As “The Great Breeder” Continues Believing RACIST Is The Magic Word Just As Certain Other People Have Georgia Gets Expected Protest By Thousands Of Illegal Law Breakers Again Defying U.S. Laws! And MSNBC’s Newscasters And Their Contributors Are At It Again With, How Dare You Tell The Truth About Our People “Whitie The Racist”

Again these out of control baby popping Mexican criminals say they are here for a better life as the lives of the American people get worse and worse. They say they are fighting for something they believe is fair. Obviously their definition of fair is far different than what the word “fair” means. Of course their definition of fair is what suits their “gime, gime,” people only. And has absolutely nothing to do with what the word fair means. Organizers handed out white shirts requesting the baby machines wear them. This of course is to make this (you can’t stop us) protest look professional. This would mean there are some smartass people, people thats just a little smarter than the out of control baby machines behind these (pay for us and our brats to live America) protests. Why didn’t organizers issue out Indigenous continent owning feathers and animal skins to their precious gime, gime, people instead of illegal since 1492 white European clothing? Again this sick lie that these people pick the crops that we eat every day was getting around. How many of these over sexed people could there be picking food? As we all know these Mexicans either have the jobs Americans did have or there living in American cities on Welfare, Food Stamps, Medicaid, in their “free” homes or there just breaking every law in the book to obtain American money. Most of these law breaking liars are on the Welfare System all across the country. NOT in the country on farm land. All of these Indigenous female incubators are in America cities having more brats for Americans to pay for as their husbands or fuck buddies stand out on streets, in parking lots, and out in front of building every day for hours looking for jobs. Do any of them look like they have been picking farm food? I bet if they did or do pick anything edible its for their FAT PIG kids to eat. Javier Mendez a waiter says “we’re just looking for a better opportunity.” A better opportunity to do what? Half of baby popping Mexico is already here sucking up every available resource. Thats not enough? Would it be a “better fair opportunity” if the rest of baby popping Mexico flooded in to make their demands. “You Americans pay for us and our brats to live a better life to.” Claiming there picking farm food also. Just because Mexico doesn’t have a Welfare System doesn’t mean Mexicans have every “RIGHT” in the world here in the U.S. to demand special advantages. Javier Mendez says we are not the criminals they say we are. OH” is that right! I was told growing up that breaking laws is a criminal act. Is it somehow different for Mexicans because they want things here in America. Because they can’t get shit from their own country, their own people. As these sick in the head Mexican breeders go on with “Shame on You.” Meaning shame on any American state that expects Mexicans to obey American laws. To these people only Mexico is aloud to have laws enforced. America and the American people are NOT responsible for Mexico’s out of control mistakes. So its “Shame on You” Mexico and “Shame on You” Mexico’s out of control baby popping people for having the audacity to believe America is responsible for 100 million brokeass breeding Mexicans to have the time of their lifes in America as they continue defying American laws. Would any of these Mexicans defy Mexican laws? I bet we all know the answer to that question. This sick take over of America is NOT about being anti-immigrant. It is about enough is enough. The U.S. can NOT support all of Mexico. Americans do NOT owe Mexicans or the Indigenous anything. Its fact millions of these people are in free food lines claiming they have 5, 6, 7, mouths to feed. Soon each and every one will be claiming they have 12, 13, 14, 15, mouths to feed. Where does this stop? Try American birth control stupid people.  Or try Mexican birth control its cheaper. These people did NOT come into the U.S. as immigrants. The word “invasion” does NOT change to the word immigration just for Mexican self righteousness.  Mexicans are NOT gods gift to the world and the America people do NOT have to kiss their out of control baby popping asses. I believe its time for the Americans that are losing their lifes over this Mexican nonsense to organize some protests of our own. When the “Bill Of Rights” was written NONE of F’n Mexico was included. This BIG mess is NOT about immigrants coming to America as the immigration laws state. This is about a country full of people taking advantage of another country that has its own people problems without another country or government dumping the responsibility to their own people on a country with a Welfare System. On this continent only the United States and Canada has a Welfare System. This, NOT jobs is why the northern countries of the Americas looked so tasty to the out of control baby poppers and their governments. The other countries with a Welfare System are white European countries and Japan. The NAACP makes themselves and their own people look good by doing and saying everything they can to make “whitie” look bad. If “whitie” had anything like Affirmative Action it would surely be called RACIST and unconstitutional. Just like American laws is unconstitutional to all of Mexico and Mexico’s invaders of America. Can the NAACP explain why so many of their people spend so much of their lives in jails and prisons without saying “WHITIES FAULT” “Liberty and Justice for all” Mexicans in America, who cares what the American people want. Refuse to obey American laws. GIME,GIME,GIME, American drivers license so i can drive Mexican drunk legally! Honor the Honest labor of Immigrants? Do they mean honor legal labor, honor labor thats legal, honor labor thats not illegal, honor labor thats not a crime?

