Just Another Racist Mexican May Day Socialist Communist Party Hate The Capitalist American Whitie Rally! America Sure Is Going Down The Crapper, Thank You Mexico!

A May Day march probably in LA Mexifornia. Yes! Please, smash both Mexican borders. As the great baby popper accuses white Americans of being RACIST NAZIS. The great baby popper proudly parades their love for being SOCIALIST COMMUNIST but thats OK right, everything Mexicans do is HOLY RIGHTEOUSNESS right! Since “The American Dream Is No Longer About Success, Now About Survival” We the American people are going to be forced to do what we will have to do to survive this Mexican takeover even if it means bloodshed in American streets. Mexicans had no intention of succeeding at anything but breeding and taking over the U.S., keeping only just enough white Americans to do the succeeding at prosperity to support breederland America. Making damn sure the bills don’t go to Mexico.  Shouldn’t we have bandit (criminal) reform! I thought Mexicans and Central Americans claimed their not criminals or terrorists? Are we Americans going to stand or sit idly by and let these Mexican COMMIE baby poppers and the American democrats destroy our Capitalist way of life or are we Americans going to NOT go down without a fight. Remember the Alamo! I would rather DIE than become less than a Mexican. The above sign is more proof that Mexicans are so stupid and so full of shit. What American oppression and foolish laws are these incredibly stupid Mexican COMMIES talking about? And what do JEWS have to do with this Mexican invasion? HA! “Next What Gas Chamber”, was that suppose to make sense? I wish we Americans did open our concentration camps for these people. That would be the final solution for this Mexican takeover problem. Maybe they mean any (foolish) American law that gets in their baby poppin way. I suppose Mexicans aren’t smart enough to know NAZIS were a Nationalist Party NOT Capitalist. They really should spend their energy on getting educated instead of thinking they just automatically know things they know nothing about. Like they think they know the “True History” of America. They don’t even know the true history of Mexico. Has there been any mass murders of Mexicans or Central Americans by Americans, or is it the mass murders that are going on in America, Mexico and Central America are committed by Mexicans and Central Americans. Its clear these smartass people will say or do anything that makes them look like the victims. White Americans are NOT the cause of these baby poppers problems in Mexico, Central America or in America. Regardless of their insane beliefs. We white Americans have to pay out of our asses for these Mexican and Central America breeders and their brats to have a wonderful life in America. That makes who the real victims?No human being is ILLEGAL in Mexico right! How do you legalize LA didn’t LA belong to the United States. Or is it LA belongs to Mexico now, if this is so then Mexico is responsible for paying LA’s debt not the United States. Mexicans and Central Americans cannot take over an American city and then expect Americans to pay for them and all the babies they pop to live a joyous life. Don’t the great baby popper mean LEGALIZE all of Mexico or all of baby popperland. I think these Mexican RACIST hypocrites should cut out their own whitie hating racism, what do you Americans think? In reality its under the Mexican flag mass murders occur. Thousands of Americans have been murdered for the love of the Mexican flag as well. We can clearly see Mexicans make up their own reality to suit the needs of their own Mexican people. If white people did this we all know they would be called RACIST like its only white people that can be racist. Black Americans and now Mexicans believe the word RACIST is their magic word to use against white people.  

Mexicans and Central Americans come running at hyper-speed like Speedy Gonzales over the southern American border screaming “RACIST” like this dark skin people magic word will instantly make what they are doing right. Mexican and Central American gangs are in deed criminals, they are the most ruthless bloodthirsty thoughtless murderers in the whole world. There are far more Indigenous criminal gangs and gang members than there are any other in the whole world. Half of all gangs in America are these gangs and the numbers are climbing. If Mexicans are victims, their victims of their own Indigenous people NOT victims of Americans. Throughout this 30 year invasion its the American people that have been victimized by these habitual liars. Whats even worse the parents of 10’s of millions of Mexican children are telling these kids outrageous lies and making them believe them. So these Mexican children are victims too! Mexicans are a desperate people that obviously can’t do immigration sensibly so instead they show the world the kind of people they really are. Mexicans march around with their illegal immigration rights and amnesty signs for all knowing full well Mexicans and Central Americans are 95% of all of this bullshit in the first place. The Mexicans and Central Americans intend on suppressing us Americans into submission in our own country all because they can’t get what they want in their precious Mexico or in their Central American country so they intend on taking the white mans world away from us right here in America. Mexicans say “The Battle Of Los Angeles” begins. Are we Americans really going to let them without putting up a fight.

