As MSNBC Continues Praising The Existence Of “The Great Breeder” Just As MSNBC’s Latino Counterparts Do, I Hear Now The Muslim Belief Is GOD Wrote The Koran In GODS Own Hand! Praise, Worship And Pray To The Great Voting Latino MSNBC!

Unlike the belief the bible had been written by men inspired by GOD. Muslims believe their great GOD wrote the Koran by their great GODS own hand. So, a Muslim holy spirit picks up a Muslim writing tool and writes the Koran?  REALLY!  Can Muslims ask their Muslim GOD to hand write some more great work? Maybe sign some Korans for worshippers at the great book signing. Do Muslims believe their GOD carries a loaded AK 47 to gun down people of other faiths with a holy bomb strapped around their waist? The recent murderous violent acts committed by muslims over a book burning proves without a doubt that Muslims are indeed a violent people. Just as violent as the sadistically violent south of the border Indigenous Latino. The Islam Muslim belief is the “Allah” worshipper can do no wrong no matter what they do. But the rest of the world “sinners” can do nothing right.  As so many in America continue to praise and worship the over population of America by Indigenous Latino land why can’t these wonderful people fix everything. How is it they are so great and so fantastic yet they can’t realistically contribute to prosperity? If they could their countries would be flourishing with them in them and there would have been no great need to continuously be causing so much havoc at the southern border.      “Help us great Mexican we Americans can’t make it without you.”   As these people continue getting so much  “Praise The Great Breeder”  it will be  “Whitie The Racist”  that will have to fix this huge mess we are all in. And since the U.S. will soon have far to many people in the U.S. to sustain that feat maybe impossible.   And is it really true American politicians could never get elected for anything if it wasn’t for the great voting Indigenous Latino voter? Are American voters worthless? So the vote of an American is just a vote. But when Indigenous Latinos vote the votes become like super votes. Like super hero votes. Powerful votes. The strongest votes in the world. Votes of the GODS. Powerful Indigenous Latino voting GOD votes. Just one Indigenous Latino vote could beat up ten American votes. No wonder Indigenous Latino votes are wanted so bad.

Praise, Worship and Pray to the great Indigenous Latino!

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