Again Ed Schultz Announces Al Sharpton Will Be Making Another Appearance With Him On MSNBC Instantly I’m Thinking “OH GOD” Here We Go Again More “Whitie The Racist”

Today my righteous goodie goodie two chubby feet will be talking about which whitie or whities is/are being a racist today. With my talk about whitie being a RACIST buddy Al Sharpton. Those whities are just being RACIST aren’t they my whitie hating buddy.  OH’ why yes they are. Bad whitie is at it again. Watch it cracker i like to shoot things! Those whities are being RACIST to Obama’s black side of his family aren’t they my lets get whitie brother. SAY YES OR I’LL SHOOT MYSELF! YES, YES, whities just being RACIST! Now put the finger down before somebody gets hurt. You right there. No brother the white one. Your a RACIST!

Did you and your buddy Al forget to take something Ed. Hum!

I’m cool! I washed mine down with some suds Ed.

Why are you so RACIST whitie! Yea! Why are you so RACIST whitie. I’m cool!   See i shaved.  “HEIL HITLER”

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