How Could TV Personalities That Have No Regard Or Conscious For The Lifeforms They Murder Care For Any Kind Of Lifeform!

People that have no respect for living lifeforms have no or little respect for another lifeform called humans (not just Mexicans). People like these justify there murderous actions with excuses like hunting is for sport or for food. The words hunt and sport are used to cover for the word murder. Since murdering animals, birds, and water creatures is thought of as OK believing anything less than human doesn’t deserve to have a life. Back in the days before supermarkets hunting was mostly for food. Today hunting or sport is an excuse to murder helpless birds and animals for the sake of playing with an adult thrill toy called a gun, rifle, or for the thrill of gunning them down faster in a sick frenzy a machine gun. And of course the deadly shotgun used to insure the victims death by blowing it to peaces. Some righteous killers blow up lakes and rivers with explosives not caring what they murder. Do they really care about the American people? Does Ed Schultz really care about white people? Sarah Palin “I can dish it out but i can’t take it”!   Dick Cheney “Everything i do is justifiable”!   Ed Elmer Fudd Schultz says ” My shotgun wheel-we never runs out of bulwits”! And on “Psycho Talk” Ed Schultz says “I am wheel-we Elmer Wudd”!

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