Troubled Border

The reporters at MSNBC hear what they want to hear as they continue kissing the back sides of the out of control Latino populations. We Americans as well as Mexicans do not hear about 10’s of millions of Canadians forever doing anything they can to get into the U.S. We do not hear about Canadian drug cartels. We do not hear about Canadian gang members terrorizing the entire country, all 50 states. We do not hear about the Canadian Mafia in every prison in America. We don’t see Canadians marching in American city streets waving the Canadian flag and making demands. We don’t hear Canadians saying they are “humans”? American prisons and jails are not full of Canadians. We don’t hear from Canadian organizations telling us Americans their people has every right in the world to do what they do. Canadian gangsters are not kidnapping people in America and killing them. Millions of Automobiles are not stolen by Canadians every year and driven into Canada. I can guarantee you Canadians are not filling welfare offices all across America. We don’t and won’t see Canadians standing in front of and all around businesses on streets and in parking lots everyday waiting for jobs to come to them. We don’t hear about Canadians filling hospitals dropping babies every which way. We don’t hear just how picked on Canadians are. We don’t hear Canadians demanding (free pass) immigration reform. And we do not hear about Canadians becoming the largest minority in America. I haven’t heard immigrants from any country in the whole world demanding “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” but south of the border “Latinos”. Why is this? Is there not enough immigrants from all over the entire world to want it? Or is it most immigration from all over the whole world comes to the United States the “RIGHT” way.  “BUT” Mexico & Central America. 80% being Mexican. I know as fact the trouble coming over the Canadian border when it happens, flies into Canada from Mexico to invade the U.S. from the north. Maria still claims American businesses call out to all of Mexico begging them to come. I thought we all knew there has been no jobs since 2008. And as Mexico continues to come saying they come for jobs. These jobs they come for continues to go overseas. Americans are now desperate and are taking any job they can get whether they want that particular job or not. There are no jobs Americans won’t do. Anybody that says there are is a lying piece of #&*%. Maybe a job may trickle out from somewhere every so often, NOT nearly enough to keep millions of Mexicans abusing both borders. Its not jobs that has Mexico forever attacking the American borders it never was. What really is going on everytime a breeder does get in the American population (ollie ollie oxen free) they get a butt load of instant “RIGHTS”. And they can quickly get on public assistance programs mostly in “SANCTUARY” cities and states, don’t believe they can’t. 10’s of millions of these people now own homes, they get them soon after successfully passing border patrols, at the prices these homes were there is no way they could have payed for them. Bankers know who really got this housing bill. Today as i hear most any day now i hear newscasters yapping about jobs all day long. I wonder as you might jobs for who? Would that be jobs for Americans, or would that be jobs for everybody south of the border? How many people seriously believe that anybody or any group of people could ever create enough jobs in America for Americans, Mexicans and Central Americans as thousands of brats continue to drop from between their legs daily? The Great Breeder has gotten away with far more bull #%&$ than any other people on earth. This doesn’t mean these out of control people are just that good or that they are better than everybody else. What this means is nobody has put their foot down yet to stop these people that now think they are unstoppable. Latinos can NOT call every and anything what they want it to be. The word “illegal” is NOT RACIST regardless of what the mouth of the south says.        According to reality Latinos calling on comprehensive immigration reform to favor their people, that it would considering their people is 95% of all immigration that has ever entered the United States since America became a country is a “RACIST” act. This act in the real world among other acts makes The Great Breeding Latinos a RACIST people whether they except the truth or not. The Latino attitude is f#%k Americans who cares what the America people want in their own country. All that matters is what Latinos (Mexicans) want for their own people no matter what they have to do to get it, legally or illegally. And they don’t care if they have a right to it or not. Nothing matters but Mexicans (the Latino people) period! What would happen if white Americans did this?       I remember the day the announcement that Arizona was going to pass a law to try to curb trouble from Mexico. That day Al Sharpton ran with Arizona is racial profiling, bad “whitie the racist.” He knew that’s all it would take to get the Mexicans (his brown brothers & sisters) going with their hate whitie. That day and the following days i saw Latino officials getting more and more excited with every passing moment going into a frenzy as MSNBC aloud them to act out their disapproval of white Americans again getting in the way of the Latino takeover. They could hardly sit still, squirming in their seats. How dare the Arizona white people try to save their state from a Mexican takeover. MSNBC also aloud some black woman to join in on this hate whitie with her disapproval. MSNBC had a black & brown hate whitie party for weeks!      Now i hear flowtation devices are being placed in the Rio Grande River to try to keep these stupidass poor picked on people from drowning as the sick on going border crashing invasion continues. These people are not Canadians to believe they are is racial profiling!

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6 Responses to Maria Teresa Kumar Wants Us Americans To Believe America’s Northern Border Is A Troubled Border

  1. Now days anytime anybody speaks of an American city or state being the fastest growing, what there not saying is the city or state is being overrun by the invaders from south of the border.

