Do You Know What Would Happen If these People Got Their Way

All the American money goes to Europe with all the White Supremacist!  Would their brown Mexican fists and brown Mexican middle fingers be high in the air then?       Question – As these “HUMANS” are owning the whole continent, where is their peoples money?   These scholars have a sign that says –  “Stolen Continent since 1492.”   Their huge brains don’t know how stupid that sounds! If these fool people knew any history themselves they would know Christopher Columbus and his crew were just travelers they traveled to many lands. Columbus lived and died in Europe and his birth name was Christopher Columbo. He changed his last name to make his image more Latin. He never lived in the Americas, some of his crew died on islands off Florida and in Central America. Columbus traveled to Central & South America and named some places in Spanish. Columbus and his men spoke Italian and Spanish, the same Spanish the Spaniards from Spain that invaded what is now call Mexico spoke. Mexicans are using a European language that does NOT belong to the Mexican people. 98% of everything in the United States, Mexico, Central America and South America with Spanish names was named by people from Spain NOT Mexicans. So what about that! Did the “true history” people know any of this. Mexicans that march in cities of the United States only know what they have been told by their own people, they know only what their people wants them to know. They know only what their people, their Latino governments wants their dumb asses to believe. If these breeders learned the true history they would know their “murdering tribes humans” lived south of the border NOT with the Native America. These “I WANT” gime, gime, baby poppers think their “humans” can claim the whole continent simply because they share the same race as Native Americans. This is more proof how bodacious their great minds are. Its not only obvious they believe they have total righteousness, they think if they claim the whole continent as belonging to their people all the American money they could ever want comes with it. These baby poppers believe they have RIGHTS to American money. American money is what all this bulls#*t has been all about all along NOT a continent. If the American continent had always been Mexico this brainy garbage would then be trying to invade Europe making claims to the European Continent as well as staking their claim to Asia.    Respectful Countries – All respectful countries all over the world are suppose to care for their own people. How many countries people all over the world force themselves onto another people of another country, and then take liberties such as what is yours now belongs to our people. Now the United States is expected to create jobs for not just the American people, but now also for all of Mexico and Central America. How proud can these people be? Are these flag waving “humans” and their governments really that proud of themselves and their inefficient dysfunctional countries.

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