Are U.S. Governor’s Going Dictator? Are Republicans Now The Head Of The American Communist Nazi Party!

Governor Scott Walker the Wisconsin Communist Nazi Party leader is not funny!    Live rifle ammunition found scattered around on Wisconsin capitol grounds? This is a great way for a governor to remove unwanted protestors. As the governor of Wisconsin continues to become dictator of the state. If this move didn’t work you can bet the next move would be to have the protestors removed by force. How many other governors will try to become dictator of their state? These fool politicians must know they can take only so much from the poor and middle class. What do these politicians take next? Whats left to take? As American lives continue going down the shitter millions and millions from south of the border are still coming, still lying and still breeding, to get what they can anyway they can. As i was putting this together 11 minutes into the news broadcast Ed Schultz of The Ed Show on MSNBC brought out his boyfriend Al Sharpton, lo and behold what happens next is what always happens and that is “RACIST” whitie. Now what is going on in Wisconsin is a racist act according to Ed and Al . Racist against who? Most of the people that work, (have jobs) or did have jobs in Wisconsin are/were white people. A large percentage of blacks, as it is in any state are in jail, prison or on welfare (pubilc assistance). Most people from south of the border in Wisconsin as is in any state are NOT living off of jobs money either, (remember there are no jobs). So this is just more BS coming from the lovers of the word  “Racist”.    Above is the great leaders daughter!  Below – Is the first lady and the leader of the Republican Communist Nazi Party.   HEIL” ZOMBIE!   Sarah Palin giving the HEIL ZOMBIE salute!   Are Democrats really any better, should we be afraid of this! Below!  Are you Americans that had enough of being robbed by Republicans, banker and financial institution CEO’s, Wall Street gamblers thinking of giving them a gift! Above is a neck tie suitable for these thieves! How long must this evil greed and the theft of America go on? These people believe themselves to be untouchable and unstoppable. Thats because they haven’t been challenged or dragged out of their homes yet. They believe the law will save them, that its they that is important not you. It’s time to make the abuse of the American people stop. And only the American people can make it stop. If millions of Americans are going to survive the evil greedy rich will have to be dealt with the hard way. The oil mafia also must be dealt with. That’s anybody getting rich from the price hikes! Everytime anybody connected to the oil mafia stub’s a toe the price goes up………..ENTER TARGER!     Mike Huckabee or –

Mike Huckleberry Hound? The politicians way of thinking is you have to trash somebody to make yourself look good.    This is also true with the born victim people in order for their people to believe themselves to be right or righteous! They have a need to trash the whitie. Make whitie bad. Make whitie wrong so their people can be right. So their people can claim to be the victim of bad racist whitie.

The jig is up they know we want more of their money to spend Newt!   Newt Gingrich says, Gime, Gime, Gime!  Don’t forget to give me your money. Gime, Gime!

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