What Really Gives The Great Indigenous Baby Popper A Right To Claim The American Continent, Its NOT A Race Relation With Native Americans! Its American Welfare 65% legal & 75% illegal Admit To Being On The Roles! Clovis Points Found in North America Dating Back 14,500 To 15,000 Years Ago Suggest Europeans Were In The Americas First, So Hah! What Makes Everything “Different” For These People Is It Their Brown Skin! And Why Is It OK For Indigenous Latino Countries To Have Immigration Laws And Closed Borders To Keep Out Each Others Indigenous People! And Why Is This “Open Borders” Talk Really Only About Open Southern American Border!

Why is it OK for Mexico to have immigration laws? Where is Mexico’s “Comprehensive Immigration Reform?” Why is it OK for Mexico NOT to have open borders? And why is it OK for Mexico to say “Papers Please.” Realistically Mexican authority may not ask so nicely, but thats OK their NOT white Europeans!………In the photo to the left Calderon says, “please GOD make Americans lay down and let my people walk all over them, and allow my people to tape a “kick me sign” on the backs of white Americans!……..Felipe de Jesus Calderon, the Mexican president speaks about the Mexican attitude on illegal immigration in Mexico. Mexico protects its southern border from Central American immigrants.  Question – Why, the Central American people are Indigenous, they have full “RIGHTS” to migrate anywhere on their continent they want, right….Mexicans? Calderon says, NO” Central Americans can’t just come into Mexico. They need to fulfill a form. They need to establish their name. We analyze if they have not a criminal precedent. Calderon was asked if Mexican police go around asking for papers of people they suspect are illegal immigrants? He says of course, once they are inside the country the Mexican police enforce the law. Calderon was asked if Central Americans sneak into Mexico can they go get a job? Calderon says, NO. Calderon says if someone do that without permission, we send back – we send back them. Calderon was asked, you find them and send them back? Calderon says, YES.” Calderon’s attitude here is another example of – “do as i say, not as i do.” What Calderon is saying is Mexico can do what Mexico wants. But American states like Arizona can NOT! Are Calderon’s people the greatest people on earth? Is any and everything OK for them? But NOT OK for Americans? Many American politicans did NOT read the Arizona 1070 law. They just opened their mouths saying its unconstitutional for the sake of self righteous invaders. And you can bet Al Sharpton didn’t read it either, he just did what he does best, “racial profiling” whitie the racist in Arizona is trying to stop millions of law breakers that aren’t white! You can surely bet Calderon didn’t bother to read the law either. Calderon addresses Congress saying he strongly disagrees with the Arizona law that requires police to question people about their immigration status if theres reason to suspect they are in the country illegally. It is a law that not only ignores a reality that cannot be erased by degree but also introduces a terrible idea using racial profiling as a basis for law enforcement. as Democrats cheer on. It appears Calderon disagrees with this action when its his peoples takeover of the U.S. thats at stake. But this action is cool when Mexico is determined to keep illegals out of Mexico. I sure would like to know what the hell does Calderon mean by – “a law that ignores a reality that cannot be erased by decree.” If he is insinuating Arizona can’t stop his people from taking over the whole country he can stop his self right there. The American government can continue to stand idly by doing nothing but millions of Americans will be pushed to the breaking point and a blood bath all across America will be assured. Mexicans are having most of the babies in the U.S. and Mexico now so the Mexican takeover of America and Calderon has more to lose.   American Welfare For All Of Breederland – Its not surprising what Calderon didn’t talk about to the American Congress is that the Mexican government has for decades and still is persuading Mexico’s huge population of multipliers that can’t support themselves or the large numbers of children their suppose to be responsible for. To make it their life long crusade to get into the U.S. at any cost to get on the American Welfare System as well as seek all resources of support. The 2006/2008 marching Mexicans did in American streets with their Mexican flags in hand demanding RIGHTS. Was NOT about 10’s of millions coming here for jobs to support their families but was and still is to force the American system and the American people to pay for two thirds of Mexico to live in America on Public Assistance and Medicaid. The people the claims they own the continent and calls Americans illegals expect Americans to support them and their families here in America and their families south of the border. Conprehensive Immigration Reform and Amnesty is really all about getting the rest of brokeass Mexico and Central America into the U.S. to be supported by the American people.   CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS! – These gullible Indigenous breeders have been demanding full “RIGHTS” in your country Americans to live off of the American peoples pay checks.  This whole side of the earth is “OWNED” by an out of control baby popper people that has almost nothing until they push their way on to the white European Americans property. On this baby popper owned land in North America is what the great baby poppers are really after. And that is everything that belongs to the white European America. These continent owners do NOT own the white European America Welfare Systems that encludes Food Stamps, Medicare and Medicaid. Which 60 to 80 million of these wonderful baby machines are taking advntage of. And all the spray paint used to uglify the United States is NOT made by the Indigenous vandals. Even though there were claims these precious people pay taxes most of them do NOT make enough American money to pay income taxes, federal, state, city. They do have to pay tax on everything they buy with the American peoples money and its not because they want to.    White European Americans say Mexico’s immigration laws are RACIST and discriminatory, so “Shame On Mexico” Boycott Indigenous Racism. Mexico doesn’t welcome you unless you have a lot of American money. Defeat Article 67 In The Streets! AnswerCoalition.org    Under Mexican law Article 67 reads, “Authorities, whether federal, state or municipal, are required to demand that foreigners prove their legal presence in Mexico, before attending to any issues.” The key word here is Mexico “demands” your papers! In Mexico you have to have proper identification. Mexico treats immigrants on its southern border (their own Indigenous Latino people) like shit, many are raped, murdered, and tortured at the hands of gangs and Mexican officials. Do the “White Racist Nazis” of Arizona do all of this! But Mexicans can’t be Racist or wrong in any way can they, their NOT white Europeans. Do we Americans have RIGHTS in Mexico or in any Indigenous Latino country, Oh right, no we don’t we Europeans don’t have a “RIGHT” to be anywhere on the whole Indigenous continent! Mexican immigration law Article 67 is unconstitutional it violates the Indigenous RIGHTS of Central America to be in Mexico illegally……So, what happened to this is their continent! Its different now huh! Illegals boycott Mexico, “I Love Arizona.” Central Americans demand to live, work and be on Mexican welfare (Public Assistance) in “we can do as we please white Americans” says the Indigenous racist Mexican bastard. Illegal Central Americans should not be locked out of Mexico! Why can’t Mexico give full Amnistia RIGHTS to the Indigenous Central American illegals in their own land on their continent. AnswerMexico.orgShame on Sadistic Blood Thirsty Indigenous Mexico! If there were illegals in Mexico would they be illegal? What happened to “No One Is Illegal.” If “No One Is Illegal” why are white Europeans illegal? Are all the white European clothes, hats and shoes these and other Indigenous Latino Mexicans and Central Americans are wearing, illegal since 1492, and if not how come? If Mexicans and Central Americans were murdered by illegal white American Europeans in the United States (not to mention in Mexico or Central America) would that be thought of as – “Oh Well.” Isn’t it true the real reason Mexicans are claiming to be the Indigenous continent owners is because Mexicans are MAD white Americans don’t like the way Mexicans are forcing themselves on the American system by the 10’s of millions because their government told them to. And of course if uneducated Mexicans and Central Americans could make something of themselves like a responsible people before having a ton of brats in their own countries they wouldn’t have to force themselves on the “White Racist Nazis” American system. As the self righteous Indigenous invaders marched in American streets in 2006/2008 claiming they came to (sneaked in) the U.S. only for jobs. A claim we all knew is total shit. There is no way 80 million and plus of these over sexed baby machines will ever see employment in this country. So California decided to self destruct and become “Sanctuary” Mexifornia. Mexifornia the “vehicle theft capital” welfare state of America will continue to slide into oblivion never to rebound back to prosperity, never again to be the state the “White Racist Nazis” created. Would this be unconstitutional if it happened to Mexico? Or would the illegals have RIGHTS! Lets talk about what the MAD Indigenous continent owning Mexican really wants to occupy.   