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Full “RIGHTS” For All Immigrants Is Nothing More Than A Misconception Or A BIG Stinking Lie. In My Lifetime There Has Never Been Any Immigration Protests Ever Until The Invasion Of Mexico!

If peoples noses could do this when they lie most Mexicans would look like this. I know Mexico knows as well as the rest of the world knows there has never been immigration protests in the United States until the invasion … Continue reading

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As “The Great Breeder” Continues Believing RACIST Is The Magic Word Just As Certain Other People Have Georgia Gets Expected Protest By Thousands Of Illegal Law Breakers Again Defying U.S. Laws! And MSNBC’s Newscasters And Their Contributors Are At It Again With, How Dare You Tell The Truth About Our People “Whitie The Racist”

Again these out of control baby popping Mexican criminals say they are here for a better life as the lives of the American people get worse and worse. They say they are fighting for something they believe is fair. Obviously … Continue reading

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Just After The Release Of The Long Version Of Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate MSNBC And Contributors Spend The Whole Day Talking About “Whitie The Racist” And Their NOT Done Yet! When People Like The Newscasters And The Contributors On MSNBC Say There Is Still A Lot Of Racism In America They Believe The Racist Club Is For Whites Only! Finally,” MSNBC Gets Off “Whitie The Racist” Long Enough To Spend All Day Talking About The First Black Family Touring The Southeast!

If the characters of this cartoon where “white” as just one is, they all would be called RACIST and criminals. There has been a lot of shootings and gang activity in L.A. County over the past few years. The only reason … Continue reading

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Georgia Comes To Its Senses To Adopt Arizona Style Law! This Law Will Demonize Whitie Again But Who Cares! All The Illegal Invasion Lovers Will Again Be Using The Words Unconstitutional, Illegal, “Against The Law,” And Of Course “Whitie The Racist Nazi!” And They Say These Laws Demonize The Brown Victim! These People Think About Obama Passing “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” All Day And All Night 24/7! This Act In No Way Will Secure The Southern Border But It Will Do The Opposite, All Of Breederland Knows This! And The American Federal Government Should Be Sued For Allowing This Invasion And Putting the Lives Of The American People In Jeopardy!

I’ll take “illegal invasion” for $500 please!   Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal will sign an Arizona style immigration bill into law. That is a good “Deal’ for the America people. This law will demonize whitie again just as it did the … Continue reading

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Why Is The Financial Institutions Philosophy We Keep It If We Gain And You People Pay Back Your Own Money When We Lose! At A Time When Americans Are Forced To Pay So The Continent Owners Can Have Lavish Lives In America?

This is what the people that steals from Americans gets to do!   Why are bankers (the real bank robbers) and the thief’s of Wall Street and their relatives aloud to gamble away money that does NOT belong to them. Why not … Continue reading

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What Really Gives The Great Indigenous Baby Popper A Right To Claim The American Continent, Its NOT A Race Relation With Native Americans! Its American Welfare 65% legal & 75% illegal Admit To Being On The Roles! Clovis Points Found in North America Dating Back 14,500 To 15,000 Years Ago Suggest Europeans Were In The Americas First, So Hah! What Makes Everything “Different” For These People Is It Their Brown Skin! And Why Is It OK For Indigenous Latino Countries To Have Immigration Laws And Closed Borders To Keep Out Each Others Indigenous People! And Why Is This “Open Borders” Talk Really Only About Open Southern American Border!

Why is it OK for Mexico to have immigration laws? Where is Mexico’s “Comprehensive Immigration Reform?” Why is it OK for Mexico NOT to have open borders? And why is it OK for Mexico to say “Papers Please.” Realistically Mexican authority … Continue reading

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Over 200 Americans Were Murdered In Mexico From 2004 To 2009 And At Least 77 U.S. Citizens Were Murdered In 2010! But Who Cares, At Least They Weren’t Mexicans Murdered In America, Right!

We Americans including the American government has to remember that America is and has been under attack NOT by an imaginary force from over seas but right here in our own back yard by an out of control people from south … Continue reading

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