TNA Wrestling Continues Encouraging The Mexican Racist Disrespect To The American People! Even The WWE Allows The Proud Displaying Of Mexican Flags To Express The Mexican Take Over Of America!

Why do these idiots running TNA allow the continuing disrespect to the America people by a “RACIST” people from south of the border. They allow these “HUMANS” to come on TNA like its their people that deserves a RIGHT to everything in America simply for breeding uncontrollably for the past 60 years. Even the WWE allows these people to bring and display their Mexican flags in the seats for all the world to see on televison. As a sign of bragging rights to express their peoples take over of America. Some how since their country Mexico can NOT sustain their own people or will NOT. They believe their people are the greatest people on earth and they can brag about their numbers building up in the U.S. and shove in the faces of the American people how they are taking over the United States for their uneducated baby popping machines. How are they going to run this country without running it into the ground like they did Mexico. And when or if they ever do, what country do they invade and take over next to F that up too. When or if jobs come back to America or if jobs can ever be created in America. America is NOT responsible for a 100 million unemployed Mexicans and Central Americans. The United States can NOT provide a living for 7 counties alone. And of course NOT all of the people that invaded this country come here to find jobs. Most of these breeders live off the American system. Check the Welfare Offices (Public Assistance) and see for yourself.  Americans should spend their money (thats NOT Mexican money) on an entertainment organization that doesn’t allow disrespect to the American people like Americans are stupid fools that deserves to be disrespected and walked on.

This “American” money was NOT printed for the sole pleasure of an out of control country and an out of control people that forces themselves on others Mexico!     I need someone to tell me why does a people wave a flag of a country so proudly that tells its poor people to get lost and go sponge off of another country like they own it, as they disrespect the flag of the country they are sponging off of. Why worship a government that goes out of its way to help their poor people break the laws of an adjoining country just to get rid of them and not have to be bothered with them anymore. I don’t get it?

Both words Mexicans and Parasites have the same meaning for the south of the border creatures that take advantage of others!

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