This Is For The Law Breakers Crossing The Rio Grande River

Do you know the Mexican coyotes and drug cartels forever trying to smuggle their baby popping people into the United States don’t give a damn what happens to these breeders. All they do care about is American money. Yet its the American people (white Americans) that get the middle finger of hate pointed at them. Americans not wearing a “Kick Me Mexican” sign are Racist! And Nazis!

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2 Responses to This Is For The Law Breakers Crossing The Rio Grande River

  1. Eliza says:

    Regarding your comment, many illegals die in the desert on their trek to illegally cross our border. These people ARE NOT BRIGHT and must be highly mindless and flat out stupid. I mean, wouldn’t you think about what the trip may entail before you begin to travel a vast desert without enough food, water and supplies? They had enough money to pay the coyote, so their lives could not have been all ‘that bad’ in their home country that they would risk their lives and their childrens’ lives to go and break the law in order to break-in somebody else’s country “for a better life.” Naw, they want to come here to get free money, free food, free education, and free housing, among other benefits. To those mindless idiots, that is equivalent to the land of milk and honey. No real American ever wants to be on welfare or food stamps as a way of life. Ugh!! And then they wonder why we have absolutely no respect for them. Their values are way, way too different than that of the average American. They are changing our culture in the worst way. And top of all of this, they refuse to respect Americans even though they (the illegals) have their hands out to take our money and goods and services. Yeah, Latinos are some of the biggest losers we have in the U.S., unfortunately. Something has to be done about this. America is no longer American if they stick around.

    • When people die trying to enter the U.S. illegally its their own fault. And everything else that happens is their own fault as well. WHITIE THE RACIST did not cause your peoples problems. Realistically your people are causing the problems in Mexico the United States and every other country your people sneaks into. If your people can’t make a good life for your own who’s fault is that?

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