Lawrence O’Donnell On Immigration Is Only 100% Right On To The Advantage Taking People And Their American Worshippers! What Little He Has To Say Does NOT Make “The Great Breeder” Invasion Right! Why, Because What Is Right Is Right And What Is Wrong Is Wrong! This Invasion Called Immigration Can NOT Be Right Just To Suit A Certain People Simply Because There Is To Many Of Them!

 This person thinks he has the almighty insight on immigration. His immigration insight only suits what a certain people is doing to this country just to benefit their own people. I know us Americans are expected to just shut-up and be on a humanitarian kick for the greatest people on earth but i don’t see it that way. We all wouldn’t be in this mess if these precious people could control their sex organs. These baby poppers sneak into this country pregnant or with plans of quickly getting that way with the hopes this is their get out of deportation card. When we see anybody always kicking and complaining about immigration and immigration RIGHTS it is always these people (Mexicans) NOT immigrants from all around the world. This is more proof that all of this immigration nonsense is all about Mexicans NOT immigrants. How often do law enforcement stop truck loads of illegal European or African immigrants? Huh! Lawrence O’Donnell’s insight does NOT suit or benefit the rest of the immigrating world. See the resemblance in the photos!This is Lawrence O’Donnell’s brain on immigration. Within 62 years just over 12 million immigrants come through Ellis Island legally. You know the right way. The opposite of what Mexicans are doing Lawrence (The Brain) O’Donnell. This cannot be compared to the Mexican invasion. The people that came through Ellis Island carried “papers” ID. They didn’t march up and down city streets making demands telling us Americans how its going to be in this country now that their here. And they didn’t head straight for the Welfare Office.  Naturally what Lawrence O”Donnell is saying here about immigration is 100% right on for the “we want” people for two reasons. (1) When we all speak of immigration, we all know we are really only talking about “Mexicans” and Central Americans. (2) 100 million baby machines can’t get what they want in Mexico so now they own the white mans world just to get what they want and have it all their baby popping way in America. We are NOT talking about the immigrants all around the world and Mexicans and Central Americans don’t give a rats ass about them. If you have seen whats going on all across this country its been all about the great baby popping Mexican and the Mexican flag since 2006, NOT immigrants from all around the world dumbass. In his own words of wisdom. Lawrence O’Donnell on immigration – “With immigration you can only fear the future if you don’t know our past. If you know how this country really was built on immigration you understand that immigration is an added value. It is an invaluable energy infusion into this country, it always has been. If we close the door it changes the definition of who we are.” Lawrence O’Donnell we Americans don’t fear the good immigration can be for America. What we should fear if we were afraid Lawrence O”Donnell. Is the damage “The Great Breeder” has caused since they started flooding into this country their way. For 500 years immigrants coming to America did NOT come here forcefully showing us Americans their middle fingers and their asses with their noses up in the air. The past immigration to America can NOT be compared as the same thing to the invasion called immigration just to give a certain people their way. Its true past immigrants built this country and that is an added value. The Mexican invasion is NOT building a better America it has only been bringing it down to the level of F’d up Mexico and using us all for all they can get just to benefit their own people. NOT to benefit immigrants! Butthead. Mexicans do NOT and Mexico does NOT have a bleeding heart for immigrants from all around the world just their own people. And i don’t believe Mexico wants us Americans to have Mexico’s added value out of the kindness of Mexico’s heart. To keep breeding profusely just to continue wanting more and more and gime, gime, more. Is NOT an added value. If this insanity was an added value Mexico would have kept this added value for Mexico instead of doing all the Mexican government could do to get these baby poppers over the southern American border. The only energy infusion i have seen is the energy spent doing criminal acts, the defacing of America with spray paint and the marching up and down American streets demanding everything. None of this is a contribution to America. It only takes away from the American people, and why? Because Mexico is out of control. An energy infusion is when there is a actual contribution. I bet more and more mouths to feed is NOT the American peoples idea and NOT Mexico’s way of an energy infusion either. Americans do NOT want the door closed on immigration like Mexico closes Mexico’s borders because its different. What Americans do want just as i do is this craziness that these out of control baby popping Mexicans are doing to stop before they completely destroy this country. This invasion force of 80 million gime, gime, baby machines is NOT an added value. Letting these people get away with this insanity simply because its them and they want it that way does indeed change the definition of who we are egghead. Does this sign look like a immgration right or does it look like a take over Lawrence O”Donnell. Using a relation to the Native American is the Mexican invaders way of “Holy Righteousness.” And their claim to the white mans world and the white mans money. The money they are after is NOT Native American money and its NOT Mexican money either. All that was built here in America was NOT built by Native Americans and also was NOT built by Mexicans. The white man is NOT going to go back to Europe and leave all thats in America for Mexicans. Immigration is NOT broken, and there is no realistic need for a “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” of any kind. All this talk is only about Mexico and “The Great Baby Popper” getting their way.  Above has been “The Great Breeders” attitude since they realized the American government wasn’t going to stop them. Thousands of Americans have been beaten and or killed over the past 30 years because these people believe they have “RIGHTS” and a right to anything and everything they want simply because they breed uncontrollably. Coming from another country believing you have more “RIGHTS” than the American people is NOT immigration. Does that sound like an immigration right Lawrence O”Donnell. Does this look like an immigrant just looking for a better life. How many immigrants from other countries all around the world come here looking like this Lawrence O’Donnell. Is this the way immigrants should act. Is this immigration respect or the opposite. Is this Mexican insinuating Americans are killing Mexicans. Or is this suppose to cover for the fact Mexicans do most of the killing of their own people and are responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans. Are Americans responsible for the deaths of thousands of Mexicans? If so, when, where? Is flooding into this country and telling Americans how everything is going to be for now on immigration Lawrence O’Donnell. It looks like Americans can forget about having a better life because all of brokeass Mexico has to be catered to here in America. What part of a better life means being a neverending baby factory. All that is going on is working up to its OK to make America the United States of Mexico not just Mexican infused. Is that immigration or a takeover of America Lawrence O’Donnell. Immigration is suppose to be a sensible process conducted in a sensible manner it has been for 500 years in America. That is until “The Great Breeder” became GOD in this country.

