Meet The Nican Tlaca Indigenous Racists Of The Western Hemisphere! The Indigenous Continent Owning GODS! The Continent Is NOT What They Are After! I Would Rather See America Burned To The Ground Than See America Belonging To “The Great Baby Popper” Mexicans!

Well!………We Americans are waiting!……When are these precious illegal aliens going to work that “good for the economy” magic we all heard south of the border people were so good for!  If “The Great Breeder” wants to “STOP THE HATE” they can start by stopping their own hate for white Americans. The Indigenous people have always had a longggggggggggggggg “True History” of “Senseless Sadistic Violence”. The four things the Indigenous people does the best: Breeding, Violence, Eatting and the Drinking of Alcohol!      If this Indigenous Mexicans jacket means a Mexican named Jesus i think we all know which way that would go. If this Indigenous Mexicans jacket means Jesus of Nazareth, only a fool would deport the American European and Asian people in favor of the Indigenous people that “only” feeds off the American system. The Indigenous people did NOT create the United States and its wealth, they only live off of it!  Mexicans don’t want open borders! Mexicans only want open American and Canadian southern borders for their Indigenous breeders to sponge off of. That means open American and Canadian borders to benefit Mexicans and Central Americans only.      Seeing all this below and all that these people have done in the U.S. they have the audacity to wonder why they and or their people are hated so much. Instead of coming to this country like a respectable people they come showing their asses, their middle fingers and using all disrespectful behaviors of profanity in existence for all the world to see. As well as claiming their people owns everything here in American and that everything they see is for the use of their people alone. Why they do this? Its because they have little or nothing in their “GREAT” Mexico and Central America so they have been forcing their way into the United States for the past 60 years. Since 2005 more so than ever before. Believing its Americans responsibility to provide for them and every baby they roll out of their breeder holes every few seconds. Even the Mexican government has themselves convinced the American system like the Welfare system “Public Assistance” belongs to their people. Basically the Mexican government and the Mexican people believes its America’s responsibility to prove for the out of control Mexican baby machines. They and their people as well as stupid Americans have marched in American city streets and appeared on TV and Radio claiming that 80 million invaders have come here for jobs, in reality most of these proud people as soon as getting into this country head straight for the nearest Welfare, “Public Assistance Office”. They have gotten away with attacking American police and American protesters with bricks, rocks and bottles as well as clubs right in front of their children. This is a good way for them to tell their children its OK for Indigenous people to brutally harm or even kill Americans. City and state officials in the law breaking state of “SANCTUARY” Mexifornia sides with these law breakers and condones their law breaking behavior. Putting the lives of legal Americans at risk. Americans had “RIGHTS” to, until the “WE ARE HUMAN” people attacked them with bricks, rocks, bottles, clubs and profanity for having them.In 2006 the Los Angeles police was force to apologise for trying to regain law and order after these “can’t do anything wrong people” went on their usual rock and bottle throwing rampage. The worlds most important people also throw rocks over the border fence at border patrol and any Americans that past by there. The whole time convinced its their people that has been wronged and degrated by Americans or any other people that gets in their peoples way. In reality if they have been wronged it was their own people that wronged them. And as far as “degrading” goes they have degraded themselves better than any other people ever could. As they continue using the magic word “RACIST” they need to get a good long hard look at themselves. They also strongly show their own hatered believing anything they do is right and anything and everything Americans do they don’t agree with is wrong. Like they and their Mexican government is the worlds judges and that its their people that has every “RIGHT” in the whole world. Judging by some of the signs they have carried in their “We Are the Greatest People on Earth” marches, they have to convince themselves that they are “HUMANS” too. Instead of the animals they prove they and their people really are.         And this is what this bullshit is all about. “The Great Indigenous Baby Poppers” spend 60 years breeding themselves and Mexico into a big mess. Central America was shit to begin with. Their government (Mexican government) either will not or can not provide for the baby machines adequately. And even if the Mexican government could, why would they want to keep spending more and more resources on a people that spends nearly every waking moment with their sex organs stuck together.                                                                                  

