Just After The Release Of The Long Version Of Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate MSNBC And Contributors Spend The Whole Day Talking About “Whitie The Racist” And Their NOT Done Yet! When People Like The Newscasters And The Contributors On MSNBC Say There Is Still A Lot Of Racism In America They Believe The Racist Club Is For Whites Only! Finally,” MSNBC Gets Off “Whitie The Racist” Long Enough To Spend All Day Talking About The First Black Family Touring The Southeast!

If the characters of this cartoon where “white” as just one is, they all would be called RACIST and criminals. There has been a lot of shootings and gang activity in L.A. County over the past few years. The only reason NONE of them are accused of being  a RACIST is……..NONE of the shooters are white! Is there an undeclared war on white people? http://www.anunews.net/blog/?cat=513

Apr 27, 2011 – This contributor of MSNBC Goldie Taylor tells a little story about a relative of hers that was arrested, beaten and jailed for not having identification in 1899. What she didn’t bother to mention just as nobody that appears on MSNBC every does is….What about all the “whities” that have been brutally beaten and or murdered by blacks since the Civil War and by brown people since whites first came to the Americas? Why don’t we all hear about that? Goldie Taylor also says when these whites talk about taking their country back, they mean taking it back from her people, black people. Really” do whites need to take their country back from the “man” the black man? Is the black man keeping whitie down? Is the black man keeping anything away from whitie? Is the black man holding whitie back? Maybe Goldie Taylor would like to explain her stupid accusation. An accusation that makes no more sense than talking about fake Obama birth certificate! The difference here is she will NOT be called a RACIST for this remark. Remember the OJ Simpson trial fiasco? Again only whites were ever called RACIST, blacks acted out against all white people as if they where the black team against the white team. And in their black minds OJ getting off is pay back!  Just like clock work Ed Shultz, Al Sharpton and the leader of the NAACP appears on the tube to get in more of their “Whitie The Racist” accusations. A few days ago i walked in on the last words of Dylan Ratigan saying something about “slavery” and a 100 years ago. Blacks as so many whites do only acknowledge that white people unslaved blacks. To speak of Africans and Muslims enslaving white, black, and the Muslim people for thousands of years just as they still do today is NOT to be spoken of. To do so would take some innocence “victimness” away from their people, just as speaking of the black and brown on white crime would. Just so the smartasses know i come from a BIG bi-racial family! If i said i always had good relations with “The Blacks” would that make me a RACIST! I bet none of the blacks that ever knew me over the decades would think so. Blacks refer to Barack Obama as a black man. The reason for this is believing this man as just black puts all of black America in the White House without “whitie.” Even if Obama would had married a white woman, he and his children would still be called the first black family! Blacks do not acknowledge Barack Obama’s white mother, they do not acknowledge him as being “bi-racial.” To do so would take some of the “blacks in control” away from them.    Question – Is all this talk about Obama’s birth certificate just RACIST on the black side of his family and leaves the white side of his family un-scaved or is the white side of his family getting it to?    Do you know we haven’t heard from the great Mexican in the U.S. or in Mexico on any of these issues. Why, is this no concern of theirs? I thought they would never pass up another chance to say “Whitie The Racist Nazi”   http://www.eutimes.net/tag/south-africa/     http://www.farmitracker.com/    Dispicable crimes against whites don’t just happen in America! Another attack on a white man certain people wants us all to pretend don’t happen. Here a white boy is beaten severely by blacks that have nothing better to do. This beating by blacks on a young white man is harder to see but i bet it hurt a lot more. And a white woman is given a hair pulling ass beating by a black woman at a McDonalds. Hey,” that wasn’t on the menu. As i was growing up in Detroit Michigan in the late 1960’s and all through the 1970’s this and far worse would happen to white men and boys. Do you HATE white people to! http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=175817And i would hear blacks talking about other blacks mamas, they would call each other gorilla, orangutan, the N word, they did everything BUT respect each other. I also heard blacks calling other blacks mamas one of these. Photo below! In 1975 i went to the McDonalds at 10400 Gratiot ave. & Knodell to apply for a job. Only blacks worked there at that time as did two black managers. I was directed into the basement or storage room by one of these managers to watch slides and left there. I must have sat there nearly an hour or about an hour before getting up to leave. I went back the next day thinking maybe i didn’t sit there long enough the day before. This day again i was directed downstairs to watch the same slides, about 20 minutes later a male black employee came down and told me management had no intention of hiring me. If i would have brought this up to blacks i knew at that time they would have said whats the big deal your white! You can get a job just about anywhere you want. At that time i lived at 9357 Knodell.Whats up with this!     Whitie didn’t do this so this is OK right!   How am i doing so far whitie haters!  Apr 29, 2011 – Finally,” MSNBC gets off their hate whitie kick to talk about the first black family on a tour of the southeast.

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