Why Is It Violent Acts Or Acts Of Any Kind Committed By Whitie That Gets In The Way Of The Latino Takeover Hits The Worlds Stage And The Same Violent Acts Or Worse Committed By The Great Latino GODS Hardly Breaks A Sweat In Anybody? As The Great Latino Wants To “Steal” The Life Of Whitie The Racist Nazi!

It is believed that the true orgin of baseball comes fom an English (European) game known as rounders. In the early 1800’s, this evolved in America (United States) to become what is known as baseball today. Also Alexander Cartwright and Abner Doubleday has credited with the creation of the sport. These are all white people, European and American. That means baseball was another thing created by white European Americans. Better known by Indigenous Latinos and black Americans as “Whitie The Racist Nazi.” The Indigenous Latino invasion of Los Angeles Mexifornia does NOT mean the Dodgers baseball team and statium belongs to Mexican and Central Americans Indigenous Latinos now. Also the use of the word Mexifornia is NOT used to complement the invaders victory but to describe the state now as the ghettos of Mexico!       Its not until today i hear about a brutal beating at Dodge stadium that took place on Mar 31, 2011. I also know if this brutal attack would have been two white men beating and kicking the crap out of a Latino we all would be hearing about it day and night for days maybe weeks. We would see many Latinos from all across America and in Mexico on news channels condemning the act of violence and we would see Al Sharpton back on the tele with his “whitie the racist” act again as well as so many white people talking for days about how god awful this act of violence would be if it happened. Again as usual since this act of violence is another act of violence committed by “The Great Breeder” there is very little mention of it anywhere. Its like if its “whitie” committing the act make a huge stink over it. An if its the precious Latino committing an act of violence of any kind its hardly worth mentioning. Its like if its “whitie” lets get it out for the world to see and if its the great baby popper lets cover it up or hide it from public view. We all know violent acts have increased all across the country over the years as the Latino populations increase. And mostly all we hear about is what god awful thing “Whitie The Racist” did this time. These south of the border people have always been a sadistic violent people and always will be. The American people should NOT have the senseless acts of violent behavior by Latinos forced on them all because their Latino countries ain’t shit for them to live in so they have to be here to live it up. As laws are broken daily by a people that believes American laws don’t apply to them i still hear shit about poor picked on Latinos being demonized and how they are the greatest voters in the world now. From where i’m sitting its the real victims in America that have been demonized as a people that deserves absolutely nothing gets far more breaks in the U.S. than they could ever dream of getting in their own countries. All of this favorting the great Latino has gone to their heads and that will come to no good. This photo below is the Indigenous Latino Mexican wearing their own clothing where they belong.   Here in this photo below (Mexicans) “The Great Breeder” wears the clothing of Europeans, white American clothing as they march in American streets with their Mexican invasion flags during their Mexican invasion protest. To “invasion protest” not having enough European and white American goodies to have a more lush life created by “Whitie The Racist.” In a nut shell this is what they have done. They do anything they can to get into the U.S. just as long as its NOT the right way to defy America law and American people mostly white people with European, white America clothes on. After there safely here they then march in American streets demanding more European, white American goods with their Mexican invasion flags proudly at hand to stick this up into the faces of the white American people. This march is to signify “We Are Here” to get your European, white American goodies in the name of Mexico because your white people goods are better than anything we could ever get in Mexico and theres nothing you can do about it “White Racist Nazis.” Even though we invading Indigenous Latinos deny your white American laws we except your white American law to have “RIGHTS” because that plays into our hands. Instead of living the way of their people, the Indigenous people that owns the whole continent. They want to live the European white mans way, in the white mans homes, driving drunk in stolen white man made cars with the white mans clothes on their backs as they continue bad mouthing white Americans. These GIME, GIME, invaders bad mouth Americans because they know that all they have done is wrong so they have this in your face attitude, half the time loud and violent. As we all have seen violent acts or an act of anykind committed by brown or black people is not thought of as despicable acts. As we all know only white people can commit a crime even if whitie just looked at dark skin in a way dark skin didn’t like. Mexicans and Central Americans want so badly to “STEAL” the life of “Whitie The Racist Nazi”

This award ribbon goes to the people that can drop babies at the drop of a hat and can vote better than any other race of people on earth. If these people were ever handed the outstanding law abiding citizen award it wouldn’t be because they deserved it.

We “White Racist Nazis” want “Comprehensive Invasion Reform” right now!

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