Al Sharpton Is Seen & Heard On The Air Waves Only For Two Reasons

I can’t act, sing or dance so i only go on television & radio to stick it to and talk about the white racist. “Sure i’m going to praise our people and our brown brothers and sisters”. Dark skin people are the victims of whitie from the moment of birth and until they take their last breath. If whitie shows how ignorant he or she can be on the air waves by mocking another people’s language, that doesn’t just make them look like an assh#le it means “WHITIES A RACIST.” I should get the FCC to ban all races of people from racial acts on the air waves. But only crackers can be racist!      On 02/25/11 Al sharpton is either called upon or asks to be on MSNBC. On this day he gets to talk about bad whitie with the Muslim newscaster Cenk Uygur its understandable Al Sharpton appears on TV after a white politican says something about shooting a biracial man (Obama). Would Al Sharpton be on TV if Obama where more than 50% white. Also on this day we all learn its RACIST to say the word “Yankee” if your white. Maybe the black world can send us white crackers i list of words and phrases us white people are NOT aloud to say.

I am racist whities GOD! Racist whitie answers to me! Whitie is a RACIST!

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2 Responses to Al Sharpton Is Seen & Heard On The Air Waves Only For Two Reasons

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