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5 Responses to As “The Great Breeder” Continues Believing RACIST Is The Magic Word Just As Certain Other People Have Georgia Gets Expected Protest By Thousands Of Illegal Law Breakers Again Defying U.S. Laws! And MSNBC’s Newscasters And Their Contributors Are At It Again With, How Dare You Tell The Truth About Our People “Whitie The Racist”

  1. hello says:

    Hello r u suffering from any disorder, what’s your problem and why the hell you are spreading racism stop this nonsense….. I don’t understand why you guys are such racist

  2. Noble Heart says:

    you butchers of the world, killed most of the resources by the name of industrialization in last century and now killing people in war in the name of savior what hell you have done ???????? the whole world is suffering due to your arrogant attitude towards others…. You are justifying you created the wealth and you don’t want to share with others…… the thing is you created the wealth by imperialism and homicide in the previous centuries. where did the resources came from ????? by invasion For Britain to become a developed country it needed half of the world’s resource that captured during imperialistic era……. you fucker we work 10 times more than you and still earn less where is the gab ???????? it is all captured by you. you mother fuckers destroyed almost all wildlife of America and europe now urging save wildlife in other parts of the world…. you mother fuckers polluted the world in the name of industrialization and now urging other countries to use sustainable energy and reduce pollution…… you mother fuckers polluted the world with nuclear energy(nuclear arsenals, nuclear power generation) and now urging others to stop using nuclear energy……you bitches immigrated to all parts of the world (do you know where u came from ??) and now urging others to stop…… is the world belong to you ??????? is it your birth right to play the big brother role ???????? you selfish bitches sucked all the world’s resources… You are saying us baby producing machines 🙂 s we are proud of that as the great eagle is killing our babies and we need at-least some to survive

    Sorry for using harsh words and hurting you is not my motto and I felt the same what you are feeling now by reading my comment…..

    • I’m not suprised Latin Americans, Native Americans, Indigenous, would be accusing “us people” of being the butches of the world. Check your own peoples history as well as what is happening now. Who are the butches? Have there been any wars in Latin American countries, are there any now? Imperialism and genocide of the Indigenous by Europeans is the big “Holy Righteous” excuse today. Industrialization has been going on for about 300 years, people of all skin tones all around the world have been involved. Not everybody in the world spends their lives devoted to making millions of babies they can’t support, only the people with all the brains do. You and yours are not without “arrogrant attitudes.” As far as having wealth and not wanting to share. People like myself don’t have or control this wealth you speak of. People like myself just make lives for our selves when its possible. It was bad enough here in the U.S. for the American people before the out of control we can do anything we want anywhere we want baby machines of Latin America decided they were going to have it all here in the U.S. because they can’t get it from their own people in their own countries. As we all now know there is nothing in the U.S. left to get, yet your people are still coming. Since all of your people has to be here Latin countries must be pretty BAD to. There is no way the U.S. is going to create jobs for all Americans and every baby machine south of the border. Earthly resources come from everywhere on this planet NOT just the lands or continent your people wants to believe they own. If Latin America would have had powerful armies i bet there would have been a lot of “we are bigger, better and more powerful than you” going on. As far as migration or immigration goes every living entity that has ever lived has moved from one place to another on planet earth. Your people are NOT the greatest workers of the world. People of all skin tones work hard. They won’t keep a job if they don’t. To believe your people works many times harder than people of a lighter complection is having an “arrogrant attitute.” A lot of the polluting of the earth today is happening in Latin American countries, bub! If your hard working people had jobs within the nuclear energy industry you wouldn’t be complaining about nuclear energy then. Would you! Where people like myself came from on planet earth has nothing to do with the “Holy Righteousness” of your people. Americans like myself are NOT urging others to stop immigration. As far as immigration goes there is the right way and the wrong way. Your people chose their way, to defy all U.S. laws. Immigration and invasion is NOT the samething. No people on earth should be proud of having millions of babies they know they can’t support. A people that can’t support themselves should NOT believe that over population of their people is so heavenly. Europeans are NOT killing your people and your babies, your people are the whole world knows this. And your people is far from becoming extinct. Us selfish have it all Americans are not all “bitches” and the word “fuckers” should apply to baby making.

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