Georgia Comes To Its Senses To Adopt Arizona Style Law! This Law Will Demonize Whitie Again But Who Cares! All The Illegal Invasion Lovers Will Again Be Using The Words Unconstitutional, Illegal, “Against The Law,” And Of Course “Whitie The Racist Nazi!” And They Say These Laws Demonize The Brown Victim! These People Think About Obama Passing “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” All Day And All Night 24/7! This Act In No Way Will Secure The Southern Border But It Will Do The Opposite, All Of Breederland Knows This! And The American Federal Government Should Be Sued For Allowing This Invasion And Putting the Lives Of The American People In Jeopardy!

I’ll take “illegal invasion” for $500 please!   Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal will sign an Arizona style immigration bill into law. That is a good “Deal’ for the America people. This law will demonize whitie again just as it did the whites of Arizona. We will hear more shit that the invaders are being demonized but thyat is just to make victims out of them. The American federal government should be sued for allowing this invasion and putting the lives of the American people in jeopardy. Eventually “Martial Law” will have to come into play to get control of these people before it is to late. This just maybe the big plan or part of the big plan these people in control have in store for all of us. Right now “The Great Breeder” can only see “gime, gime, gime, so they don’t see any of this coming. Plus they believe the American government just as is Mexifornia is on their side. Pew Hispanic Center claims Georgia has 425,000 undocumented people living in the state. Obviously this center is referring to their own people as undocumented. Indigenous, Latino, Hispanic, whatever their calling themselves have never spoke of immigrants from other countries only their own. Also the big number of illegals called undocumented for righteousness is suppose to mean you can’t do that to our people American because we have huge numbers of our people in your country. The new measure would make it so that police can verify immigration status when conducting certain criminal investigations. The measure would also make it more difficult for undocumented people to get jobs and those who use fake documents to get jobs will face prison time. And employers must verify that workers are legally able to be employed. This measure will make job attainment easier for Americans. Opponents are all set as before to whine “racial profiling.” What these people should be saying is F” Americans its all about our people. Also the people thats all for the takeover of America believes the people that made it into America the wrong way should NOT have to identify themselves at all simply because they are in the wrong. You will hear people talking about these people pick the fruits and vegetables. Bringing up fruits and vegtables is suppose to help righteous this insane invasion. As so was the protesting and marching for jobs. We all know now only a small percentage of these parasites have jobs. Meaning most of these people that have “RIGHTS” live off of the Americans that still have their jobs. Fewer and fewer of the undocumented as they are called can now get jobs Americans did get or did have so fewer and fewer of thse people are picking fruits and vegtables. Also the truth is finally coming out, that being 80% of all immigrants from south of the border are on Welfare, Food Stamps, and Medicaid. This shit about Americans trying to do anything to stop the takeover of American is endangering the lives of these people is just that shit. Almost all Mexicans & Central Americans have been murdered or seriously injured by Mexicans & Central Americans. The majority of Americans seriously injuring or murdering Mexicans or Central Americans is Latinos and blacks, NOT whitie the racist Nazi! Millions of American lives are endangered by these people for several years we have seen and heard proof of that as fact. Nearly everytime these people show up on television or radio to argue you can’t stop our people racist whitie they mention secure the border and quickly blurt out Obama passing Comprehensive Immigration Reform. With this thought the Spanish speaking assholes are thinking when Obama passes Comprehensive Immigration Reform you white Americans won’t be stopping our people any longer. Realistically Americans can NOT secure the southern border if its “illegal” to “bother” these invaders for any reason at all. They all known this. And Comprehensive Immigration Reform is NOT fair to the American people this is why “The Great Breeder” wants it so bad and it will only secure the invaders takeover of America NOT secure the border and they all know that too. As Americans are told getting in the way of this illegal invasion/takeover is illegal, against the law and racist. Is any of this illegal in Mexico? In the words of Mexicans “Por Supuesto Que No” And only if your trying to get into Mexico illegally! This shows these people are not here for picking fruits and vegetables or jobs in general surely so many will take them if they can get them but we see now these people intended on living off Americans all along and ILLEGAL Comprehensive Immigration Reform will only have the rest of Mexico & Central America sitting pretty living off the illegal since 1492 white European American Welfare System which includes Food Stamps and Medicaid and in Mexifornia Medi-Cal. As the American government talks of making cost cuts and sacrifices the great baby popper thinks the rest of their people should be aloud to come all happy faced and live off the American system.

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