Why Is The Financial Institutions Philosophy We Keep It If We Gain And You People Pay Back Your Own Money When We Lose! At A Time When Americans Are Forced To Pay So The Continent Owners Can Have Lavish Lives In America?

This is what the people that steals from Americans gets to do!   Why are bankers (the real bank robbers) and the thief’s of Wall Street and their relatives aloud to gamble away money that does NOT belong to them. Why not call “bail outs” for these financial institutions what they really are? How can these thief’s throw money thats NOT theirs at anything they please, keep all that comes back their way, if any comes back. And force the people of America that is all ready cash strapped to pay their own money back that these criminals lost.  Question – Why is it OK for the people that can gamble with other peoples money lose nothing. And the peoples money that is now gone has to be payed back by the people that didn’t gamble it away. If i understand this right it works like this. The people that puts their money into these financial institutions loses all their money to these people then they are forced to pay themselves back.   What a great setup!   If thats not bad enough, Americans are now forced to support and pay for the homes of 60 million of the south of the border continent owners with the possiblity of being forced to pay for and support 60 million more. And when these out of control people cause problems that cost money in the U.S. and or their countries, who pays those bills?  Question – As the American people continues paying for everything by force, when the day comes these Americans have no more money to steal. Who pays for these bills then? As i understand it its Wall Street thats responsible for gas prices skyrocketing sky high this time. Something has to be done with these users and abusers. All of these people are making our lives miserable i think they all should get some misery back.

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