True History? Mexicans Homeland? Mexicans Enslaving Their Own People, Human Trafficking And Mexican Gangs Owning America

Mexicans must be the greatest people on earth to be able to do all of this & far more and still come out the poor, poor, victims, picked on by the racist Americans that are victimized by these continent owning “humans.”  Mexican Philosophy – If Americans resist what we are doing to them, they are racist!  Do these baby popping educated scholars know “the true history” of how their all knowing Indigenous people got to where they are today. Do they know they speak the language of their Spanish conquers. Do they know it was the Spanish and the Conquistader Hernan Cortes that raped and pillaged what is now Mexico. And do they know there wouldn’t be a Mexico and the stupidass Mexican Indigenous people if it were not for the Spanish. If the Spanish didn’t come to the Americas Indigenous Mexicans would not be called Mexicans and they would still be living as a barbaric murdering Indigenous tribes people. And do they know Christopher Columbus as other Europeans that came to the Americas are only being blamed for Mexico’s problems because Mexicans want the American peoples money and the American peoples goodies. The only thing “Mexicans discovered” is they can take advantage of the American people. And do they know they were never enslaved by Americans. But the Indiengous subhumans were enslaved by the Aztec and the Spanish, and are enslaved by their own Mexican people today.   The fourth, fifth, and sixth photos are of what “The Great Breeder” is really after and what they don’t own! This is NOT Mexican money.  What is Mexicans homeland?   Mexicans make themselves believe the United States is their homeland because Native Americans live here. For the sake of stupid argument lets say Mexicans, these out of control baby poppers own the whole continent. Does that give them the “right” to American money, hell no! With all of this continent these breeders still have nothing because they don’t own America, they don’t own American money, and they don’t own what makes American money. So with all this continent they own, their all still broke ass baby poppers. Now what does their “true history” got to say about that. What good is Mexicans being the holy righteous continent owners if they don’t own the American people, American businesses and the American peoples money.   Your move, Mexicans!      Human Trafficking – These “humans” want American money so bad (not the whole continent) they are willing to F##k over their own people “humans” as well as the American people to get it. This practice is on the rise NOT decline, so many people in this country want you to believe these people stop coming and claimed there going back where they came from. Latinos love their people “humans” so much, south of the border traffickers are forcing Latino women and young girls to sell their sex holes. This problem is huge, meaning its a big problem. The traffickers seek out teens in remote towns in Latin America and promise them the world, at least the whole American continent. Latin America stupidly believes the United States has many jobs coming out of its a##. These “migrants” as they are called when they get into the U.S. are threatened of bodily harm and traffickers threaten to harm their families if they try to stop being the traffickers meal ticket. These “immigrants” also lose their identification and travel documents to traffickers. These “victims of their own people” are reluctant to report a crime against them out of fear that they will be deported as undocumented immigrants. Its mostly unreported and not covered by MSNBC because the perpetrators are NOT white Americans.  You know, “Whitie the Racist.”  These human sex toys don’t speak English and as you know in America they all have instant “RIGHTS.”     Mexican Gangs Owning America – This Mexican gang problem is so out of control, Mexican gangs are in Alaska of all places! Last photo of Mexican drug sectors.

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2 Responses to True History? Mexicans Homeland? Mexicans Enslaving Their Own People, Human Trafficking And Mexican Gangs Owning America

  1. alex says:

    This article made no sense.

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