The Black Agenda, Will Black Americans Get Past Discussing The Problems That Plague Black America Without Blaming All Or Most Of It On Whitie!

The black agenda “A Stronger America” hosted by Ed “whitie hater” Schultz on Sunday Apr 10, 2011 MSNBC – The key word for Al Sharpton for this discussion is “inequality.” To me this word coming for a man that can’t pass up a chance to voice his view about “whitie the racist” will again be telling us all how black underachievers are victims of the white race as well as Latino underachievers. To close the achievement gap “whities fault” can’t help them it will take a mindset on study opposed to “kicking it” or hanging with the homeboys. As for females less boys on top of them would help. Instead of taking the tests whites and Asians have to take. Why not just pass blacks and Latinos on account of race and hand out their diploma’s on the first day of school just in case some of them don’t come back. Would that be fair!    (This Achievement Award is for chillin, smoking a blunt and drinking a fody ounce.)    The words unfair and unequal has also come to light, so it is clear black problems that are caused by blacks will again be blamed on bad whitie. Latinos have also joined the blame whitie band wagon and their problems orginated in their own countries. That is why they are here in the first place. The reason Asians are not seen as another race of people victimized by god awful white people is because Asians apply themselves at working hard at everything. One hurdle the black communities really needs to address is the gangsta attitude their people have had for decades. I think this gangster glorifying started with a belief that the gangster life is glamorous and makes you somebody important. In the 60’s & 70’s blacks wore stupid looking hats thinking they were styling and now more than ever they make up stupid names for themselves names their mama didn’t give them thinking that helps make them somebody important. May blacks as they still do today spend much of their lives living with a relative like parents, sisters, grandparents, others. Many black men move in with women that let them in for sex and what they think is love. Many of these people do nothing realistic with their lives. They just live, kicking it with the homies, or associates. When white people get murdered or beaten beyond recognition in black neighborhoods newscasters hardly break a sweat reporting it. People like Al Sharpton are no where in sight. And the whole incident fades into history. The incidents are thought of as the crackers shouldn’t have been in these black neighborhoods like stupid whitie you brought it upon yourself, its your fault. When anything happens to blacks in white neighborhoods it becomes the top story of the day and or the story of the week. And as clock work people like Al Sharpton is good and ready to hit the air waves and talk a lot about bad racist whitie. And of course black Americans just as brown people have every right in the world to be in these white neighborhoods to do anything they want. How’s that for fair and equal opportunities, hum! The Latinos etiology of gangster is more about getting the white mans goodies without paying for them or by the sell of narcotics than it would be to be a big shot in their communities. The black populations believe in party down your life away knowing that won’t get them anywhere with their lives. Latino land likes to drink to much themselves whether their at home, at a party or in a stolen vehicle. Of course their not the only people that steal vehicles as we can see watching the TV show Bait Car. What is really wrong in public schools is peoples attitudes and the way they live their lives. Not unfair tests, unfair text books or anything else that is thought of as the white mans way. Where whitie went wrong was to bring Africans to America in the first place. White Americans should have realized that this slavery business is more trouble than its worth. And left these African people in Africa so their own African people of other tribes could either enslave them or murder them. The blacks of today in Africa and America still show how blood thristy they always have been as they continue killing their own people just as they did over the centuries. Just as the blood thristy Aztecs did that are now blood thristy murderous Mexicans. If they were left in their own countries in Africa we whities wouldn’t be going through RACIST crackers. Since invaders from south of the border got “whitie the racist Nazi” from blacks in the first place they may not have screamed out RACIST as they ran across the southern border if blacks had not been brought to America. Since the 1970’s i have heard black Americans talking about hillbilly this and hillbilly that as to diss the whitie or whities they were talking about or to. The food blacks call soul food is really hillbilly food. And the language uneducated American blacks speak as well as “Ebonics” originated as a hillbilly vocabulary. This language is unprofessional and NOT suitable for employment. Its quiet known Latinos use “white racist Nazi” to make themselves feel better about themselves as well as to right their own wrong doing and to righteous their invasion