Not Enough People? Where Are There Not Enough People..Mexico! All Of Latin America Is The #1 Criminal Nations Of The World Do We Need More Of These People?

Not enough people? Why are there stupid ass people saying there is not enough people. Where in America is there not enough people? Would that be in the areas of Arizona and New Mexico where nothing but rattle snakes live? Is there a city or state in America that doesn’t have enough people without health insurance, maybe not enough unemployed people, not enough people without food. Maybe not enough traffic? Not enough people in prison, not enough people abusing animals. I know there are many cities in Mexico you could say doesn’t have enough people, and why? Would that be because they are all here in the United States, owning everything thats European. Meaning everything that is NOT Indigenous belongs to their Indigenous baby poppers here in America because Indigenous Chicano’s want things. Very little is Indigenous and very little of that is worth anything. Did the Indigenous baby poppers “own” the Americas when North and South America collided 3 million years ago. Did the people of Mexico think they didn’t have enough people and that is why half of Mexico is here in the U.S. now? Is there not enough people to pay out of their asses for baby poppers or is there not enough baby poppers. Do we really need a people that refuses to stop breeding profusely so they can sneak into America and get on welfare “Public Assistance.” And what about the breeders that don’t make it into the U.S. since countries like Mexico don’t have Public Assistance for their baby poppers Americans in the United States has to put up with commercials like World Vision an organization like so many others that has been begging for money for these baby popper people for decades. Is this what we need people for?   This gun below is what organizations like World Vision should be begging for a slug from this will solve Latin Americans hunger problem.All of Latin America is the number 1 criminal countries of the whole world. Nearly all of Latin Americas criminal acts are focused on or in the United States. Latin American countries can NOT survive without the U.S. Americans/Europeans yet they say Americans should go back to Europe. Do Latinos “the Indigenous” think Americans would go to Europe and leave all the “good stuff” the goodies the Indigenous are really after. Why would the world need more of these people.

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