Who Is Really In Charge Of The United States The American President Or The Mexican President And His Mexican Raiders Called Immigrants! And Doesn’t America/Americans Wear A “Kick Me” Sign For Mexico/Mexicans!

Mexican President Felipe Calderon says the U.S. government isn’t doing enough to “help” Mexico in its fight against drug cartels. It appears he’s also MAD about anti-drug strategy criticism through diplomatic cables that had been put out for the world to see by WikiLeaks. Saying U.S.-Mexican relations were strained. He says cooperation on this matter (like any other) with George W. Bush and with Barack Obama but institutional cooperation is notoriously insufficient. It appears to me that the great flag waving, bandana face covered Mexico never gets enough “help” doing or getting anything. No matter how much “help” Mexicans get their still complaining. I don’t see the BIG deal with so-called strained relations with Mexico, what “help” are they NOT getting, and what has Mexico or Mexicans done for America or the American people (other than an overwhelming population to pay for) that America or the American people couldn’t have gotten from many other countries. I have seen Mexican protest signs claiming Mexicans payed billions into the Social Security system. What these signs don’t say is 85% percent of all Mexicans in America is on the Welfare roles. The only accomplishments i have seen done to (not for) the American people is – (1) Cramming an overpopulation of people into the U.S. that spend much of their time making more of them to pay for. (2) Running their smartass mouths, showing their middle fingers for all the world to see as they belittle Americans demanding everything they shouldn’t be getting in the first place. (3) They takeover establishments like they have some right to. Nothing here in America is intended to be just for “The Great Baby Popper.” These people supposedly come to America for a better life. Coming from nothing as well as having nothing in Mexico instead of being the refugees they supposedly were. They become the greatest people on earth that deserves any and everything they want the very moment they get into American cities. Instead of being respectable immigrants they force their way into America like they and only they are the boss with unbelievable numbers. Numbers that have never been seen before since the begining of time. The Mexican government encouraging 10’s of millions to get into the U.S. anyway they can in a few short years just so they are no longer Mexico’s problem is NOT immigration. This is called “taking advantage.” Whats even worse is not caring what your people does in the country you have invaded just so long as your people gets away with it. And if Americans (white Americans) try to stop or slow down any of this insanity they become RACIST! I bet if Mexicans stopped Mexico from being invaded they would NOT wear the title RACIST. Why, is it different! What Mexicans have shown us all so far is its their people that are the better lifeforms on earth. Meaning Mexicans begin as worthless nothings in Mexico to their own people to becoming the GODS of the world in America, now believing it is their people that was always that special. (Thats special doing what?) If invading and demanding everything in another country is special because you ain’t shit in your own country i still don’t see it. The cooperation the Mexican president is referring to is, you Americans do what we Mexicans want you to do cooperation anything less is insufficient. So Spank Me! The Mexican president believes if the American government would just make Americans stop using and buying drugs this Mexican drug problem would just work itself out. If the American government could make 200 hundred million Americans stop buying drugs from Mexicans. The Mexican president soon after would then be saying its America’s fault that so many Mexicans are drug users. And what is the American government going to do about that. Mexico and the Mexican people expects the American southern border to remain wide open (as Mexico’s borders remain closed) so the Mexican people can run amuck thoughout the U.S. just as long they don’t go back without piles and stacks of American money. Yet the Mexican government also expects the American government to stop Mexicans from bringing firearms back across the southern border. Its suppose to work like this, you Americans are NOT aloud to stop Mexicans from doing anything in your country or have any American laws that get in the Mexicans way. But you Americans do have to stop using drugs and stop guns from getting into the hands of Mexican gangs in Mexico. Not that Mexico cares or will complain if Mexican gang members have guns in America. Its all America’s fault that all this activity is going on below the American southern border. And its America that should make it stop according to the Mexican president. And its America’s fault Mexicans are flooding into America for a better life. America and Americans better NOT do anything to stop a single Mexican from doing anything in America just as long as the Mexican doesn’t do it in Mexico says the Mexican president. The Mexican president also says American diplomats are ignorant about Mexico’s security situation and are distorting and exaggerating. The Mexican president is ignorant thinking Americans can and should be stopped from doing anything Mexicans don’t like. But yet Mexicans shouldn’t be stopped from doing anything unless their in Mexico. Personally i have seen as many others have seen Mexicans not just distorting the truth but making up outlandish lies as well as exaggerating beyond belief. Just to make themselves look like victims of Americans. The Mexican president also says whats going on or whats not going on in Mexico like security is not America’s business. Yet anything and everything that has to do with America wearing a kick me sign for Mexico and Mexicans is Mexico’s business. The U.S. homeland security secretary and the U.S. attorney general vowed to continue “helping” meaning paying for Mexico’s drug war and taking more verbal abuse from the Mexican president as Mexico’s drug war continues with Mexican citizens. The Mexican president issues travel advisory to Arizona telling his baby poppers if they go to Arizona they might have to obey Arizona laws if they do its racial profiling. But if you Americans go to Mexico and get killed you will have to show your papers first. But thats OK right. At least attorities will know who your dead body is since you will have to prove your not illegal right thats cool. Just so long as we don’t bother any Mexicans right.

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