Photo below discribes the “True History” of the Indigenous people! Losing everything we have is what the American people don’t want to be forced to do. All because those “RACIST” invaders have to keep having brats uncontrollably. So white Americans are called “RACIST NAZI” because Mexicans know blacks don’t have anything they want. Most black Americans have already been draining resources either by spending to much time in jail or prison or on Welfare, “Public Assistance”. Now “The Great Baby Popper” from Mexico and Central America wants to be provided for. Meaning they want to drain more resources and be provided with the white mans goodies so they can enjoy life (live it up) the white mans way, NOT the Indigenous way. (The clothing they have on in these photos were NOT made by Indigenous people). So in order to righteous this huge invasion of America their people believes claiming the whole continent belongs to their people gives them a “RIGHT” to everything the European and Asian men and women created. This means they are NOT claiming their own peoples belongings! This mass movement over the southern border is NOT immigration. This is the great and powerful Mexico the country “The Great Breeder” so proudly waves their Mexican flag for.         If borders are just lines drawn by Racist Imperialists then the Indigenous baby poppers from Mexico to South America must be Racist Imperialists. Why do the high and mighty Indigenous baby machines have borders? And isn’t claiming the entire Western Hemisphere as belonging to the Indigenous people alone a “RACIST” way of thinking. Now just how stupid do the oversexed Indigenous breeders think all other races of people are. It is a simple fact that if all the Indigenous countries below the United States would have spent a lot more time over the past 50 years building up their countries to support and sustain their own peoples uncontrolled breeding habits these brainy Indigenous GODS wouldn’t be marching in American and Mexican streets making this ridculous “WE OWN THE WHOLE CONTINENT” claim. Instead the brokeass Indigenous horny dogs spent to much time humping up and down sticking the throbbing male nasty into the pulsating female nasty in a constant heated frenzy making babies they can’t support. It was 2005 or 2006 when i started seeing many (more than ever before) little short fat stubby women pushing baby carriers up and down streets in every city in California i would be traveling through, as days went by i saw more and more of these south of the border people everywhere on every street, in every building, in almost every car, truck or bus. What i was witnessing was California becoming Mexifornia almost over nite. To describe this better, imagine walking into your kitchen turning on the light and seeing roaches running everywhere. Running on every wall, the floor and the ceiling. Also in 2006 to 2008 was many marches in American streets by these people making demands and telling us Americans how things are now going to be. With their middle fingers extended. They tell us Americans we have two choices: Choice (1) If we Americans stand up for ourselves and disapprove of what these people are doing or even look like we don’t like what there doing, then we white Americans are “RACIST”. Choice (2) What we are expected to do is shut up lay down and let them walk all over us as we wear a kick me sign on our backs, in doing so we then are thought of as stupid Americans that deserve to be takin advantage of. Choice 2 doesn’t settle well with me so i’ll be the “RACIST”. These people flee their country as poor, poor, victim refugees by the 10’s of millions to instantly becoming the continent owning VIP’s of North America just as soon as they get into this country with all the RIGHTS in the world. They leave their country with little or no rights to suddenly having more RIGHTS than the American people. Whats up with that? I know all these homes they live in they did NOT pay for. Since 2006 i have seen bank tellers handing over stacks of money to these people that looked like they didn’t have a dime to their name. It looked nothing short of a bank robbery. At one 99 cent store one night just after the store had closed (just one of the business that they have most of the jobs at). I saw several cars driven by these people pulling up to the side of the building where the store room is. I knew right then they planned to load up their cars with goodies. Thats probably where they store the better items for their own people. Many times i have been to some of the places giving food to the needy. I saw many of these people there snatching and grabbing not like guest to this country, but like they owned it. A friend tells me about some talk on a radio show about a person, race of person not told, had walked into a restaurant that has those soda refill canisters out for the public. And filled up 5 empty soda bottles and them walked back out. The manager had been asked why didn’t they say something to this guy and the managers reply was we don’t bother those people. Even though its possible for this person to have been white i am doubting they were. I was in one of those restaurants that has food out where the public can put what they want on their plates after they order and pay. This big fat black woman walks in with these bags she goes straight to the food and begins filling up those bags, she then turns around and walks back out. There are a number of blacks and Latinos that will NOT live in the neighborhoods their people live in, afraid for their own lives. Some of these people are criminals themselves. These very people then get out, some on television and talk about god awful whitie being so bad to their poor, poor victim people. I want to know if whitie is so horrible then why do they live with whitie instead of living with their own people?  Below is a larger photo of the Racist Hypocrites. In reality white Americans are called “RACIST” by Mexicans because white Americans don’t want to be taken for fools and taken advantage of by a people that disrespectfully forced themselves into the U.S. and on the America system NOT because they are the owners of the world but simply because they want things. Things the Indigenous GODS can’t get in their own countries. So as in the photo to the left “The Great Breeder” has claimed the United States to be Mexico. Do these guys below look like law abiding citizens? I don’t think they look much different than the guys in the next photo.This is a photo of the continent! This continent is NOT what “The Great Baby Popper” continues attacking the southern border for.  Here is another photo of the continent. This continent is also NOT what “The Great Baby Popper” continues invading the United States for. If the U.S. Government handed over this continent to “The Great Baby Popper” they would NOT stay here. They soon would without a doubt invade a major white mans American city and claim they “The Great Baby Popper” owns the whites mans goodies that is on the continent! GIME, GIME, GIME!    I think we all know what would happen if this smartass Mexican did get pulled over. And this car is NOT Indigenous made! The road the car is driven on is NOT Indigenous made either. Nothing but Indigenous babies and Native American trinkets in America is Indigenous made, continent owners!  It is true the Native American has lived in North America for a few thousand years. They believe their people was always in North America by word of mouth, not by any evidence. Mexicans use their race relation to the Native American as their claim to the United States and Canada believing that gives them a RIGHT to all the good stuff in the U.S. they don’t have in Mexico and Central America. The sign above would suggest they all have Indigenous brotherly love for each other. Will the Native Americans let Mexicans and Central Americans share in the wealth the Native American casinos generate? I bet the answer is hell no. The Native American will see Mexicans and Central Americans on the white mans Welfare System. And where is the Mexican love for Central Americans in Mexico and at the Mexican southern border? Why is there NO BORDERS for Indigenous people at Mexico’s southern border? What about that Mexicans? Is no Human Being illegal in Mexico? Is no Human Being illegal in Central America?Europeans were illegal in the Americas long before 1492 uneducated breeders. Just because Christopher Columbus was said to have discovered the Americas doesn’t mean Europeans hadn’t been to the Americas long before 1492 dumbasses! These stupid smartass BROWN RACIST cross the southern border and then tell us Americans to keep out of our own country. I think these “HUMANS” have serious mental problems! If “NO ONE” is illegal then (whitie) Europeans are NOT illegal. If Indigenous people are saying “legal is brown only” then they are “RACIST HYPOCRITES”.This is our American money that can be made in our American businesses so we can buy our American homes, appliances, cars, trucks, and many other things thats NOT Indigenous! Breeders! ITS NOT YOURS! This money is yours baby poppers!          And its also the paper i wipe my ass with.   If we white RACIST did go back to Europe we would NOT leave anything of value for Mexicans or Central Americans, NOT a damn thing. And i know as a fact Mexicans and Central Americans wouldn’t get “shit” from Native Americans. American money and all other American goods “IS OURS, NOT YOURS” Indigenous Mexicans and Central Americans. I would rather see America burned to the ground than see America belonging to Mexicans!  White Americans are called “RACIST” because they refuse to wear a “KICK ME” sign. Mexicans and Central Americans don’t call blacks “RACIST” because blacks not only don’t have anything Mexicans and Central Americans want but also because blacks see Mexicans and Central Americans as a “RACIST WHITIE” allie! Muslims have also joined in on “WHITIE THE RACIST” even though Muslims love Hitler and his Nazis. March 23, 2011 – Now i’m hearing on cable news that the brown skin Muslims are blaming the white man for all the unrest in brown skin Muslim countries. “WHITIES FAULT”! “WHITIES FAULT”! Also a black woman on MSNBC talked about the seven or eight black men killed over the past eight months by hispanic police. She also mentioned the word “angol” this word is another way to say “white people,” is she saying these shooting is “WHITIES FAULT.” The Indigenous breeders south of the border and now in the U.S. claim white Americans/Euopeans are guilty of the genocide of the Indigenous people. In reality white people didn’t kill any more Indigenous people than the Indigenous people killed white people. In fact the Indigenous people have been murdering Indigenous people for thousands of years in a blood thristy frenzy just as they still are right now in Mexico.    

