The Double Standard Prevails Again – Mexicans Can Say Our People Is Being Targeted So They Can Get Special Treatment!

Under Criticism that the law is unfairly targeting undocumented immigrants (law breaking invaders) the Los Angeles Police Department (in Mexifornia) announced changes to the law for impounding cars of unlicensed drivers at sobriety checkpoints. Meaning the police will stop impounding cars of drunk Mexicans because to many Mexican cars were being impounded meaning a hole lot of drunk Mexicans are on U.S. roadways. Again the poor, poor, picked on baby poppers from south of the border complain about American laws getting in their way. Never before in all the history of human beings, (Mexicans not being the only humans) has there ever been such a mass movement of people like the mass “infestation” over the southern border within the passed 30 years, so there must be a lot of drunks with no drivers license or identiication of any kind not even Mexican ID. Some Mexicans better come get this car (below) before the police “STEAL” it. Just like Americans and Canadians stole North America with all of the goodies every baby popper south of the border is really after. Almost nothing in North America is of Indigenous origin but these Indigenous Latinos believe they have a “RIGHT” to any and everything thats American and European maded in the U.S. and Canada anyway. And the police better NOT ask this drunk for “PAPERS”. Because their “MEXICANS”.

Most vehicles stolen in Mexifornia and throughtout the United States over a million every year are stolen by the Indigenous Latinos and their black thieving counterparts both races lovers of the magic word “RACIST”!  This means they steal more than any other race of people in the world, not the police!  The Muslium has now jumped on the “RACIST” screaming bandwagon this act puts them at the number 3 spot for the hypocrite award. Businesses selling alcohol to these people must be:   $$ BIG BUSINESS $$!   Again Mexicans and Central Americans show us all that its OK for their people to be hypocrites! The Indigenous people are the biggest hypocrites in the world!  Since these baby machines own the whole continent everything in America is for their personal use and their personal pleasure so they believe. To them this means they can do anything they want in this country regardless of the laws and regardless of what the American people want. As these people (Mexicans/Central Americans) are forcing themselves and their great glorious drugs and people on the American system, where do they ditch their Mexican/Central American drivers licence and or ID? Why don’t they march around holding up signs bitchin about that? Is it maybe 10’s of millions of these breeders are to good to have a drivers licence and or ID from where they all came from? Are laws to much for these precious people?  

A breeder warning her people the police are looking for drunks.  There everywhere chanting “WE ARE HERE”. 

We are “MEXICAN” we can do anything we want in America……..Americans!   “The Great Breeder” is 

How many of the “WE OWN THE CONTINENT” people have one of these! Or is it they are so special they don’t have to have papers of any kind.

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4 Responses to The Double Standard Prevails Again – Mexicans Can Say Our People Is Being Targeted So They Can Get Special Treatment!

  1. happy smiley face says:

    stop bein a racists p.o.s. and find a better hobby. viva la raza hahahaa

  2. your mom says:

    I think you have an anal fissure

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