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President Obama Tells El Salvador “We Will Pay For You To Live A Lavish Life!” He Also Tells El Salvador That He Is Still Committed To (Comprehensive) Giving The Whole Country Away To A People That Cannot Be Responsible For Their Own Countries And Their Own People!

I have recently noticed fleas in my bedroom there after my cat again. I can almost hear them saying, WE ARE HERE! WE ARE HERE! WE ARE HERE!        The definition of “comprehensive” can be defined as – including all and … Continue reading

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Muslim Civil Rights? Muslims Finding Their Voice In America! Where Are The Rights Of People Of Other Faiths In Muslim Dominated Countries? Where Is Their Voice! Double Standard Again!

Photo – This act has been done by both Muslims and Mexicans and its over looked and quickly forgotten.        Why is it most of the people that treat other people like shit all over the world become the poor picked on … Continue reading

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MSNBC Newscasters And La Raza Are Trying To Feed Us A Load Of Crap About Republicans And Mexican Voters Again!

Newscasters on MSNBC with the help of La Raza just as many times before since the huge invasion over the past 10 years is claiming bad whities at it again. The whities in Arizona, the Republicans all across the country are picking … Continue reading

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TNA Wrestling Continues Encouraging The Mexican Racist Disrespect To The American People! Even The WWE Allows The Proud Displaying Of Mexican Flags To Express The Mexican Take Over Of America!

Why do these idiots running TNA allow the continuing disrespect to the America people by a “RACIST” people from south of the border. They allow these “HUMANS” to come on TNA like its their people that deserves a RIGHT to everything … Continue reading

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Meet The Nican Tlaca Indigenous Racists Of The Western Hemisphere! The Indigenous Continent Owning GODS! The Continent Is NOT What They Are After! I Would Rather See America Burned To The Ground Than See America Belonging To “The Great Baby Popper” Mexicans!

Well!………We Americans are waiting!……When are these precious illegal aliens going to work that “good for the economy” magic we all heard south of the border people were so good for!  If “The Great Breeder” wants to “STOP THE HATE” they can start by … Continue reading

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The Double Standard Prevails Again – Mexicans Can Say Our People Is Being Targeted So They Can Get Special Treatment!

Under Criticism that the law is unfairly targeting undocumented immigrants (law breaking invaders) the Los Angeles Police Department (in Mexifornia) announced changes to the law for impounding cars of unlicensed drivers at sobriety checkpoints. Meaning the police will stop impounding cars … Continue reading

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What Comprehensive Immigration Reform Means to Americans That Don’t Want Their Lives Made Any Worse Than They All Ready Are And What Comprehensive Immigration Reform Means To The Over Population People That Want Full Control Of America

In order to save are selves This is what we will be forced to do.  And this is what south of the border will have to look like to make it stop. YES! We Americans still could put people to … Continue reading

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