We Are Here As The Indigenous People Of This Continent. OH” Indigenous People Where Is Your Ownership Papers!

This photo is more proof these out of control socialist Nazis know they are the baby popping machines of the world and that they will never be able to afford their own people and their own brats. It appears to me being “Indigenous” is nothing to brag about. The Indigenous people and their Indigenous governments and Indigenous countries prove they can NOT survive, flourish and prosper with out the white racist Nazi, meaning the white American people and the American government. Furthermore if these out of control baby poppers really did own the whole continent they wouldn’t be begging and demanding for “Comprehensive Immigration Reform.” If these ungrateful baby makers did get their way the American people would lose their country and these baby machines know it. Thats why their demanding it.    To make this hole retarded claim short – Mexicans and Central Americans want things they can’t get in their own countries so Mexicans concocted this ridiculous “we are Indigenous so we own everything!” They think this stupid claim will hold since their of the same race as the North American Indian. This relation is what they base their whole retarded claim on.     Mexicans Indigenous believe they reserve the RIGHT to cross the southern border at will and cost the American people up to 2 trillion dollars by now because they have babies uncontrollable and they want things. These is their selfish reasoning. So Mexicans are claiming to be in the United States as Indigenous believing that gives them leverage to all of Americas goodies. They want us Americans to believe Mexicans inherited all of the Americas with the belief their people was here first, like this is a kids game called we got their first everything is ours. The United States landed on the moon first and i haven’t hear one person since 1969 from anywhere saying the moon belongs to Americans. Why,” probably because there’s no Mexican money on the moon to get. Knowing as Mexicans they don’t have a leg to stand on. They believe their claim on the whole continent gives them “RIGHTS” to everything the “white squatting racist” made, created, owns, and more importantly to the Indigenous (Mexicans) the “white squatting racist” American money. We all know, thats everybody on the whole planet knows these Indigenous people are NOT after the whole continent. The reason why, they can’t spend it. Owning the whole continent won’t get them and their families sh#t. If the white squatting racist did go back to Europe so goes the American money and America business, as well as all the other white squatting racist goodies the white squatting racist don’t want to leave to Indigenous Mexicans. These “humans” really believe they have the right to migrate any where they want. I believe there is not another people on planet earth that really believes they have that right. Migration is a form of travel birds, animals and prehistoric subhumans do. Most people on earth today immigrate to other countries when they get permission to do so. What these Mexicans and Central Americans have been doing is NOT migration or immigration. All other people on planet earth including these “humans” in question would call what they have done an invasion if it were their country being invaded. These Indigenous “humans” and their middle finger have been nothing less than disgustingly disrespectful throughout this whole ordeal. For those reasons alone they should have gotten nothing in the United States in fact what they have done is an act of war. And as an invading hostile enemy is how they should have been treated. I bet if a people from anywhere forced their way into Mexico thats exactly what would have happened. As these oversexed Indigenous breeders continue on with this “Racist Nazi Arizona.” The only countries that truly are Nazi like countries today are Indigenous Nations, countries like Mexico. These Indigenous people seem to be stuck on “500 years” meaning 1492 and Christopher Columbus. To Indigenous people (Mexicans) thats when whitie first appeared in the Americas. And they think they know history, these fool people only know what they have been told and they know it. There claiming whitie Europeans committed these crimes – trespassing, theft, murder, false borders an genocide. What the European whities are not being accused of is enslavement of “The Great Breeder” because it was the Aztec, the Spanish and the Mexican people that is guilty of this. Which one of these crimes has the Indigenous people had not committed for thousands of years in the Americas. And which one of these crimes are the Indigenous people not guilty of committing today, Doesn’t all of this really sound like Mexico, Central America and South America. The Aztec, the murderous criminals Mexicans are really related to were the worst serial killing butchers in the Americas ever. Not unlike the brutal murderous barbarism going on in Mexico today. If these out of control baby machines have a problem with a people from another country their problem should be with the Spanish people and the Spanish Conquistador Hernan Cortes that raped and pillaged and murdered Aztecs in what is now Mexico. What we might here from “The Great Breeder” responding to this might be – Well,” we not only speak the language of our conquers, its not Spanish money and Spanish goodies we are after. So we blame everything on the Europeans that came to America never seeing a Mexican throughout their whole lives until “The Great Breeder” invasion of the United States. The accusers (Mexicans) being the real guilty parties. These idiot Indigenous people say “do not make our continent a European continent.” Don’t they know everything they want and everything they ever wanted and everything they will ever want is of European origin. These Indigenous people are to stupid to realize their wants, desires, demands and dreams are making and will make this continent a European continent. Little if much of anything is of Indigenous origin in the Americas yet Indigenous are the all time owners of the continent. Do Indigenous people have the “title” “bill of ownership” to the American continent or is this claim nothing more than a Indigenous people “humans” were here first ownership. Because all of the United States is like a European Disneyland and Magic Mountain to “The Great Breeder” and their own country Mexico is not, so their claiming it all in America for their baby popping Indigenous people so they all can go wwwwweeeeeeeeeeeee!  Their claim that “no one is illegal” is a claim that their Indigenous people “ONLY” are not illegal. This claim in itself is a “RACIST” claim. The Soloutrean people are the first real North Americans Indigenous baby poppers.   http://churchofthegreathunab-ku.weebly.com/soloutrean-are-first-americans.html

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