Did Jared Lee Loughner Really Kill Alone?

There is speculation that the older man captured in this smaller photo on the Safeway supermarket camera may have had contact with the gunman. Judging by the fourth photo Jared Lee Loughner has been in the news before. A shooting in Tucson Arizona Jan 8, 2011 left 6 dead and 20 wounded including a political figure said to be the intended target. And none of these victims are black or Latino. Did Jared Lee Loughner empty a semi automatic on his own accord and what was he shouting before the shooting? Are we to believe this guy is just another nutjob or was this shooting orchestrated by someone else or a group of somekind? This man being antisocial, a loner, and somewhat mental fits the right profile of a pasty. Who is the man that was with Jared before the shooting then disappears after. Is this shooting like the other political shootings, like the shootings in the 1960’s? Is Arizona being setup for more racial tension for cutting financing for transplants? Everything about this shooting reeks of government involvement. The background of Jared Lee Loughner sounds very much like the background of Lee Harvey Oswald. From the start there were folks trying to suggest this attack that had involved only white people was a racially motivated hate attack. A hatred for dark skin people. These people never stop trying to play pin the racist tail on the hunky. As the days go by the reason we don’t see Al Sharpton and Latino officials on television and radio talking about “whitie the racist” is the fact that no dark skin people where killed or injured in this shooting. Dark skin people segregate their own people everyday and has for decades. They segregate their own in jails and prisons, at social gatherings, church’s, neighborhoods, schools, restaurants, and any where else people could possibly gather. Ask them about this and you get “well”, “so”, “and”!  When white people do this its called “RACISM”.  Racial Equality and Unemployment – Race is now to blame for black an brown unemployment. There are many people that wants you to believe “whitie the racist” is the culprit.  The truth is black American’s always rejected 9 to 5 jobs for crime and welfare. The reason is crime and welfare is easier, also its harder to get jobs when your a career criminal. Employers like to hire people that speak English NOT stupid talk. A good example of stupid talk is – aw’ight – this is something that can be spelled but its NOT a word. Proper English grammar is to say – all right! To say these words don’t make you look and sound stupid. Employers want employees that look and sound educated. Employers don’t want people that dress and talk like a stupid fool. Check around the internet for Larry Elder this black man has brains and uses them well. He tries to tell his people how to better their lives, he tells them the truth about themselves hoping they will make a change for the better. What do they do? If he was white they would have words out there like “white cracker peckerwood racist”. Since he’s not they call him “uncle tom” a traitor to his race, a kiss up to whitie. These blacks can’t deal with criticism, they can’t handle the truth. But,” they can sure dish it out! Reasons like this is why their lives are f+++ed and why they will remain f+++ed. Proof that blacks & Latinos ways of living are so much alike and getting to be even more so, 90 students at Frayser Middle/High School are knocked up this year. The school is 98% black! Brown people in most ways are no different than blacks they live the same way (minus blacks having out of control breeding habits until now, blacks mostly had more babies to get a bigger welfare check), Mexicans will have more babies for a bigger welfare check, anyone saying they don’t do that is a lie! Mexicans will claim to have kids they don’t have like 5 or more to get more of whatever is giving away. Blacks & Mexicans having the same self destructive ways of living among other things is why they join together to hate whitie, and blame whitie for everything they do to themselves. They can’t take responsibility for their own actions. So everything has to be whities fault. In Martin Luther Kings “I Had A Dream” speech he says he had a dream that his people would not be judged by the color of their skin but by the conduct of their character. I believe if King could see the conduct of his peoples character he might want to retract that statement.   Mexicans didn’t have an unemployment problem in America until the BIG invasion, (meaning to many Mexicans). And to this day their still breeding like fools (making babies they can’t afford) and they are still getting into the United States the wrong way in overwhelming numbers claiming they come for jobs but most wind up on welfare.   Jan 12, 2011 – For two days i have been hearing about how crazy Jared Lee looks in the second photo (mug shot). Also i hear politicians, newscasters, and people that think they are still a politician saying he (Jared) was the lone gunman. To me the second photo not only doesn’t look like Jared it looks like a photo of someone that is either on something or under mind control?   Jan 25 2011 – In 24 hours police officers around the county were shot or killed. In St. Petersburg, Florida 2 police officers dead and a marshal wounded. In Indianapolis Indiana 5 police officers were wounded. In Oregon a police officers shot. In Detroit, Michigan 4 police officers were wounded. And two police officers wounded in Port Orchard, Washington. If this is a coincidence it sure is a BIG one?

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