Here the smartasses are claiming to be “The Indigenous People Against White Racists” This is just another way of saying this takes the RACIST off of us and puts it all on you whities. This also means the Indigenous people are HYPOCRITES!      This ribbon below is awarded to the biggest hypocritcial “RACIST” the Indigenous people! Dark skin calling white Americans “RACIST” is not just an attempt to make whitie feel guilty but also an attempt at getting special treatment for blacks and now to get special treatment for Mexicans and Central Americans calling themselves the continent owning Indigenous people so as to have this sense of “holy righteousness” knowing full well they are in the wrong. Muslims in America saying “WHITIES A RACIST” should get them special treatment in the U.S. As Muslims treat people of another faith like shit in Muslim dominated counties. To believe only the Indigenous people belong on the western hemisphere is a “RACIST” state of mind, “RACIST” Mexicans. Maybe the Indigenous Mexicans and Central America will let black Americans stay?, HUH!  Here the Indigenous GODS are back to calling themselves Mexicans. These uneducated incubators and sperm donors obviously need to learn the “TRUE HISTORY” themselves. Mexicans never did and never will own the whole continent. The Mexican Indigenous race claim to owning the whole continent is nothing but shit. These dumbass people believe staking a claim on the whole continent gives them a “RIGHT” to American money, American homes, American cars, American appliances, American fun places like Disneyland, Six Flags Magic Mountain, and any other place in America they can go to (with a big smile on their faces) and say “WHOOPEE” this is allllll” ours now! Weeeeeeeeeeee!                     As we can clearly see below the Savior is NOT a Mexican, Central American, black or Indigenous!   And YES” GOD is a woman!Here is the website to the  Nican Tlaca “The Brown Supremacist” another RACIST people.