Is all the amusement parks, businesses, homes, cars, trucks, minivans, large screen TV’s, air conditioners, furniture, clothes, shoes, hats, spray paint, American money and all the other conveniences the Indigenous Latinos want that is created by the white racist European, illegal since 1492 too? Or do all these goodies get a free pass?   You self righteous Indigenous Latino continent owners can get back into your feathers, animal skins and beads, get your asses out of the white mans European clothes. And go back to living the Indigenous way without the white mans conveniences. And go back to living off the land without the white mans Welfare (Public Assistance) and Food Stamps!     So what do your self righteous Indigenous Latino Mexican butts think about that!  The photo above is what one of the first people on this planet looked like, this is NOT a Indigenous baby popper. Humans began their lives in Africa 120,000 years ago many have spread out into Asia 50,000 years ago and so many had made their way into North America 12,000 years ago over a strip of land that is now under water. Today a self righteous people related to these early people are using their race relation as their claim of owning the whole continent. Before humans there where many lifeforms all over the entire planet so many of these lifeforms lived in the Americas, it was these lifeforms that was here in the Americas first. NOT Indigenous breeders! North American Clovis points dating back to 14,500 to 15,000 years ago, a particular type of arrowhead that represents the oldest man made object on the continent identically matches arrowheads found in Europe. This predates the Indigenous people. So stick this up your continent owning asses. Europeans known as the Norse men have been coming to the Americas as far back as the 11th century. The Mayflower pilgrims came to the Americas on Nov 21, 1620. In 1620 there was no country only Native American tribes and English and Spanish colonies. Mexicans did NOT exist at this time and the Aztecs were where Mexico is today these savage blood thristy Indigenous people owned Aztec-land only. At no time did Native Americans claim the Europeans and the Spanish were illegally on their lands. There was no Indian law that said new comers were illegal immigrants. So Mayflower pilgrims did NOT have ancher babies. The term “ancher baby” implies that people from another country in the United States without permission can anchor themselves in this country. There seems to be laws that would make that an impossiblility. But 10’s of millions of south of the border people mostly Mexicans have been in the U. S. illegally anywhere to right now to for several decades. Apparently these laws as so do many others don’t apply to these finger pointing people thats in the United States. Mexico is other story, try not obeying laws in that hypocritical self righteous murderous country and good luck staying alive. Native Americans did get up tight with the changes the English, Spanish and Americans were making to North America but they didn’t have a problem with their desire for American guns, whiskey and clothing and now casinos. The Indigenous Mexican also has a big desire for the white mans goodies as well as American money, its all this that has “The Great Breeder” claiming they own the whole continent. NOT their desire for wide open empty lands.  Americans will have to fix the American economy so America can prosper again. NOT the great Indigenous Mexican and Central American continent owning parasites that will just ride off the white mans ability for prosperity.  Yea, lets stop the illegals!   I’m all for that breeder. Lets stop the illegals from Europe from providing anything to the Indigenous people. We must stop our own people from giving anything that belongs to us to them (1) Europeans have been coming to the Americans for about 1000 years without who’s 1492 permission ? MEXICANS! (2) Europeans have been crossing the Atlantic Ocean border? Where in the Atlantic Ocean do you draw the line? And don’t forget the Pacific Ocean border you will want to get your border line out there to. Don’t think whitie can’t come that way. (3) Europeans are stealing the wealth of the resources of your continent? Look dumbass its these resources that helped built the United States to the country that America is. The wealth of white America goodies you stupid breeder people have been killing yourselves trying so hard to get at so your people can live like the white European Americans you believe shouldn’t be here. Resources in America is why “The Great Breeder” has to be here for in the first place. Resources like Welfare, Food stamps, A free HUD home that your Welfare people just sign a name for and move right in. If we Europeans were not here in North America your baby popping people would still be in Mexico with nothing asshole. Your NOT getting