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4 Responses to Lawrence O’Donnell On Immigration Is Only 100% Right On To The Advantage Taking People And Their American Worshippers! What Little He Has To Say Does NOT Make “The Great Breeder” Invasion Right! Why, Because What Is Right Is Right And What Is Wrong Is Wrong! This Invasion Called Immigration Can NOT Be Right Just To Suit A Certain People Simply Because There Is To Many Of Them!

  1. Juliana says:

    I’m a 12 Year old Girl, and yes i’m Mexican i am not going to lie.. But I was born here in Washington, I Don’t understand the only thing this man is doing is looking at the Bad things.. and most of them isn’t even true.. If You want to say something about Mexicans DO It RIGHT!! We Should Respect to all of you.. I Know that some Mexican might not but we are all not the same.. We DO have a right to speak up for our selfs because what you are doing isn’t fair at all.. You don’t even know how much it hurts not seeing family or to be separated by family, I Would like to see you try to live our life.. it’s hard it really is.. we work for our things.. I’ve been suffering for just being Mexican, thats just plain RACISM!! Thats what is destroying OUR world! And I Am Mexican American! Yes American, But Just by looking at me you think i’m Mexican.

    • The Mexican population busting into America is not right. The Mexican population making demands is not right. And Mexicans claiming they are right and Americans that don’t like being walked on are wrong is whats not fair. The Indigenous has no birth right to anything in America made by Europeans and Orienals its all these things your people are after NOT the land as it was in the 1800’s.

  2. Juliana says:

    Oh and this was our Land First, With All respect.. Just do us Americans and Mexicans a Favor.. And BE FAIR!

    • Don’t you think this “we were here first” is a bit childish. Plus you and yours are NOT here because of some “we were here first” business. You know, i know and everybody else in the whole world knows the out of control people that breed profusely are NOT here to reclaim “Indian” land. In fact if this country still looked like it did in 1824 your people would have stayed right where they were. Getting NO help from your own people in your own countries.

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