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6 Responses to Meet The Nican Tlaca Indigenous Racists Of The Western Hemisphere! The Indigenous Continent Owning GODS! The Continent Is NOT What They Are After! I Would Rather See America Burned To The Ground Than See America Belonging To “The Great Baby Popper” Mexicans!

  1. tomi says:

    you have some good points but both sides you and these pics each seem quite focused on color.. lol dont you guys know we all souls in their purest form have no color in particular? Oh maybe you all are robots that have no souls so you have to fight over the color of your physical bodies.. lol children come now and live forever as one, and realize humans are illegal if anything, this is the animal kingdom and we are only half animal and probably half supernatural or spiritual being, everyone here today is physically illegal to this type of world but only half the other half is innocent ape mutation from a ET civilization of somesort that wasnt happy with their lives,couldnt be physically brought to ours so they mentally brainwashed most of you’s and now we are at war with ourselves for nonsense rather than natural selection we have super unnatural self extermination or something i dont know.. lol but Im just making a point, i can see things from all sides i just try to keep a new way of thinking each time a new subject comes upp, most people always pick a side, we have 31 flavors + why does it have to be chocolate and vanilla always with most ppl? mix it up a bit, God mixes it up…obviously.. but to that banner that says indigenous people against white racists,,,WOW! thats pretty bad. You got love for black,brown,yellow,red,blue,pink racists? sounds like you are the biggest racists of them all.. HA white racists, I think all racists are soul-less if they fight over the color of skin and where they think they came from they are just defects in the aliens production of slave robots.. at least with those of us who can think for all colors and feel like the world is our cage or casket and the universe so on is home rather than a chunk of dirt in some fishbowl we call guys are fighting over seats in hell lol poor things, you wont ever get out like that, i might not either but at least I show remorse for being imperfect, you all think you are better than each other for colors? or seniority over land,god owned it all before he let satan borrow it and satan didnt want to give it back, he/it(satan) will eventually have no choice but to give it back, because even satans soul is a partition of the whole conscious being we all really are.. there is only one mind and we are just little thoughts in that mind..yet if we open the windows and doors we can find our way to the middle and be at purest form of realization (god)consciousness) our full potential would be great for about a nano second, then he/she/we/I/you whatever u want to call it would realize that we are lonely with all that energy and wisdom and everything that is or was or will be,if they had it all but no one to show it off to they would be bored as HELL and probably is the deepest layer of HELL so it created multiplicity to experience all things in all times all at the same time and different times and places etc… but i believe its all just sum kind of energy we dont or cant yet even begin to understand that imagines all of this, nothing physical exists that is just what we are imagining here and now as these “physical” beings, because we or he or w/e u call god is the ultimate simulator it can do or be or see etc.. watever the hell it wants, it can bring us back because we are just a memory to god or an old movie or a new one or a video game or a puzzle, or a experiment or a test who knows, its the ultimate state of being for us to be in but only when it is being shared and stays balanced, theres reason for what we call bad, its contrast, with out good would get old or even bad because there is always contrast, until you are alone as god which to me sounds like it only be fun for a nano second then back to single cell life form and back around the loops and so on for eternity, theres no such thing as time outside of the bounaries you set up for your understanding of time, its all in our mind, we are just getting stuck on one thought called human life on earth, if we dont move on we are gona keep reading the same sentance over and over again until we tear the book to shreds because we drive ourselves mad with all the copying and uniform and repeating the same dumb mistakes without growing and moving up the ladder, we keep kicking each other offf we will just get tired and no one will ever get up to see the top,we need to share and help each other up the ladder, who cares who goes first or comes last its so childish to fight ourselves we all get a turn just let it be, you want to kill god if you want to kill any concious being out of cold blood or selfishness,ignorance etc… just love everything for what it is accept the differences we have because its not a bad thing to be different, we are more the same in the metaphysical world then we are different so enjoy it while you can..