  2. Khaliph Bey says:

    Hey buddy here is something all must consider when making those kind of comments. You need to first find out whether the people from south of the border are aboriginals or immigrants aliens. Here is a leagal document from Congress that shows some of the people from south of the border may have been home here in the United States and was illegally force into Mexico.. Read and then judge and I am not Latino but I support them 200%

    SECTION 8720-8723

    8720. This chapter may be cited as the “Apology Act for the 1930s
    Mexican Repatriation Program.”

    8721. The Legislature finds and declares all of the following:
    (a) Beginning in 1929, government authorities and certain private
    sector entities in California and throughout the United States
    undertook an aggressive program to forcibly remove persons of Mexican
    ancestry from the United States.
    (b) In California alone, approximately 400,000 American citizens
    and legal residents of Mexican ancestry were forced to go to Mexico.

    (c) In total, it is estimated that two million people of Mexican
    ancestry were forcibly relocated to Mexico, approximately 1.2 million
    of whom had been born in the United States, including the State of
    (d) Throughout California, massive raids were conducted on
    Mexican-American communities, resulting in the clandestine removal of
    thousands of people, many of whom were never able to return to the
    United States, their country of birth.
    (e) These raids also had the effect of coercing thousands of
    people to leave the country in the face of threats and acts of
    (f) These raids targeted persons of Mexican ancestry, with
    authorities and others indiscriminately characterizing these persons
    as “illegal aliens” even when they were United States citizens or
    permanent legal residents.
    (g) Authorities in California and other states instituted programs
    to wrongfully remove persons of Mexican ancestry and secure
    transportation arrangements with railroads, automobiles, ships, and
    airlines to effectuate the wholesale removal of persons out of the
    United States to Mexico.
    (h) As a result of these illegal activities, families were forced
    to abandon, or were defrauded of, personal and real property, which
    often was sold by local authorities as “payment” for the
    transportation expenses incurred in their removal from the United
    States to Mexico.
    (i) As a further result of these illegal activities, United States
    citizens and legal residents were separated from their families and
    country and were deprived of their livelihood and United States
    constitutional rights.
    (j) As a further result of these illegal activities, United States
    citizens were deprived of the right to participate in the political
    process guaranteed to all citizens, thereby resulting in the tragic
    denial of due process and equal protection of the laws.

    8722. The State of California apologizes to those individuals
    described in Section 8721 for the fundamental violations of their
    basic civil liberties and constitutional rights committed during the
    period of illegal deportation and coerced emigration. The State of
    California regrets the suffering and hardship those individuals and
    their families endured as a direct result of the government sponsored
    Repatriation Program of the 1930s.

    8723. A plaque commemorating the individuals described in Section
    8721 shall be installed and maintained by the Department of Parks and
    Recreation at an appropriate public place in Los Angeles. If the
    plaque is not located on state property, the department shall consult
    with the appropriate local jurisdiction to determine a site owned by
    the City or County of Los Angeles for location of the plaque.

    • These kind of comments are fact buddy. Poverty people from south of the border do fly into Canada and then cross the Canadian border into the United States. These people have proven they will stop at nothing to get at the American system for that “better Life” Viva Mexico!

      • Khaliph Bey says:

        So I see you totally forgotten about the congressional act of 1930. Didn’t even read it , I can safely assume. You just stated that these people are poor so how do that afford a flight to Canada? Then travel into the states with no money?

        You are not making any sense here buddy. First thing is , these people had ancestors way before your people even thought of coming here.. second, Look at the names of multiple states in this country , they don’t have your ancestry names identifying them so who are you to complain. The names are Latin/Spanish names so that is not just a fact , it’s a true fact . Just so you know fact doesn’t mean truth it only represents data and all date is not true data. The fact you stated is your fact of the matter because this is your personal point.

        You cannot prove it these Mexican are descendents of the aboriginal American Latinos the had their property stripped from them and sold to raise money to ship them to Mexico against their will. They were here before your ancestors came to this country. As a matter of true fact there were plenty other groups of people here before your ancestors landed on Plymouth Rock or Ellis Island.

        Let me ask you a question which I know you will get wrong but I hope you don’t. What is the document that gave the United States recognition as a nation? I will wait patiently for your answer. If you dare try!

        What is disappointing is there are a lot of people who think the way you do which builds an imaginary wall that separates the people in this country. You got to let it go dude!
        The other thing is , I have sent this to the media and to famous Latino websites and no one have touched it. Its like they are scared of people who think the way you do.
        For you people who are worried about your careers and your jobs and want to ignore this in fear of what might happen if you address it , you should be afraid of what might happen if you don’t address it.
        I hope someone have the guts to move on it and bring it to the attention of the people.

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