President Obama Tells El Salvador “We Will Pay For You To Live A Lavish Life!” He Also Tells El Salvador That He Is Still Committed To (Comprehensive) Giving The Whole Country Away To A People That Cannot Be Responsible For Their Own Countries And Their Own People!

I have recently noticed fleas in my bedroom there after my cat again. I can almost hear them saying, WE ARE HERE! WE ARE HERE! WE ARE HERE!        The definition of “comprehensive” can be defined as – including all and everything!     Apr 1, 2011 – A news station MSNBC is broadcasting an unemployment drop saying the labor market has gained 216,000 employed persons and i hear of so many 100 of thousands in past months regaining employment. Also recently and in past months there had been employed persons losing their jobs by the thousands up into the 10’s of thousands. Do these MSNBC people and the U.S. government know with only so many hundreds of thousands of gains in employment. This means very little for all the 10’s of millions of people 100/150 million people in the United States, Mexico and 5 Central American countries that now believe the U.S. is responsable for their livelihood and whether they have jobs or are on public assistance. Either way south of the border people have it made in the shade here in the U.S. compared to the greatness of their countries. Americans on the other hand have been living in hell since Indigenous Latino land became the land of GODS. Whether or not their countries let them be GODS there. They are all righteous GODS in America. Also Chuck Todd all happy faced on MSNBC says today Obama won’t have to rely on white people for re-election with minority growth growing rapidly. He could only be referring to the flood of baby makers that are still flooding into the U.S. NOT stopping, NOT slowing down, but realistically still flooding into the U.S. at an alarming rate. It appears to be calling this flood of 100 million baby machines “voters” is these peoples holy righteousness to be in America. These voters are voting Democrat in larger numbers for “comprehensive immigration reform”only. If Amnesty is passed for all of Mexico and Central America just for U.S. politicians to get votes these baby poppers will knock the southern border flood doors down and flood uncontrollably into the U.S. leaving wide spread destruction in their wake and with no way for law enforcement to gain control in anyway without marial law. The people at MSNBC is pro invasion just as is their Latino counterparts! This is why Latinos get so much praise at MSNBC. Like as in  YAY!  “PRAISE THE HOLY LATINO OVER POPULATIONS!” YAY!  If the great Latino is so important and so fantastic in America just being here. Then why are they NOT all that in their own countries? If these Latino countries really were dynamic societies with growing economies that are on the rise in many respects. These countries wouldn’t be demanding “comprehensive immigration reform” for another 100 million Indigenous baby machines. El Salvador and Mexico are two of the most violence plagued Indigenous Latino countries in the world today. El Salvador a country of six million people has three million of their people in the U.S. now and more are demanding to be let in. Mexico has at least half of their baby poppers here in the U.S. and the other half are demanding to be let in. Do we Americans need more violent people coming here to the U.S. and telling us Americans how things are now going to be. As breeder land and so many Americans claim these people just come here for jobs we all know there are NO jobs here. So why don’t we just cut all the shit and give Welfare (Public Assistance) and a free home to live in to every Mexican and Central America that didn’t get rich in their own countries. If we give them all American money to spend where they are they won’t need to be spending their lives trying to get into the U.S. every and anyway they can but the right way. After doing all they can to defy American laws getting into the U.S. they march around in American streets with signs saying “Full Rights For Immigrants,” meaning full RIGHTS for a people that believes your American laws are NOT for our people but your American money and all your American goodies are. If these precious sex machines could be supported by America where they live in their own countries they wouldn’t need signs saying “Keep My Family Together”   “Reform (Amnesty) Not Raids”   “Families Have No Borders.”  Meaning Indigenous Latinos have no borders to get into America to get anything and everything they can. But there are borders for everybody else in the whole world especially for Americans if they want to get into Indigenous Latino countries. “And we Mexicans and Central Americans don’t have to obey any of your American laws but you Americans still have to obey all of our laws in our countries and yours.” Indigenous Latinos want American law enforcement to not bother their people and go make Americans obey laws and not get in their peoples way. To these people being aloud to do anything they want in America and getting away with it and calling white Americans a RACIST for not accepting their demise is “fair” treatment.    President Obama says to the “We Want Our Way” people in El Salvador America is a nation of laws, and a nation of immigrants. And so our job is to create secure borders, to make sure that we’ve got a legal immigration system that is effective and is not frustrating for families, and doesn’t divide families. He says my hope that the Republicans begin to recognize over the next year that we can’t solve this problem without taking a broad, comprehensive approach. President Obama also sought to reassure El Salvador that he’s still committed to comprehensive immigration legislation.    I think Republicans had began seeing the real problem and that this problem can NOT be solved just by letting all of Mexico and Central America get their way. This problem was caused by these poor picked on victims NOT Americans yet Americans are expected to pay out of their asses and put up with a huge problem, a higher crime rate, more and more drunks on the roadways, disrespect, longer lines for everything, more and more traffic everywhere, over crowding everywhere at all public facilities, higher taxes because this people have to be payed for, higher prices for shortages of everything, cuts in the necessities to sustain life because of to many people flooding over the southern border, and more and more Americans being killed that wouldn’t have been killed if these people didn’t have to be here so bad and weren’t so high and mighty. The problem here is NOT “Whitie The RACIST” and the problem is NOT that these people are victims of U.S. laws. The problem is the wrong these people have been doing all their lives and all the right things they haven’t been doing for decades. I would like to know why is he (Obama) saying America is a nation of laws to a people that believes American laws don’t apply to their people? America could be called a nation of immigrants, but what Mexicans and Central Americans are doing is NOT immigration. Who’s job is it to create secure borders? Is it the Mexicans job to create secure borders for Mexico? Is it the Central Americans job to create secure borders for their countries?  Will the U.S. have secure borders after every broke Mexican and Central American and all their family members are safely breeding up a storm in America? Secure borders against what? Americans!           Where are the jobs for the millions of the least important Americans and the millions of more important people of six south of the border countries in America?

States with the worlds most more important Indigenous Latino people below. These are 2008 numbers. Do you think these numbers are higher in 2011 and will continue getting higher as more and more south of the border people continue coming and breeding uncontrollably. You Betcha!   And guess who’s countries don’t have to pay for any of this!   Percentage of the Indigenous Latinos by state as of 2006.

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