Do White People Really Play This – Race Card! Do white people really play this – race card. Or are they (whitie) just being accused of an act other peoples (i didn’t say what peoples, they know who they are) have been doing for decades. The people that do this are now “mad” because they don’t want to hear the truth about themselves.  Definition of the Race Card – The race card is played when a person or persons accuses “whitie” of a racial act and or when these people use race to get benefits. Its that simple! The reason whitie is usually the accuser of who’s playing the race card is because whitie is always accused of being the racist. There is NO doubt about validity, we all know whats going on in America. This talk of questioning validity is nothing less than a claim that the poor, poor, victims are always in the right and whities always in the wrong. If playing the race car is not unfair, then these people shouldn’t complain when whitie throws a card out. All this mess over race is no card game. This is real life and a lot of people are being hurt over this crap. Minorities do have a hand to play when businesses and schools have to hire or admit so many of these precious people simply because they are not white. Remember “Affirmative Action” the reason affirmative action is not so much in play now is because race players from south of the border would overwhelm blacks of this privilege. Anything or anybody that gets into the U.S. from the southern border instantly has more “RIGHTS” than they did where they came from. There are and has been benefits and privileges black and brown people can get that whitie can NOT. If Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton did run for president they must not have been very good candidates. Anybody that runs a good campaign will be remembered. Barack Obama is seen as a black man “only” by the black race because they want to perceive his election as a win for the the black race just as the OJ Simpson murder trial was. You know, to stick it to or to get one over whitie. Blacks don’t want to think of this president as being biracial because that might give something to whitie. They want this glory for their people only. The president has a wide range of issues to deal with. People like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton don’t. OH” OH” how awful, whites have been so quick to accuse blacks of playing the race card. The reason for this might be black and brown people have been so quick to blame whitie for any and everything. So please have careful consideration of the facts. The people that have been using race as an issue use race to benefit their people. Sure there are racist people no one can deny that. Certain people make themselves believe “racist” is a white thing only. I am a white person and i grew up in black neighborhoods from 1966 to 1984. I can tell you living in these neighborhoods and going to black schools was one hell of an experience. And i can also say i wouldn’t want to do it all over again. I also have many biracial family members, i’m NOT an outsider so don’t tell me i don’t know about black people. I believe if white people played this race card as they are so commonly known to do. They would know they do, not deny it. There are whites that don’t deny being racist so they wouldn’t deny playing this – race card. Can you blame whitie for playing this – race card. The other people have been known to deny any and everything that doesn’t make them look so good. Whitie only gets blamed for everything else under the sun. The real reason taxi drivers have and had a problem picking up blacks is they could be robbed and or killed in doing so. The color of skin had nothing to do with it. Taxi drivers thought mostly of the color of money not people. Taxi drivers have a hard time as it is to make money. Their NOT going to give money up for the color of some skin. If black skin is encased in super cool expensive clothing that wouldn’t mean the wearer isn’t carrying a gun with the intent of using it. White people haven’t been that well known for robbing taxi drivers. Fewer and Fewer whities have been driving taxis since the 1970’s most now are muslims. I had seen heard and talked to black men that drove taxis and they said they would “NOT” drive into their own black neighborhoods or pick up their own people for the same “please don’t rob and or kill me reason.” Its no secret black, Latino and Muslim neighborhoods are the most notorious neighborhoods throughout the world.  Caution – Do you really want to start on the denial card? That i can comment on to!

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2 Responses to Do White People Really Play This – Race Card!

  1. Kenneth says:

    White people have the good ole boy card and they have been and now are using it to get hired, get loans, and preferential treatment for as long as I can remember!!!!!!!!!But no they are not the smartest and best qualified, and talk about lazy! What do you think slavery was about?

    • If there is a good old boy card tell me how i can get one. Whether you believe it or not WHITE people have a hard time getting jobs to. Regardless of what you think if anybody can get a job by race its NOT WHITE people.

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