What Comprehensive Immigration Reform Means to Americans That Don’t Want Their Lives Made Any Worse Than They All Ready Are And What Comprehensive Immigration Reform Means To The Over Population People That Want Full Control Of America

In order to save are selves This is what we will be forced to do.  And this is what south of the border will have to look like to make it stop.


We Americans still could put people to work to build “The Great Wall of America” and space armed guards and 50 caliber machine guns just so far apart. This should keep these complainers families together on their side of the wall.  

The accusers divide their own families doing everything they can to defy Americans laws.

America/Americans don’t need immigration reform Mexico/Mexicans and Central American/Central Americans do.

This sign would only make sense to the people demanding control of America.

Somehow these “humans” believe if they say “Illegals Are Humans” that makes their invasion of America holy and righteous.

It’s this little fellow thats NOT illegal.

RIGHTS should be for thoses whom obey laws NOT for invaders that demand them.

Making Mexico the 51 state is the right way to solve the Latino illegal immigration problem.

Its animals that have the right to cross the borders freely at will NOT “HUMANS”.

The American dream is dead for all now thanks to the over population of these “humans”.

Here is a question a lot of people would like an answer to?

What is true is these “humans” work hard trying to get into this country.

Would this “NO BORDERS” work for Americans or is the “NO BORDERS” just for special people.

These baby poppers say they just want to work, most head straight for the Welfare Offices soon after getting into the U.S. to get their butt load of families on the Public Assistance Rolls.

Its reasons like this these “humans” don’t deserve to get their way.  Signs like this was known to be for the safety of animals before the “WE ARE HUMANS” became out of control.   This is why there should NOT be any kind of immigrant reform.

And amnesty for all of their “humans” south of the border is why Mexicans and Central Americans want immigration reform.   

These are other reasons most Americans don’t want immigration reform.

A lot of us Americans now believe this is the only way we can get special treatment.

This is what everybody else in the world has to do and has done except for the out of control breeder “humans”.

Mexico/Mexicans and Central America/Central Americans alone are the cause of the separation of their families, NOT Americans or American laws. There is nothing “just” about immigration reform for the American people and the “humane” problems are only in Indigenous/Latin countries.   To say “I am immigrant America” is the “We Are Human” way to say GIME, GIME, GIME.

Yes,” that is to bad.

This seal is what, “We Own the Whole Continent”, “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” and all this bitchin’ over “RIGHTS” and the “separation of their families” is really all about.  Who is the American Indian talking about helping pack their belongings?

The Indigenous people haven’t lost their touch and taste for doing in their own people. Murdering and sacrifice had been a way to past the time for thousands of years for these people. Today the people that own the whole continent making claim to the white mans goodies claim it was the white man genociding their people. Refusing to except the fact that their Indigenous people were and still are bloodthirsty butchers!

The majority of the 1 million cars stolen in the U.S. each year are stolen by blacks and the Indigenous “we just come for jobs people”.

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6 Responses to What Comprehensive Immigration Reform Means to Americans That Don’t Want Their Lives Made Any Worse Than They All Ready Are And What Comprehensive Immigration Reform Means To The Over Population People That Want Full Control Of America

  1. Jack Johnson says:

    LOL – Be sure to wear your little helmet and try not to hurt yourself when you play in the backyard today. Could well be the most ignorant bunch of erroneous babble I’ve stumbled upon yet.

  2. f says:

    oh my…this must be the most ignorant and discusting thing ive ever wasted my vision on…you owe me two minutes of my life back. crwl in a hole and choke on your own garbage because thats what this crap is…so dissapointing people like you even exist!

    • The reason i make these blogs is because disappointing people like yours exist. Your people have been just as disgusting as any other. It takes intelligence to do what i do ignorant people couldn’t. It takes intelligence to spell correctly, ignorant people spell like you do. Theres no hole for me to crawl into and no garbage for me to choke on here where i live. If i lived in Mexico or Latin America there probably would be. The truth makes you MAD so this is crap to you. I’m sorry you wasted your vison on what you have seen so far, its to bad you didn’t go blind. America and people like me don’t owe you or your people anything. You and your people owe yourselves, breeding like fools has not and will not make your peoples lives better. People that make babies are responsible for themselves and their offspring meaning these people should better themselves and their financial situation before breeding like stupid oversexed animals. If people like me didn’t exist people like you and yours wouldn’t have a country like the United States to take advantage of.

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    • I am on the side of the American people that believe in legal immigration to america. And not on the side of people that believe they can do anything they want because the American government lets them throw their bullshit around as they make demands in a country that does not belong to them. The Indigenous has no birth right to America’s goodies this claim they believe so they can believe themselves as right. A law is a law just as it is in Mexico.

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