Over 200 Americans Were Murdered In Mexico From 2004 To 2009 And At Least 77 U.S. Citizens Were Murdered In 2010! But Who Cares, At Least They Weren’t Mexicans Murdered In America, Right!

We Americans including the American government has to remember that America is and has been under attack NOT by an imaginary force from over seas but right here in our own back yard by an out of control people from south of the border. These people and their government has themselves convinced that everything they want in a foreign country belongs to them simply because they want it all. So these people have been and will stop at nothing to get everything here thats in the U.S. anyway they can. Mexico has declared an unofficial war on the American people mostly white Americans because mostly only white Americans have realised the real threat here. So the Mexican government has sent 80 million of their people Mexico doesn’t want to support into the U.S. to overwhelm America and the American people into submission with an unreasonable flood of baby makers, unreasonable demands, and using America’s policy on RIGHTS against this country to serve only the Indigenous Latino populations. Mexico could have stopped their peoples population from exploding to unsustainable numbers for decades but this insane population of breeders is Mexico’s big plan to take over America because the U.S. has everything Mexico wants that they don’t have in Mexico. As this invasion carried on from 2006 to right now i had seen this state begin to bust out at the seams with these people, realistically there is no reasonable excuse for all of this nonsense. No country in the world has ever had to put up with insanity like this and they wouldn’t NOT even Mexico. I have seen laws change over night to suit these people as this HELL went on. I had heard a politician saying in 2007 this country had never been a one language nation knowing full well this country had always had the English language as the dominant language. Its like the bastard is telling us Americans this nation has just now became a two dominant language country to appease a people that deserves nothing and has become instantly more important than everybody else in the U.S. and Mexico. I have seen the state of California break every law in the book just to suit Latinos charging over that southern border and quickly become Mexifornia. We all know Mexifornia quickly sanctioned (punished) Arizona for having the nerve to “bother” Mexifornia’s precious law breaking baby popping GODS for trying to stop the great GODS from bringing Arizona down to its knees. And Mexifornia purposely broke the state just to pay for these people to live and stay here so as to keep them here like their now suddenly the greatest people on earth. Anybody that doesn’t see this or refuses to see this is a fool and a dumbass. It should be obvious by now these people have no real concern for Americans only their own.  Many of these murdered Americans were said to be cartel hitmen, drug dealers, smugglers, gang members, drug users or criminals wanted for crimes in the U.S. If your like me you would be thinking well who cares about this riff raff good riddance. And of course so many more were just everyday people in Mexico for innocent reasons. If these people were Mexicans crossing into the United States whether they be criminals or not and they were murdered in an American state like Arizona there would be the biggest stink, the funkiest stench coming from the Mexican government, the Mexican people, Indigenous Latinos from all across America like La Raza, Latino Officials in Arizona, Latino Officials in Mexifornia, Latino Officials in Washington DC, Indigenous Mexicans marching in American streets with “Whitie The Racist Nazi” signs, as well as a few black members of the “Hate Whitie Club” like Al Sharpton. And so many white Americans like Ed Schultz of MSNBC would be condemning the act of violence like its the worst criminal act that has ever happened. But, since these people are said to be just Americans murdered in the greatness of  Mexico its no big deal is it. Just as long as its NOT white people killing brown people who gives a shit right! So why bother getting all tight under the collar over a few Americans when they were only killed in Mexico, shit happens, RIGHT!        Elmer Fudd says – Wook, America Twacks!  Its American season in Mexico.   Killing is RIGHT when your NOT white!

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