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This Is For The People Thats Determined To Believe Barack Obama Is Black “Only” They Know Who They Are! I Have Proof He Is Half White!

This woman worships the black man. I have seen white women do that. But this black man worship is different. This woman is worshipping the black in the Whitehouse not just the man. The black power. But the jokes on … Continue reading

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Since Republicans Complained About Rapper “Common” Being Invited To The Whitehouse Again Certain People Have Themselves Convinced Its More Racism Because This Is What They Want To Believe! Now It Looks Like If Your White And You Say “Food Stamps” Your A RACIST! Right MSNBC!

To me this “rap” sounds like nothing more than nursery rhymes and i think the whole thing is stupid. Certain people make up words that wasn’t a word or words before thinking their talking hip or cool talk. Certain people … Continue reading

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Who Is Really In Charge Of The United States The American President Or The Mexican President And His Mexican Raiders Called Immigrants! And Doesn’t America/Americans Wear A “Kick Me” Sign For Mexico/Mexicans!

Mexican President Felipe Calderon says the U.S. government isn’t doing enough to “help” Mexico in its fight against drug cartels. It appears he’s also MAD about anti-drug strategy criticism through diplomatic cables that had been put out for the world … Continue reading

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Just Another Racist Mexican May Day Socialist Communist Party Hate The Capitalist American Whitie Rally! America Sure Is Going Down The Crapper, Thank You Mexico!

A May Day march probably in LA Mexifornia. Yes! Please, smash both Mexican borders. As the great baby popper accuses white Americans of being RACIST NAZIS. The great baby popper proudly parades their love for being SOCIALIST COMMUNIST but thats … Continue reading

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If “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” Is In Reality Only About The Great Baby Popper People Then Why Must The Word “Immigration” Be Involved! I Mean Why Not Call It What It Really Is, Like “Change American Laws To Suit Mexico/Mexicans Reform!” Also Why Must America Become The Stupidest And Fattest Nation On Earth Simply Because We Have To Get Stuck With The Great GIME, GIME, Baby Popper People!

Mexican radio in America as is nearly all of Mexico in Mexico and in the U.S. is forever whinning over an American immigration reform that just benefits south of the border people. Anything less like for instance if it benefited Americans … Continue reading

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Again Ed Schultz Announces Al Sharpton Will Be Making Another Appearance With Him On MSNBC Instantly I’m Thinking “OH GOD” Here We Go Again More “Whitie The Racist”

Today my righteous goodie goodie two chubby feet will be talking about which whitie or whities is/are being a racist today. With my talk about whitie being a RACIST buddy Al Sharpton. Those whities are just being RACIST aren’t they my whitie … Continue reading

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As President Obama Heads For El Paso Texas To Give Immigration Speech “The Great Breeder” Says Its To Little To Late! Again The Out Of Control Baby Poppers Are Going To Tell Us Americans How Its Going To Be Here In America! As Bankers Are Still Robbing Us All Thinking They Are Just As Untouchable As The Great Baby Popper!

I know us Americans are expected to just shut-up and be on a humanitarian kick for the greatest people on earth. But i don’t see it that way. If these precious people could control their sex organs we all wouldn’t be … Continue reading

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