shit from your own people, government, country, why don’t you tell your government you own the whole continent and demand they support your greasy baby popping asses. (4) Europeans refuse to assimilate into your culture and refuse to leave? Would you like to see Europeans running around chasing buffalo, wearing feathers and animal skins believing in spirits that don’t exist. And maybe sacrifice some of your people every time it doesn’t rain or the crops go bad. If we Europeans leave and go back to Europe we are NOT going to leave all the white mans goodies here in the United States you oversexed baby machines have been flooding into America to get. (5) We Europeans think we can own your lands and your lives? Our European American goodies is on the lands you claim you own. Believing the Indigenous people were in the Americas first. Europeans had occupied North America 2,500 to 3,000 years before your Indigenous jungle people did. European Americans have no use for you parasites so we don’t care for your lives, you can have them. OWN YOUR LIVES? – (Your lives won’t do us any good. Without us your lives aren’t doing your people any good either. Your governments and your rich people don’t want you broke baby machines there with them the whole world knows this. The well to do in Indigenous Latino land wants you breeders here in America sucking up all the resources the white European American created. Your Indigenous Latino governments, your rich people and you and your poor baby poppers have only one thing in common and that is you all want the United States for yourselves. Not for the land, you all want whats on the land, period! So your people concocts this “owning the whole continent shit” to righteous yourselves for wanting all that is here. Fixing this economy maybe next to impossible because white Americans are now forced to “support” 60 million and climbing Indigenous baby machines. Question – How can a people that lives off the Welfare and Food Stamps of another people and lives in homes there greatnesses don’t have to pay for, (homes Americans are paying for) really believe “they” are owners of a continent?) (6) Europeans disobey your laws and are disrespectful to your people. What laws do you parasites have here? And did we Americans disrespect your people by not laying down and letting you walk all over us. So your people can have here what you can’t have south of the border. (7) Your insane people has that superior race backwards, its your people that believes Indigenous is the superior race in the Americas buddy! Sure there is dumb whities believing their lives are in jeopardy so they have this keeping the white race pure. Their analogy is, if you don’t want it to be a part of your lives you have to not like it or hate it. They do have a reasonable fear, their lives are in jeopardy because your people are out of control. (8) Americans don’t learn Spanish fast enough to suit you aaaaaaaaaa, thats to bad. There are a few hundred versions of the Indigenous language, i bet you and your people don’t know them or speak them either, so what do you think about that. I bet your people has better manners than any other people in the whole world. I have seen your peoples manners as they use their middle fingers to get on a Welfare and Social Security System that doesn’t belong to you or them. Do you or your people want to be given awards for their great manners? Its your Indigenous people that is killing your own people throughout Latino land and in America and has been for thousands of years, its also your people that has been killing thousands of Americans. Liar! What graves are Europeans robbing? I did see three white men digging badies up but they were NOT Indigenous. Its a known fact that its your Indigenous people that has been robbing any and everything your people can get heir hands on. Including your own ancestors graves in Mexico, Central America and South America. The whole world knows this to be true. (9) Its also a known fact that your Indigenous breeders have been bringing diseases back into the U. S. we Americans had once had eradicated decades before. Your NOT fooling yourself or anybody else with this outlandish nonsense. What is going on here is you and your people don’t like hearing the truth about this insane invasion of America so you have taken what you have heard about yourselves and some then twisting it to try to make yourselves feel better about yourselves. (10) I wish you and your Indigenous GODS wouldn’t take anything from us European Americans. Absolutely nothing! I also wish your people would stop stealing our cars and trucks and driving them over the border or shipping them to Central America. And if we European Americans are that unbathed maybe your people will get stunked back where your people came from.  BOZO!    Unfinished!

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