of America. Just as using their race relation to the Native American as their claim of owning the whole continent somehow gives them a RIGHT to everything created by the white and Asian man. They have also used the word hillbilly as to disrespect or to talk down to white Americans. If blacks and Latinos could clean up their own acts and be more responsable for their own lives and actions they both could spend less time blaming “whitie the racist Nazi” for all of their problems. As this Black Agenda is advertised on MSNBC a black man speaks of fair and equal opportunities for very one. And putting every American back to work. As far as back to work goes every American didn’t have a job in the first place. And so many Americans don’t want a 9 to 5 they rather “hustle” and or have babies and live on public assistance. Does putting every American back to work include everybody south of the border all the way to South America? And do you know this is an impossibility and improbable. At least 80 million Latinos now have every RIGHT to resources here in America, resources black Americans could be getting now. Two thirds of these Latinos have only been here in the U.S. no more than 6 years, since the massive invasion stated in 2006. Do you remember this – “There Only Trying To Feed Their Children.” Just as soon as these people get into this country they go on a huge breeding spree, some are dropping babies on the border line because they can’t stay off their backs long enough to get into this country first. Its possible these women are thinking if they quickly get captured by immigration or border patrol the baby they are carrying that won’t stay put long can be used as a safety net. During capture these women can point at these babies and say, American baby or “Olly Olly Oxen Free.” in Spanish or course! I know as fact white people do NOT get all the brakes as blacks and Latinos have themselves convinced they do. Over the past few years if “The Great Breeder” hasn’t been getting more brakes than they deserved for braking ever law in the book. What would the poor picked on people call what they have done. (They do NOT own the whole continent because of a race relation and they do NOT have an inheritance to the U.S. either.) White people can’t get “Affirmative Action” darker people so if thats not getting a break what do you call it. The definition of racist is – the belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others. Both Latinos and black Americans believe their character is better than whities. Blacks have always believed they could do anything better than white people, if this were true it would be evident by now. Both black men and women believe white men are inferior to black men. Black men have been controlling and beating white women for decades. Latinos believe their people first everybody else last. And the black and Latino definition of racist is – white people! I had just seen the last few minutes of a 2009 picture called Black Dynamite within that time i heard the White House being referred to as the hunky house and the man playing the president was referred to as a cracker. This is just one of many pictures i have seen that used colorful language like this. And i had to put up with this kind of language plus on the streets of Detroit. The people in this city didn’t sound or act like they where whities victim, in fact it was the other way around. As we all know talk like this is considered as “different.” If the magic word RACIST wasn’t just their word to use against white people talk like this would be thought of as racist. Now Latinos have their magic words “white racist Nazi” to use against the white race. There doesn’t seem to be any inequality or unfair or unequal treatment here is there!  Apr 7, 2011 MSNBC – The NAACP (with get whitie) Al Sharpton calls for sentencing and drug policy reform. I’m not surprised their claiming foul. Their saying blacks get longer drug (crack) sentences than whitie gets. Crack has been the drug of choice since the 1980’s for blacks and since the 1990’s Methamphetamine has been the drug of choice for whites. What could be going on here instead of poor picked on black Americans as usual maybe these blacks have extensive criminal careers, maybe they have been arrested far more times than the whites in question…hum! Apr 8, 2011 – Sure this shit about President Obama’s birth certificate being a fake is just that, shit! But again i hear another person, this time a black man on a news program talking about these white people that talk about President Obama’s birth certificate being a fake. And again these white people have to be racist according to dark skin, are these whities just being racist on Obama’s daddys side of his family or can these whities be racist on his mommas side to? The whole world knows that black and brown people can say or do anything they want about anybody or anything and never come out of it a racist. Why is this dark people why is it only whitie gets the privilege of being the RACIST. What happen to being an equal here. Isn’t it unfair to blacks, Latinos and to black & brown Muslims that being a RACIST is a “WHITES ONLY” thing!          Unfinished!

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