Meet the Indigenous Mexican Chicano Socialist Nazi Party Of Mexico And El Salvador

What does Al Sharpton, Ed Schultz, the Latino contributors of MSNBC and all the other whitie haters at MSNBC got to say about this. See the Swastika in the Indigenous mural and the Nazi jeep was in Bolivia. Seeing the Indigenous baby popping invaders in this light (as Communist Nazis) it becomes more understandable how they have the audacity to believe they own the whole continent. As the people of Arizona get the Chicano middle finger for getting in the way of the Indigenous breeder and Chicano Nazi Party takeover. The Arizona people have been accused of being racist Nazis, as white Americans usually are blamed for any and everything. Arizona meet the people you have been accused of being. Doesn’t this make you jealous Arizona.  More Poor Victims of Arizona –  Jan 27 2011 Arizona is again being attacked by the poor, poor, poor, picked on south of the border victim “humans,” this time with bundles of marijuana by catapults. These picked on “humans” victims wouldn’t fire free marijuana for the white racist of Arizona so more poor, poor, poor, picked on victim breeder people must have been near by to pick it up. The catapults are of European origin just as the firearms and so many other goodies the Indigenous continent owners love to possess. Meaning there NOT of  Indigenous origin.  Jan 18, 2011 And a truck filled with bundles of marijuana slams into a home in Arizona ending a high speed chase. (Personally i hope Mexicans lived there.) Don’t photos say a lot without words. It appears most Latino countries have brown and black skin Nazis. This Chicano Nazi party is the modern day  “Partido Nacional Socialista de Mexico.” The neo Nazi National Socialist Movement has no association with the state of Arizona Mexican morons. There is no Arizona Nazi Party.

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10 Responses to Meet the Indigenous Mexican Chicano Socialist Nazi Party Of Mexico And El Salvador

  1. Eric De Leon says:

    you obviously don’t know what you are talking about the NSPM has no affiliation with Aztlan, in fact they view Chicanos as inferior Indians or Coyotes (3/4 indian). most of the ideology revolves around racial supremacy of the White and the noble mestizos (mostly white). La Raza is just a bunch of Indian wetback from southern mexico. And as for the “black” nazi the swastika is still to this day used as a religious symbol in India and it has since before the Nazis , this man is a Hindu..

    • NSPM? I checked the post and i don’t see NSPM anywhere. MEChA is the Mexican version of Hitlers Nazis and other Latin American countries has their Nazis, Socialists and Commies. As far as this man being Hindu its countries like India the Indigenous of the America’s ancestry comes from.

    • whatever the amount of indian or white blood, all of them are suffering from the fucking white u.s.a. racism, so they are persecuted.

      • Your peoples suffering from WHITIE is total bullshit you and your people have caused your own problems NOT white people. Who gets away with illegal immigration and many other crimes in Mexico? The problems in Mexico were not caused by white American people. These problems were caused by greedy Mexicans that can’t control their penises & vaginas. Thinking you and your people can excuse yourselves for your peoples own doing and guilt is taking the big brown baby way out. Your people don’t have magical “we can do anything we want, anywhere we want” rights. NO BODY DOES. Americans didn’t just do anything they wanted in North America or their own country. I recently wrote an article about the lie believed that the Indigenous were on this continent first. There is now proof the Indigenous were not here first. Here is an article on this subject from the UK. And here is my article you RACIST hypocrite. You and your Indigenous people want the world to believe you all deserve the good life you and yours can only get in WHITIELAND! Because your people can’t make the better way of living on your own. So now we white Americans have to be racists if we don’t bend down and kiss your brown baby popping asses. You are aware we white Americans will be paying for a secured border for Mexico’s southern border so Mexicans can keep Latin Americans out of RACIST Mexico right. We WHITIES have to pay for this but we can’t secure our own border because that would make it inconvenient for the Mexicans that believe they have every right to run amok throughout WHITIELAND to do as they please. Mexicans are natural born parasites and Mexicans breed like cucarachas. So what do you think about this ASSHOLE.

  2. Simon Lice says:

    Heil Hitler Amigos.

  3. a jamacian skinhead says:


  4. it is good to know there is a resistence group of mexicans and southamericans against the u.s.a. gringo racism. I am a mexican in México who wants some justice to all immigrans but particularly to mexicans. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

    • Another bigoted Mexican racist hypocrite is asking for it. OK! You do know your racist Mexican people are doing the samething to Latin Americans you Mexican parasites are accusing white America of doing right? And the term gringo is the outdated racial slur for the more commonly used term gavacho. How do this kryptonite feel SuperMex!

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