This Is For The People Thats Determined To Believe Barack Obama Is Black “Only” They Know Who They Are! I Have Proof He Is Half White!

This woman worships the black man. I have seen white women do that. But this black man worship is different. This woman is worshipping the black in the Whitehouse not just the man. The black power. But the jokes on her she has also worshipped his white side because it comes along with the black. You can’t get one without the other. So, HA!  Just like so many more that want to see his rise to the presidency as their peoples time to control. To be important. This man Jesse Jackson cried on election day believing he would never live to see this day. The day a black man would become president. The next day it occurred to him that he also cried for his white side. You can see it on his face in this photo. OOPS! Barack Obama may look black when you see him by his-self but when you see him with black family members he looks a lot lighter almost white. And here he is with the white side of his family members. Here is Barack with his mother, sister and grandfather. With them he almost looks black. And here he is with his grandmother. Here is the woman that gave birth to him again. And his mother and grandparents again. And an earlier photo. Barack Obama and his Mom!Barack Obama he’s one of us! Here is Barack Obama’s X preacher doing the pharaoh boogie. And here he is doing the Mexican hat dance all over a “white” hat. He danced on this hat while it was still on this guys head. In this photo he’s talking about the white boogie man living in his bedroom closet. Now he’s saying with hand gestures go away whitie go away! Here he’s saying i don’t trust the white as far as i can see my hand. Can he see his hand? Here is Al Sharpton telling a crowd of people. You didn’t think a black man would become president. Now i’m telling you “i told you so.” Here is Louis Farrakhan saying “now that a black man is president we black muslims can crush the whitie.” Steel Pulse either did or will be doing something called “The Obama Song.” Probably for black pride! OH! I mean black and white pride, right!    Why is it really so important for black and brown people to love and live by words like – Bandit and Gangster – does it make them feel important? Make them somebody?   Dig these groove hair do’s. Is that a big spider? Can you use hair spray or bug spray with that?  Don’t forget about the “WHITE” Barack Obama people.

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9 Responses to This Is For The People Thats Determined To Believe Barack Obama Is Black “Only” They Know Who They Are! I Have Proof He Is Half White!

  1. V.E.G. says:

    Jesse Jackson was only 30 years old and Obama was only 10 years old when the very last slave in America, Sylvester Magee to pass. Magee’s last words, “Lord, Have Mercy.” That is a fitting end.

    • Slavery has been going on in Africa and the Middle East for thousands of years. It still goes on today! We people of the world don’t hear a peep from blacks when its not WHITIE THE RACIST doing it do we?

  2. DLS says:

    It’s funny how most white people want to categorize anyone with at least 1 drop of black blood as being black UNTIL a biracial man becomes president … NOW you want to claim him as partially white! Used to be a fan of Ed Schultz but this was EXTREMELY distasteful!

    • I have many biracial family members as well as a few black. I don’t see the one drop of blood business but i do know biracial hasn’t been considered a race. So past birth records are not recorded as biracial they are listed as black. Would it help if many birth records were recorded as white? I believe all or most biracial people know who they are and where they come from. I don’t think this is funny i bet biracial people don’t either. We all do know a white woman gave birth to Barack Obama and he was raised by his mother and her parents. Barack Obama has seen little of his father throughout his life. This is NOT uncommon of the black race to bring children into the world the father disappears and the mother raises the children either by herself or with another man. Many black women may have had several men over time. It was Barack Obama’s mothers side of his family that seen him through school and helped him grow into the man he is today. If he would have been raised by his father and his fathers family in Africa the outcome of Barack Obama you can bet would have been a lot different. So why get so uptight! I’m NOT claiming Barack Obama as being partially white its just a simply fact that he is. Ed Schultz had nothing to do with this. Distasteful is much of black America purposely giving Barack Obama’s black African family all the credit for his well being and his success like the white family that raised and schooled him don’t exist.

      • AJ says:

        You are a joke ,Obama’s father DIVORCED his mother left Hawaii and went to Harvard university and later became a governor of Kenya.In fact his father was more educated than his white least get your facts straight before posting bull,Obama would be president today regardless of who raised him.and i have one question for you,if Obama’s father was not in his life then why is he with his dads side of the family in Kenya?had his dad ‘abandon’ him he would not have know them at all.

        and Black men do not leave the children and disappearl .Being biracial and having a loving father who has raised me and been there whenever i needed him i find that very offensive

      • I’m a Joke! I don’t check my mail often but right here i’m getting my facts straight before posting bull. Don’t be so sure how Barack Obama’s life would have turned out regardless of who raised him. If he would have been raised in Africa its very unlikely he would have lived in Chicago and very unlikely he would have meet and married Michelle. “Obama’s father DIVORCED” What i see here is Barack Obama’s parents separated when Barack Obama’s mother moved her “newborn” son to Seattle Washington in 1961. And “they” (his parents) divorced in 1964. Barack Obama’s father moved back to Africa remarried and visited his son only one time in Hawaii in 1971. As i recall Barack Obama’s fathers education was never in question. As far as Barack Obama’s mothers education wear this know it all As far as your “one question” for me goes, if Barack Obama’s father visiting him one time is being in his life then excuse me. And if you can prove Barack Obama could have been raised in two countries by two different families during the same years then prove away. Black men don’t leave they just disappear? Would that be as in “abracadabra” or some other kind of disappearance? You being biracial and having a loving father that had raised you is great for you but what does your being raised by a loving father have to do with Barack Obama? Heres a black view of the black man As far as “offensive” goes anything you don’t like seeing and or hearing will be offensive to you just as its always offensive to anybody else that don’t like what they see and or hear. That is a known fact.

      • OH” I have a question for you. If Barack Obama is with his black African family in Kenya then when does he find the time to be in America with his wife and children and president of the United States?

  3. Karina says:

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