Planet Mexico – The Whole World Belongs to Our Race of “We Are Human” People. Aztlan the Aztecs Empire Was Never in the Southwest of the United States!

This is what planet Mexico will look like without a country that prospers, and or a prospering people like “the white racist Nazi” or Orientals to leech off of.  January 7 2011 – Talk of unemployment going down to 9.4% is probably nothing more than certain people giving up the search. Any talk of jobs in the U.S. will only get a new unbearable flood of continent owners doing any and everything they can to get into this country to take advantage with newfound “RIGHTS” they don’t have where they are right now. More marching in American streets, more demands maded, more middle fingers going up, and as white Americans show their dislike for another illegal invasion more screaming “white supremacist racist Nazis.”   Don’t publicly broadcast jobs!   Jan 12, 2011 – Broadcasting publicly all over the U.S. and Mexico that Korea will help Haiti create 20,000 jobs will get Haiti invaded by the continent owners. These no borders for us people will get into Haiti anyway they can and march in the streets of Haiti making big demands. They will claim their people owns the islands all around Mexico and America. All along the southern border Mexicans show their disapproval to Americans and the border patrol for doing their duty by throwing rocks or shooting at them. This is another occurrence we will hear little of. People like Al Sharpton, Ed Schultz, and all of Latino land won’t speak of this either since the victims are Americans. Mexicans say they have no choice but to cross the border illegally to get American money anyway they can get it because they have brats to feed. If Mexicans can’t afford to have a butt load of babies, why do they have millions of babies they can not afford? Is there a reasonable excuse for this act? Would it be justifiable if white people did this?  When the American government talks about creating jobs are they really talking about jobs for the American people or are they talking about jobs for the more important middle finger people?   “The Great Breeder” of Mexico calling themselves “the Indigenous people” are claiming California (Mexifornia,) Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas as well as all of Mexico is “Aztlan”. In the real world (know the true history breeder) Aztlan the Aztecs empire was only the area that is now known as Northern Mexico. Aztlan the Aztec empire was NEVER in the Southwest of the United States. These Mexicans (Indigenous people) and you bet the Central Americans are joining in on this are making this false claim to holy righteous a RIGHT to be in the United States so they can get the American peoples goodies, all the good stuff they can’t get in Mexico and Central America. In this photo these Indigenous people (Mexicans) got greedy now their claiming all of the United States as Mexico. The real reason why these Mexicans are doing this is the 80% of poor Mexicans that get nothing or almost nothing from the well to do 20% of Mexico believes they can get away with anything now since they have not been stopped from doing what they have done so far. In this photo its clear these Indigenous people have lost their minds. They now insinuate a civil war for reconquest. These greedy Indigenous Mexican baby poppers are NOT a faction in the United States there just here consuming resources that do NOT belong to their people. A civil war is a war between political factions or regions within the same country. These ungrateful parasites are NOT a political faction and they DON’T control any of the 50 states yet. These out of control incubators are really proud of these statistics. These fool people forced themselves to believe their out of control over populations is a sign of greatness. Anybody with good sense can see over population is bad for the existing populations on planet earth already having a hard time trying to survive. No good will ever come from breeding the world to death. These fool people have been destroying their countries for decades now they want to destroy the United States. If the American government don’t wake up and see what these people are doing to America we will all be finished. Here in this photo these Mexican baby machines are saying something incredibly stupid trying to sound in the right. These Indigenous Mexicans are insinuating they were on their land minding their own business when the bad white men came along and stole their lands which is now called the United States. Mexicans believe they can make this claim since they have a race relation to the North American Indian also known as the Native American. It is these people the Native American that lived in tribes all across the United States and Canada NOT the greedy ass Mexican. The greedy ass Mexican acquired 7 Southwestern American states from the Spanish in 1824 and lost them in 1848. If it were not for Spain the Spanish conquerors of these greedy Mexican parasites, these greedy Mexican parasites would NOT have been in North America in the first place. Somehow in their minds all of this warped mentality gives the greedy Indigenous Mexican baby droppers a right to all that is NOT of Indigenous origin. WE ARE HERE! WE ARE QUEER!    WE ARE HERE! WE ARE QUEER!     WE ARE HERE! WE ARE QUEER!

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5 Responses to Planet Mexico – The Whole World Belongs to Our Race of “We Are Human” People. Aztlan the Aztecs Empire Was Never in the Southwest of the United States!

  1. Nodnal Navonod says:

    Its pretty funny that the most racist people are usually the most ignorant and can rarely even communicate well in their own language.

  2. adriana says:

    this is so racist but it’s ok i just shows how pendejos these people are that think they know everything!.

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