How An American Slacker Could Get A Job

( Guy to the right) So, what did your mom say. (Guy to the left) She said i better stop hanging out all day and go get a job. I keep telling her i stand out in the parking lot of the 7/11 all day long everyday. Nobody is giving me a job, what else can i do. Is it my fault a job is not coming to me. She said if she was or we were taking advantage of the system (American system) on Welfare (public assistance) and straining all other available resources we could be sitting pretty and then i could just stand out in a parking lot all day if i wanted to. (Guy to the right) To stay on Welfare you do have to be looking for a job, so you were doing the right thing. If you were from south of the border you can get on Welfare and you don’t have to prove who you are. You don’t need an ID or anything! You could say your name is Frick En Frack or Kukla Fran An’Ollie or Howdy Doody and get thousands of American dollars every month. And move into a home you don’t have to pay for by signing the home loan papers as Carlos “Speedy” Gonzales. 

Americans can get fined or jailed for doing this (loitering). So when the police pull up to the white boy looking for work in the parking lot of a 7/11 he will probably get ticketed with a big fine or even jailed. No judge in any state, not even Mexifornia will tell the police in every city of that state to leave him alone. He’s not brown enough. And he looks to educated.

White and black Americans need jobs Mexicans and Central Americans won’t do anywhere! 

WHAT” no jobs for Americans in Mexico, but were one of you now! We dressed to be like you!   What about Welfare!   Can we Americans get banked on the Mexican Welfare System and get homes we don’t have to pay for. Do you Mexicans have any other resources we can drain. GIME, GIME!

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