    • Thanks for the long reply. I come from a biracial family from the Detroit area. I doubt it if any of them think i’m the biggest racist of all. I started a website and several blogs after i have seen enough of a people that calls themselves Indigenous screaming WHITE RACIST as they sneak over the southern border. I have seen their BROWN PRIDE signs as well as many others. Many with the words WHITE RACIST. My blogs are on several subjects and of all races. Since the late 1960’s i had heard it all from the black population you know “whitie” cracker” “hunky” “peckerwood” as well as a few more. Every so often i get a reply from the Indigenous population calling me a racist so its NOT surprising you would say i most be the biggest racist of them all. The Indigenous population don’t have a realistic argument to cover for this cat & mouse game they have been playing over the past 40 years to drain the American system dry so they claim the north and south continents as belonging to their people. Meaning everything they want homes, American money, big screen TV, chevys, Disneyland, Six Flags Magicmountain and everything else here in America belongs to them. That i think is racist! And they wear the “magic” word racist out.

    • ray bublitz says:

      your an idiot

      • The idiots are the Indigenous Latin Americans that breed profusely knowing they cannot support their offspring. As they attack all along the southern American border pushing their baby poppping way into the U.S. to demand America pay for their stupid way of life.

  2. ray bublitz says:

    These mexican baby factories need to go the hell home to have their millions of children. They should have to show LEGAL and official proof they belong here and have the right to health care as an american citizen. A green card, a visa, a current passport …. legal docs!! not a drivers license and someone elses SS# They are sucking our health care system dry with this anchor baby crap. Poor american citizens can not get into community clinics, which provide affordable primary heath care based on a sliding scale of what your income is. Problem is they are FULL of mexicans with 3-4 children in tow and another on the way. We as americans can’t even get in the clinics because even the waiting list is full of hundreds more mexicans / central and south american illegals sucking our tax money. American citizens deserve to be first to recieve medicare, medicaid and social services , and the illegals need to go the hell home and get their government to pay for them, or start using birth conrol.
    Maybe neutering if they cross illegally will detere the huge drain on our resourses.
    We talk about making cuts in medicare and medicade ….. getting these leaching baby factories out of here is a great place to start. We don’t OWE them shit, and if we were in their country, there is not a chance in hell we would get the same treatment. In fact being a foreiner and not paying for services would get you put in jail till you did pay. This is\a fact …. I personally know it to be true
    Anybody else see the problem there? You blleding hearts can either pay for them yourselves or shut up and bleed to death like so many american citizens have to do because they can’t get the care they need …… if we cut them off from free medical care and send the pregnant illegals home immediately … they’ll stop comming here to have more bay anchors. The bleeding hearts can go with them ….please go with them. Call me a racist …. your an idiot as sure as another mexican is getting free care on my dime right now ….. we don’t need you bumper sticker sporting assholes either.

    • As long as these baby machines can live off America they will continue to do so because they can not force their own countries to support them. And they will continue believing they have every right to do so as long as the American government lets this nonsence go on.

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