As President Obama Heads For El Paso Texas To Give Immigration Speech “The Great Breeder” Says Its To Little To Late! Again The Out Of Control Baby Poppers Are Going To Tell Us Americans How Its Going To Be Here In America! As Bankers Are Still Robbing Us All Thinking They Are Just As Untouchable As The Great Baby Popper!

I know us Americans are expected to just shut-up and be on a humanitarian kick for the greatest people on earth. But i don’t see it that way. If these precious people could control their sex organs we all wouldn’t be in this mess. I often hear how we Americans are breaking up the breeder patrols families everytime a baby popper gets deported. These people sneak into the U.S. either already pregnant or quickly planning on getting that way. Believing they can use this to stop deportations. To keep their army of baby poppers of unbelievable numbers here in the U.S. to get all they can for their people only NOT immigrants. When somebody gets deported the only people we see and hear complaining are Mexicans! How often do law enforcement stop truck loads of illegal Asian or Arab immigrants? Huh! The big presidential plan is a remake of the immigration laws. As the president points the finger at who’s in the way of passing amnesty for all of baby popper land he can start with me. As the Republicans show no interest in handing over this country to all of Mexico they can count on my vote. There is still a claim that 11 million law breakers forced their way into this country but the realistic numbers are much higher than that. Within 62 years just over 12 million immigrants come through Ellis Island legally. This cannot be compared to the Mexican invasion. The people that came through Ellis Island carried “papers” ID. They didn’t march up and down city streets making demands and telling us Americans how its going to be in this country now that their here. And they didn’t head straight for the Welfare Office. Everyday Mexicans play a cat and mouse game with border patrol determined to be the boss in the U.S. many get into American cities saying catch me if you can. Once they get into an American city they go straight to the Welfare Office to begin their life high and mighty living it up on your American dollar. Also once in an American state they believe themselves as untouchable. Breederland is MAD like they have any right to be, that Obama hasn’t handed this country over on a sliver platter to every Mexican that has ever been born. Latino activists say Obama never made good on his campaign promise of prioritizing immigration legislation early on. Meaning an American president didn’t put Mexico’s baby machines first and the American people second or dead last. To the overpopulation people their people come first period. It was “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” that got Obama the baby popper votes he got in the first place. This means these people are only voting in American politicians to work for their people. Their only concern is their people. You know what happens if white people think that way. If anything is ever passed as “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” it will never be enough to these Gime, Gime, people if it falls short of giving it all away. And thats everything! I know as fact America and the American people can go on without the great Mexican. We all did well before, without the greatness of Mexico and i know we can still do far better than we will if we keep giving it all to the great baby popper. I know American politicians can get voted into office without the great Mexican vote just as they did before the Mexican became GOD in this county. Simon Rosenberg says “The Great Breeder” is a bigger share now than they were in 2008. This is another indicator that Mexico is still flooding over that southern border even though there are NO jobs, just Welfare until thats gone. And another indicator Mexicans are still rolling babies out their breeder holes at the highest speed possible. More baby poppers have voted in 2010 than ever before believing amnesty for all of Mexico is near. As Mexicans continue getting their panties in a wad over immigration reform which is nothing less than giving them everything. This is more “proof” Mexicans immigration concerns are for the Mexican people only. So F the rest of the world. Obama is pitching his immigration argument noting that immigrants account for a substantial share of business start-ups and patent applications, among other things and activities that create jobs for everyone. The huge problem with this is mostly European and Asian immigrants start businesses. Nobody is going to convince me that these people pouring over the southern border is going to invent much more than babies so there goes the patent applications. Among other things is what we all need to be very concerned about. Also more and more mouths to feed does NOT create jobs. If Mexicans were going to create jobs for anybody they wouldn’t be here. If jobs are going to be created it will be mostly Europeans and Asians that create them NOT the great baby popper. This country will never prosper ever again if we allow bankers to continue robbing us. They must be stopped. As bankers continue stealing more and more. And “The Great Breeder” continues to inhale all available resources this country will fall into the abyss. When this happens the bankers will run and breederland will still be marching in American streets still making demands. Gime, Gime, Gime, and there will be nothing left to give. The president will like to argue that his administration has made great strides on border security. If he would like to call the arrests of 80 border patrol personal for criminal acts with more being look at. Then thats some great stride. Hiring more Mexicans as border patrol is like letting the prisoners watch the prison. The seizing of more contraband is simply because Mexicans are trying to get more junk into this country. And the nearing a completion of a border fence is short of a reality. Anything short of shooting them Mexicans are determined they won’t be stopped. Besides only Mexicans are aloud to shoot at Americans. Republicans say immigration overhaul shouldn’t happen until the southern border is secure. The White House says the southern border is as secure than its ever been. Republicans aren’t buying it. Thank god! Administration officials are pretending the southern border is secure. This means the southern border is NOT secure at all just as it never had been. The so-called “Dream Act” blocked by Republicans is no dream act for the American people. And again this act is just another move to give it all to Mexicans.       

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