MSNBC Newscasters And La Raza Are Trying To Feed Us A Load Of Crap About Republicans And Mexican Voters Again!

Newscasters on MSNBC with the help of La Raza just as many times before since the huge invasion over the past 10 years is claiming bad whities at it again. The whities in Arizona, the Republicans all across the country are picking on the poor Latinos and saying bad things about them. There saying Republicans are putting nails in their coffin by saying bad things about Mexicans. There saying Republicans must not want any votes. A Republican supposably said Mexicans don’t want to go to school they rather be gang members. It is fact that Mexicans and Central Americans are responsible for nearly 50 percent of the notorious criminal gang members like a plague or disease throughtout the U.S. if Latinos are just 16 percent of the U.S. population then that is a whole lot of gang poison for just that much population. Going by these percentages when the Latino population in America nears 32 percent the total population, the gang and criminal population will be nearly 100 percent. This among other things shows these people are NOT innocent poor picked on victims its the people that is forced to put up with this insanity that is. Everyone has their own reasoning for joining gangs so many do it to be a part of something to be somebody. Of course it would make better sense to join a group or organization that is involved in other things than criminal acts. But then you may have to have better sense to do that. And i know as a fact Mexifornia has had trouble keeping these picked on victims in school and the percentage of Latinos dropping out is high just as is for blacks. Whitie gets the blame for blacks and Latinos dropping out. The real cause is the way they live their lives. A high percentage of blacks and Latinos become criminals because its fast money, faster than having a job. Whitie also gets the blame for fewer employed blacks and Latinos, like its whitie with all the jobs. The American dream for the American people is dead now unless they are already rich. Thanks to the insane over populating sexual behavior of “The Great Breeder” and the rich that can get away with robbing the poorer American people like government, wallstreet, greedy businesses, criminals in the law profession. The American dream is alive and well for Mexicans and Central Americans anything they can get here in the U.S. will be far more than they could ever get in their own countries. “Anything other than pregnant!”  There are a lot of people that just don’t want the truth out because the truth suggest they are guilt. Fabricate a story and these people become poor picked on victims. I have been alive and well in this country for over 50 years and i know as a fact Republicans and Democrats were getting votes and getting elected long before “The Great Breeder” (Mexicans) had ever been a thought in anybodys mind in the U.S. MSNBC newscasters and La Raza are trying to tell us Republicans and Democrats can’t get elected without the Hispanic vote. This is a crock of shit! The real reason the Mexican percentage of votes for Democrats was so high recently is Mexicans expected Democrats to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform. The passing of this so-called reform would have been the finale nail in the coffin for the American people and the raising of the Mexican flag all across the United States of Mexico. The reason Republicans didn’t get a large percentage of Mexican votes is the Republicans has NOT been for Comprehensive Immigration Reform which would have been nothing less than amnesty for all of Mexico and Central America. What these newscasters didn’t tell us is Mexico/Mexicans is NOT happy with Democrats now because they didn’t pass Mexico’s bill for completely taking over the U.S. as Mexicans expected them to do. These MSNBC newscasters with the help of La Raza also talked about how the Latino population numbers since 2000 are getting larger and larger all across the United States like it was some kind of holy righteousness, GODS will or like they maked this country what it was. They do make it what it is or is to become. If its what they did for Mexico i feel sorry for all of us. I have heard so many talk of how this country is changing like its the greatest thing that had ever happened. It maybe the greatest thing that ever happened for a certain people but maybe NOT for all of us. In 2006 or 07 or 08 a Hispanic woman was on a program, what program i don’t remember now, maybe MSNBC. She said with so much joy how wonderful her peoples language is like its going to be so good for all of us that her people and their language was here in America to bless us all. MSNBC is in cahoots with the Latino take over of America and all for helping blacks like Al Sharpton say whitie is a RACIST as well as helping the poor picked on brown Muslim cry WHITIE THE RACIST! The American peoples lack of trust for the Israel and America hating brown Muslim is for good reason. Instead we get more dark skin people joining in on the hate whitie band wagon. Hispanic (Mexican) populations are rising for the same reason they did in Mexico for decades because these “we are humans” don’t know when enough is enough. For 30 years the Mexican government has been begging and demanding the U.S. government let millions of poor uneducated Mexicans pour freely into the U.S. so the Mexican government can be set free of them as these uneducated baby machines continue breeding profusely. There now are food problems in the U.S. these problems will get worse and 10’s of millions more of poor picked on victims will dedicate their lives to continue doing all they can to get over, through or under that southern border to make all problems far worse for all of us NOT better. MSNBC newscasters with the help of La Raza are demonizing Republicans for admitting to the public the Mexicans true intent is to take over the United States for Mexico by breeding the U.S. to death because Mexico could never take America for their people militarily. The Mexican government just as is the Mexican people are counting on the U.S. military and or American people not firing a shot at so-called immigrants as the U.S. military would fire on Mexican troops if they invaded the U.S. And of course it would be a criminal act as it always is if Americans especially “white people” would fire on these invaders. Even though there is little said or done when south of the border Indigenous Latinos attack or kill Americans like “thats different.” All of this is the best military tactical advantage any country could ever have to conquer an adjoining country. Especially a country and people that has made their life long goal of taking over a country that has everything they could ever want, everything they can’t get or create for themselves, for their own country, their own government, their own people. “La Raza” translates into “the people” the Latino people conquering the new world.

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