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5 Responses to Just Another Racist Mexican May Day Socialist Communist Party Hate The Capitalist American Whitie Rally! America Sure Is Going Down The Crapper, Thank You Mexico!

  1. Mary Higgins says:

    It doesn’t matter what you say..you can kick and scream, but things are changing..demografics are changing…is too late for you or the ones who think like you. The people that you call baby poppers are winning, they are growing in numbers, while you are killing your own with abortion clinics and “planned parenthood” . Most of California is latino today, with cities where the minority is white, and is growing. Black neighborhoods are now latino neighborhoods, white neighborhoods are turning brown, and like it or not, is not stoping. Mexicans are reclaiming the land that was sold by force. Like in Texas, when the Mexican gobernment tried to do something about it it was too late….in the States today, is too late too…the time for the US as a “white people country” is over…and if you are smart, you will welcome the change, everything has an expiration date, and the US as we know it, (or knew it) is no more…..GET OVER IT!

    • I think what i say matters a lot what i’m saying here matters to you to or you wouldn’t be yapping away at the mouth responding to it. These articles i am writing is only kicking and sceaming to people like you. If anybody has been kicking and sceaming its your people. We Americans pay and your people takes so what do you think about that. The only thing your people could ever be winning would be what the American government lets your people win nothing more. Abortion is a choice responsible people make. Responsible people has children when they can afford them. Your people drops babies everywhere and anywhere whether they can afford them or not. Smart people don’t do that. Then your people sneaks into America like they own everything screaming RIGHTS your people “only” has if the American government lets your people have them. As they live off the American system to have more babies. This isn’t winning! Its called living off the American people. Thats not saying much for yours. Its people like yourself that creates racial issues like your going to “win” something with that. All this changing and turning brown people is the talk of a RACIST and is more proof your people breeds like fools and they can’t sustain their own. Thats why your people continues 24/7 trying to get passed border patrol and NOT that your reclaiming land. Its NOT land you and your people wants everybody on earth knows that so you may as well cut the you baby machines are just reclaiming land that people like you continues kicking and sceaming about. So far what is happening in America is turning for the worst NOT for the better. The U.S as i knew it is no more will NOT help your people. You and your people are NOT doing great things here just like your people do NOT do great things in Mexico. If your people did there wouldn’t be this “our people are taking our land back”. Your people come to America to get all 50 states NOT 6. If anybody is going to make changes for the better its going to be the white people you and your people continue bitchin about. You people came to America to live off the American system and drain any available resources they can get their hands on. Your people didn’t come here to make life better for everybody. Your people came here to America to demand that better America life (not Mexican) for their own. And your people didn’t come to America to create jobs or to create anything to better your own. The white people you and your people bitch about will be the “only” people doing that. Your over sexed people come here because they can’t get s**t where they came from. This invasion is NOT about land. Your Mexican goberment wasn’t able to do much as the American army pushed all the way to the Mexican capital. The American Army planned to take all of Mexico but the American government stop its own army short to leave your Mexican goberment in office and in control of Mexico. Here again it was the American government that let. If it wasn’t for this action by the American government in 1848 Mexico would NOT exist today. Mexico still exist today only because American white people let Mexico exist. If anything nearly expired is was your preicous Mexico. So what do you think about that! Its NOT like your people are “big shots” now and your “winning” anything. Your people has very poor knowledge of history. And by the way the word is government NOT goberment. It appears there is a great deal you and yours badly need to get over so deal with that winner!

  2. bob jone says:

    sure thing, crackers

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